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Hands down the best rookie in all of wakeboarding this year is James Windsor. He’s a 17-year-old Australian rider that has taken the world of wakeboarding by storm. Windsor has been jet-setting all over the place this year, riding in all 6 stops of the WWA Wake Park World Series including the Monster Energy Triple Crown stops, Wake the Line in Germany, and the Grand Opening at Repub1c Wake Park in Manila, Philippines.

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Soöruz Cable Tour

Soöruz Cable Tour 2015 Riders : James WINDSOR, Kaesen SUYDERHOUD, Léo LABADENS, Clément DEPREMONVILLE, Wes GUMPEL, Sylvain ANTOINE, Jules CHARRAUD, Marc NEGRE, Louis MISTAUDY, Maxime ROUX, Matt MONTORO, Hugo CHARBIT, Arthur BRETON, Matthieu CHANAL, Aneta DECOUR, Géo MALSERVET Soöruz : Matthieu BARAT Edouard Flux SPIZZO sooruz.com Handle : Raynald TANNY handle-wakemag.fr Parks : TNG, La Source, TN64, TNBaudreix, TND, EXO33, RCP, TNM, La Rincerie, TeMerAir, Atlantic Wakepark, TNSaujon, CablePark, Wake Lagoona, I Wakepark Lacanau Cameras : Jon VITAL, Nicolas PLOYON Translations : Emilie BOUCHIAT, Nicolas SEVA Audio Post Production :  Nicolas SEVA Edit : Nicolas PLOYON Music : ALIFIB - Interférences ALIFIB - Shoot Me Down alifib.com/#home

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Auto Reply: Australia

In Episode II of the #autoreplyseries the gang travels to Australia to meet up with legendary Daniel Watkins and the Amongst the Sticks Crew for epic times in Yarrawonga, Perth Wake Park and the ATS Dam. Featuring the riding styles of James Windsor, Jeff House, Jeff McKee, Sam Rennie, Oliver Rennie, Christian Robinson, Jacob Hore, Chris Condon, Matt Pearce, James Tyrell and Daniel Watkins. Shot and edited by: Patrick Wieland

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1 Minute Down Under for #autoreplyseries Australia

A peak at all the action from the #autoreplyseries Australia featuring the riders Daniel Watkins, Jeff House, James Windsor, Jeff McKee, Chris Condon, Oliver Rennie, Sam Rennie, Jacob Hore, Matt Pearce, and Christian Robinson.

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"A story about a journey to the Philippines", starring James Windsor, Clement Depremonville, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Daniel Grant, Julian Cohen, Graeme Burress, San Im and many others... Produced, directed and edited by Jon Vital.

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