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Marvin Musquin, Marv'Attack, was born December 30th, 1989, in La Réole, France.

Marvin was able to get his first bike when he was four years old, and rode in his first race at age six.

Even at that young age, because of his love of motorcycling, and especially supercross, he began to develop his style on the bike you see today - modern and aerial. If you have had a chance to see Marvin racing in person, you'll notice a riding style that is exactly that - modern and aerial, melding both man and machine into one smooth, flowing unit. Like poetry in motion.

Marvin's talent took him to places others are only able to dream of - racing at the top level of the sport. At the same time, Marvin understood quickly that only working very hard on all aspects of being a professional athlete would help him to realize his dream - to become Motocross World Champion.

He was able to reach that dream and goal of becoming one of the special riders in the world - Motocross World Champion, in September 2009, at the Brazilian MX Grand Prix.

But there was more work to do before setting out on his next goal - moving to the USA to conquer new dreams, try to conquer new titles ... and that was to become World Motocross Champion one more time in 2010. At the Dutch Grand Prix in Lierop, Marvin clinched his second World Motocross title.

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Riding Zone S10E20 : Marvin Musquin (Supercross), Extreme Carving, Record de vitesse en VTT.

Cette semaine, rencontre avec Marvin Musquin. Un français devenu une véritable star aux Etats-Unis grâce à ses talents de pilote au guidon d'une motocross. Sa discipline ? L'un des sports les plus populaires outre atlantique : le Supercross ! Une course de vitesse sur un circuit artificiel tapissé de virages et de bosses. Un véritable spectacle rassemblant des dizaines de milliers de spectateurs dans les gradins des plus grands stades américains. C'est parmi l'élite mondiale que le français Marvin a décidé d'écrire son histoire. Cette année, du haut de ses 27 ans et armé de sa moto 450m3, « Marv'Attack » va tenter de remporter le supercross américain. En janvier dernier, les caméras de Riding Zone l'ont suivi durant son quotidien en Californie. En plein début de saison. Reportage… 

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Fox Head Europe Presents | MXON'15 France

This year, the 69th edition of FIM Motocross of Nations came back to the infamous track of Ernee, France. All eyes were on Team France as they were aiming to defend their title on home turf. The event saw one of the best crowds in Nations history that brought in more excitement to the event itself. The massive crowd was not disappointed as they witnessed of the most intense battles of the season. In the end, Gautier Paulin and Marvin Musquin's Team France came out on the top, successfully defending their Nations title.

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Racer X Films: Glen Helen, Remastered 2015

A unique look at Round 2 of the 2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

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