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A self-proclaimed “gear geek,” Jeff will cut his shoes apart and modify his shorts in an effort to test out new ideas. In addition to running in the mountains, Jeff spends his time chasing his three children, four chickens and two dogs around their organic garden in Bend, Oregon. As the coach of the Little Foot Running club, he introduces kids to the world of running.

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The Double - Jeff Browning - Western States 100 and Hardrock 100

From the heat, speed and competition at the Western States 100 to the high altitude, steep climbs and torrential weather of the Hardrock Hundred 100. For most, even attempting these two high profile 100-mile races is a lifetime achievement. Watch as ultrarunner and family man Jeff Browning attempts to break the combined time record of 43h 33m in these two races. . . with only 19 days of rest in between.  

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Fore Runner Trail Running Shoe with Jeff Browning

Find out why Patagonia Ultra Running Team member Jeff Browning wears the high-performance Fore Runner as a way to strengthen his feet.

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