Breckenridge, US


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34 years old

1.7 m

Olympian, 5 time X Games silver medalist, Dew Tour Champion, World Champion. Skiing rules!

2 Euro Open 2016
3rd Nine Queens Big Air 2016
1st NZ Open 2015
1st Dew Tour 2015
2nd X Games 2015
1st Grand Prix Breck 2014
2nd Grand Prix PC 2014
4th Dew Tour 2014
10th Sochi Olympics 2014
3rd and Best Style 9 Queens 2014
1st US Grand Prix Slopestyle, Copper Mtn 2013
1st World Cup Slopestyle, Argentina 2012
4nd X Games Slopestyle, Aspen 2012
2nd X Games Slopestyle, Aspen 2011
2nd European X Games Slopestyle, Tignes 2011
2nd Dew Tour Slopestyle, Breckenridge 2011
3rd World Champs Slopestyle, Park City 2011
2nd X Games Slopestyle, Aspen 2010
2nd European X Games Slopestyle, Tignes 2010

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Grete Eliassen - Say My Name Movie teaser - Women's Skiing

Introducing a sneak peak of Grete Eliassen's Say My Name, the ski movie. On a quest to find the freshest powder, sickest half pipes and killer terrain these women embark on a ski trip to conquer it all.  

1:32 4 42,219


European Freeski Open LAAX 2016

The 9th European Freeski Open LAAX saw great freeski sport and two new faces on the top of the podium: 14 years young Kelly Sildaru from Estonia and Gus Kenworthy, 24 years, from USA are the slopestyle title winners of this prestigious international AFP contest. Hundreds of spectators lined the course and whooped the 6 women and 10 men for their final performances. The slopestyle contained six features, starting with a rail-combo followed by “the wave” leading into the 3-kicker-line and ending up in a multiple obstacle, a quarterpipe with optional redirect lip and a flat down rail. Each rider had three runs, best one counted.

3:07 3 1,488


Keri Herman — Queen of Style — Suzuki Nine Queens 2015

Keri Herman is the Queens of queens!

0:51 3 1,096