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A celebrated surfing prodigy for more than a decade, 20-year old Hawaiian North Shore local John Florence is hardly a rookie. Better known by the surf industry as “John John,” Florence entered the surfing stage at a mere 5 years old, garnering his skills at one of the most renowned surf breaks in the world conveniently situated literally in his backyard, the Banzai Pipeline. Known for his dominating tube riding skills, striking aerial technique and effortless style, John Florence is no stranger to big wave surfing.

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Full Movie: Innersection - Kelly Slater, Matt Meola, Craig Anderson [HD]

The 25 two-minute surf movies that make up Taylor Steele’s INNERSECTION were each created by the surfers themselves. From stars like Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson to performers like Josh Kerr and Craig Anderson to underdogs like Peter Devries and Matt Meola, these are the best freesurfers in the world, chosen from over 150 international submissions by an online audience. But these aren’t the videos that you saw online. Once the surfers qualified for the movie, that’s when Taylor Steele went to work: producing the sections with the surfer/filmmaker teams, then blending the parts together into a single, flowing surf movie that changes pace, location and style like an aquatic rollercoaster. The surfers come from all around the world: New Zealand, Hawaii, Brazil, Peru, Australia and the US. The footage is the best of the year. The twenty-five filmmakers each bring their own style to the edits. And the final experience is something completely unique.

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John John Florence vs. Kolohe Andino - FINAL - Drug Aware Margaret River Pro 2017

In the Final, John John Florence battles Kolohe Andino at the 2017 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

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Episode 7 of 7 | Hurley Presents "Twelve": A New Series From John John Florence

The competitive year is over, but in the final episode of “Twelve,” it’s clear that John John Florence is just getting started. EPISODE SUMMARY Episode 7 of “Twelve” showcases the end of John John’s competitive season and highlights how he’s been spending his down time before the start of the 2017 WSL Tour. 

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DONE: John John Florence - Full Movie - John Florence, Albee Layer, Matt Meola - Blake Kueny

When a person’s understanding of waves is so concrete, surfing can become especially reminiscent of modern skateboarding. Mutating masses of water almost appear as still and solid as skatepark transitions as John John Florence spins through the air over them; landing back into each evolving pocket. John John demonstrates this new level of surfing in his first independent release, DONE. Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny and John John Florence, DONE takes the DIY ethos and flips it on it’s head. Shot in beautiful HD, 16mm, and Super-8 in top-notch locations that include Tahiti, Western Australia, South Africa, and Hawaii, this highly anticipated film invites the viewer to travel with John John as he searches and finds some of the most incredible waves on Earth. With a supporting cast that includes Nathan Florence, Ivan Florence, Kiron Jabour, Matt Meola, and Albee Layer, this film has stunning surfing; complemented with incredible cinematography. Finally, added in is a completely diverse soundtrack that’s groovy enough to host a party, which makes DONE a vital film for any collection.

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Octobre 2016 : Entre Hossegor et Seignosse ont lieu deux compétitions de renommée mondiale: Le Quiksilver Pro France et le Roxy Pro France.

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Ian Walsh Surfs Perfect Barrels with World Champ, John John Florence | Distance Between Dreams

Distance Between Dreams is now available: Ian Walsh travels to a remote island with world champ, John John Florence to surf perfect, long & empty barrels in Distance Between Dreams. Watch Ian and John John navigate their way through some of the best barrels in the world. _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Watch Red Bull TV: See into our world: Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Twitter: Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: Subscribe to the Red Bulletin: Sign up for our Newsletter here:

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Episode 4 of 7 | Hurley Presents "Twelve": A New Series From John John Florence

No heats. No jerseys. Just John John. See more at EPISODE SUMMARY: Sail through the Hawaiian Islands and free surf around the world with John John Florence in Episode 4 of "Twelve." -- CREDITS Directed by: Bill Ballard and Parallel Sea Productions Filmed by: Erik Knutson Creative Direction and Post Production: Instrument ( MUSIC 1:38 Mason Jennings “Ulysses”' 4:19 The Slits “I Heard It Thru The Grapevine” 7:56 Marley Beschen “Pineapple Mango” -- SOCIAL Follow Hurley on Instagram: Follow Hurley on Twitter: Follow Hurley on Facebook: Follow John John on Instagram: Follow John John on Twitter:

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I luv shooting Surfing more than anything, its not just a job, its a passion. Heres some of my favourite moments from 2016. Thanks to all the amazing surfers i was fortunate enough to work with. All images where shot using the Phantom Flex 4K camera with Arri Ultra Prime lenses and Chris Bryan Films custom underwater housing. Please visit my website for more info: WWW.CHRISBRYANFILMS.COM or EMAIL: CHRIS@CHRISBRYANFILMS.COM Feel free to share this link: Follow Chris on Instagram @CHRISBRYANFILMS if your interested in seeing more of his work and travels. Edit: Tom Hannam (@tomhannam) Music Artist: Piers Baron - "Waltz of the Bells" Soundmix: Nick West (Smith and Western Sound) Colour Grade: Dwayne Hyde Surfers in order of appearance: Screen Shot: Anthony Walsh Opening shot: Koa Rothman Koa Rothman Luke Davis Craig Anderson Albee Layer Jeremy Flores Cyclops (empty wave) Chris Ross Mick Fanning x 2 Laurie Towner Matt Meola x 3 Taj Burrow x 3 John Florence x 3 Kolohe Andino John Florence x 2 Dan Ryan (Closing shot)

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