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Justine DUPONT
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Hi, my name is Justine Dupont. My discipline is big wave surfing. I was born on 27 July 1991 in Bordeaux.


'Atypical' is a word often used to describe France's Justine Dupont because of her natural ease on both small waves and the monsters that wake up in the winter.

Born in Bordeaux and brought up in Lacanau, it's difficult to imagine how Dupont could have fulfilled any other destiny. At just 11 she was riding her first waves and just four years later, in 2007, she finished second at the world longboard championships. An incredible feat for a 15-year-old.

Other wins would then be added to her record,  proving that she's able to shine in competition: whether it's national or European titles or a phenomenal victory at the WQS in Portugal – making her the first European female to win this competition.

But in recent years Justine has developed a passion for big wave surfing. And it's been working out pretty well. In 2013, she managed to surf the 15-metre monster of Belharra. Twice. A feat that earned her a prestigious record – no female surfer had succeeded in taming a wave this big before. At the beginning of 2016, she went back and did it all again.

Today, she has her eye on other legendary big wave surfing spots, such as Nazaré and Mavericks. Alongside these projects, she's competing in the WQS stages with one clear objective: to earn herself a place among the elite of world surfing. And in this quest, its her versatility and passion that are her best assets.


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NAZARE XXL SURF: Justine Dupont Tow Surfing Praia Do Norte

French surfer Justine Dupont demonstrates commitment and bravery while challenging some of the largest waves ever surfed by a woman! Filmed in Nazaré, Portugal on February 8th, 2017. 

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Surfing | Barrel Session | French Playground

South of France - April 9th some of the best French surfers having fun on their playground! Subscribe here for daily Xtreme Videos: http://goo.gl/NPT1Hz Riders : Patrick BEVEN - Aldric GOD - Vincent DUVIGNAC - Chad BIKOUMOU - JOJO - Arnaud DARRIGADE - Kevin OLSEN - Antoine DELPERO - Greg PASTUSIAK -DARREN - Rohann GIRAUDET - Rogerio RONDON - Charly QUIVRONT - Justine DUPONT Filmed & Edited by : Gregory Ménager www.gregmenager.com Music : Dylan (Joshua David Silverberg, Matthew Robert I Scrimenti) RNM49 - UPPM XTreme Video features awesome extreme sports all over the world! Subscribe To X-Treme Here: http://goo.gl/NPT1Hz Website: http://www.x-tremevideo.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/XTremeVideo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/XTvideo

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Justine Dupont défie « Jaws », la vague géante !

Quand elles se réveillent, il existe des vagues atteignant des dizaines de mètres de haut. De véritables montagnes en mouvement, que seuls quelques surfeurs dans le monde peuvent affronter. Parmi eux, une femme : Justine Dupont, originaire du Sud-Ouest de la France. Du haut de ses 25 ans et armée de sa planche, elle a décidé de braver en novembre dernier et ce, pour la toute première fois, la mâchoire du Pacifique : le mythique spot de Jaws. Une vague monstrueuse déferlant au large des côtes hawaiiennes... Découvrez à travers nos images exclusives, l'histoire de cet exploit historique ! Riding Zone est le seul magazine français de la TNT dédié aux sports extrêmes, à la glisse et aux cultures alternatives. Produite par Puzzle Media et présentée par TIGA, l'émission est diffusée depuis septembre 2007 chaque week end sur France Ô. Retrouvez nous sur les réseaux sociaux : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RidingZoneFr... Twitter : https://twitter.com/riding_zone Instagram : https://instagram.com/ridingzone/ Retrouvez l'actualité des sports extrêmes sur : http://www.theriderpost.com

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Cheezy Duck a passé pas mal de temps dans l'eau du côté de Hossegor/Capbreton l'an passé. Voici un premier aperçu de l'année 2015 (de Janvier jusqu'au ProFrance) ... la seconde partie suivra très prochainement ... Images : CheezyDuck Chokolatine Prod chokolatine.com insta & FB : @chokolatineprod son : Jacques Brel (la valse à mille temps)

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Tie One On

Magic Thursday somewhere in the South West of France with surfers and bodyboarders finding tube time on demand in crystal clear water. Featuring Vincent Duvignac, Justine Dupont, Edouard Delpero, Derek Crater, Alex Uranga.

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Belharra meets Hercules

Quick and dirty edit less than 12 hours after the paddle session in Belharra, France on January 7th 2014. Cinematography by: Vincent Kardasik Edit & Post Production by: Julie Kardasik Soundtrack: She's Gone by The Ragged Jubilee facebook.com/theraggedjubilee Buy it here itunes.apple.com/fr/album/shes-gone/id514890550?i=514891672 Surfers: Shane Dorian Benjamin Sanchis Jamie Mitchell Grant "Twiggy" Baker Peyo Lizarazu Pilou Ducalme Stephane Iralour Justine Dupont Seb Saint-Jean Special thanks: François Liets Seb Saint-Jean Yann Benetrix Fifi le "Bop" Thierry Krawiec David Dubes Benjamin Sanchis Shane Dorian Justine Dupont Laurent Pujol Vincent Lartizien Shot on Red Epic. ©L/K-rtel 2014

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Justine Dupont surfing

Justine Dupont highlights 2014

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