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At 23 years of age from Brisbane, Australia Jason has the rare natural all around ability to do what ever he wants on a bike. Dirt, park or street, he looks great doing it and has the time of his life at the same time. Jason debuted in America in 2013, in 2014 he took 3rd place at the Van Doren Invitational at the US Open in California. He returned to USA in 2015 with an X Games bowl invite. Jason did well in the big show and learned a lot from the experience. Keep an eye out for Jason, I’m sure he'll absolutely blow your mind!

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The Craziest BMX Bowl Session Ever - On Deck At Five Dock

Raw footage from one of the craziest sessions I've ever witnessed. After one of the practice days at the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Sydney, a heavy crew met up at Five Dock skatepark and absolutely annihilated the bowl. I had to grab the camera for a bit and document it. I guess 10 ft. airs are normal now? Featuring Larry Edgar, Ryan Nyquist, Dylan Lewis, Kris Fox, Jason Watts, Cody Pollard, Chris James, and Corey Walsh.

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Jason Watts Haro 2017 - DIG BMX

Jason Watts blasts off in San Diego! Any rider who hauls ass on his way into deep concrete bowls is going to be an instant favorite here at DIG. And wait to you see THAT 360 he starts a line off with, it's just straight up awesome. Speed, style, and the the tricks to complete the package. Decade to manual and hanger to 180 lookback shouldn't look so easy. Easily one of the top videos of the year.

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[TOP 10 N°42] Assassin's Creed becomes real in the streets of London

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Jason Watts Welcome to the Shadow Family

The Shadow Conspiracy is proud to release Australian shredder Jason Watts Welcome to the Family edit. Jason is a unique rider with the ability to shred anything with a unique mix of style and creativity. Whether in the air or on his nose, Jase makes anything look good. Hit play to see what we mean! Filmed and edited by Troy Charlesworth Music: Banquet Run to You Banquet http://banquetsf.bandcamp.com Follow us: http://www.theshadowconspiracy.com http://www.facebook.com/The.Shadow.Co... http://www.instagram.com/theshadowcon... http://www.youtube.com/crowgorafilms http://www.twitter.com/shadowbmx http://theshadowconspiracy.tumblr.com

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TOP 10 n°21 : Live the FASTEST run ever through Ted Ligety !

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HARO BIKES - Jason Watts edit

Jason Watts went down in Australia to pick up the best bowl to put some amazing tricks. 

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2015 Haro Complete Bikes

Our 2015 range is out now and includes the Downtown, Boulevard, Midway, Plaza and SDv2 Enarson model.  Thanks to Ryan Nyquist, Mike Gray, Jason Watts, Tyler Fernengel and Dennis Enason for the guest appearances.  Video by Cristian Rigal. Visit www.harobikes.com for more info, including our dealer locator.

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