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When it comes to Joel Parkinson’s surfing, it’s as smooth and drawn out as it gets. A product of the sand bottomed points of Australia’s Gold Coast, Parko combines style, competitive prowess and free surf ability that few surfers can match. Joel’s success in a jersey is unrivaled, having won junior titles early on in his career, countless World Tour events, three Triple Crown titles and a World Title in 2012. One thing that sets him apart from others though is his good nature - a family man, a loyal friend and a truly great ambassador to the sport of surfing.

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Full Movie: Innersection - Kelly Slater, Matt Meola, Craig Anderson [HD]

The 25 two-minute surf movies that make up Taylor Steele’s INNERSECTION were each created by the surfers themselves. From stars like Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson to performers like Josh Kerr and Craig Anderson to underdogs like Peter Devries and Matt Meola, these are the best freesurfers in the world, chosen from over 150 international submissions by an online audience. But these aren’t the videos that you saw online. Once the surfers qualified for the movie, that’s when Taylor Steele went to work: producing the sections with the surfer/filmmaker teams, then blending the parts together into a single, flowing surf movie that changes pace, location and style like an aquatic rollercoaster. The surfers come from all around the world: New Zealand, Hawaii, Brazil, Peru, Australia and the US. The footage is the best of the year. The twenty-five filmmakers each bring their own style to the edits. And the final experience is something completely unique.

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Andy: The Untold Story of Andy Irons This is the unfiltered life story of three-time world champion surfer Andy Irons. Andy came from humble beginnings on the North Shore of Kauai and rose through the ranks to international surf stardom. He influenced a generation through the public lens as a wild, young phenom, who came to be known as “the people’s champion”. Throughout his life Andy fought an up and down battle with bi-polar disease and drug addiction. Andy passed away suddenly at the age of 32, with his wife 8 months pregnant expecting their first child. Join us in supporting the release of the feature-length documentary; Andy: The Untold Story of Andy Irons.

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Joël Parkinson ejected from a jet ski

Parko was ejected from a jet ski during the round 2 of OiRioPro

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Joel Parkinson nice barrel at Snappers

Nice warm up for Joel Parkinson at Snapper! 4 days before the Quik Pro Gold Coast! Stay tunned.

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Billabong Lifes Better in Boardshorts

In 1973 Gordon and Rena Merchant began producing handmade boardshorts under their flat overlooking his beloved Burleigh Point. A tropical haven renowned for consistent sand-bottom barrels, where life was better in boardshorts all year round.

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Lowers Games - Surf

It ain’t often we get the joys of Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson and John John Florence in the one sitting. But hot damn, we approve when it comes together. So to avoid distracting you from the brilliance above, we’ll say it was shot and cut by Matt Tromberg and looped with Nuck Fames, then leave the play button up to you.

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Joel Parkinson - Perfect 20 - Oakley Pro Bali

Joel "Parko" Parkinson produced perfection earning a pair of perfect 10 point rides for a heat total of 20.00 out of a possible 20.00 during round 5 of the Oakley Pro Bali.

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Live wires starring all the best pro Surfers: Mick Fanning, John John Florence, Joel Parkinso and more

Title: Live wires Live Wires. Starring: John John Florence, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Kolohe Andino, Owen Wright, Matt Banting, Midget Magic, Sheldon Simkus, Jack Freestone, Jack Duggan, Mitch Parkinson, Monty Tait, Asher Pacey, Nathan Hedge.

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