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19 years old

Watch him ride, and you’ll think he’s one of the chosen few-blessed at birth with a natural snowboarding ability that can only be admired, not learned. Witness him defy gravity and reason in the pipe, and you’ll swear he’s insane. Sit through an energetic demonstration on the art of making marshmallow-spread toast, and you’ll realize he could ask you to come watch paint dry with him, and you’d drop everything to go along-because while the fire in most people’s souls is a burning ember, Michi’s is a blazing torch that lights up everyone and everything in his path. Who is Michi Albin? He’s a super-positive, smart, funny, honest kid who’s always down for whatever, whenever, with whomever … plus a whole lot more-some people can’t be defined in fourteen pages.

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Few Words - A Candide Thovex Film - Full Movie

FEW WORDS an award winning documentary that retraces the life story of the most accomplished skier in the world Candide Thovex. This film gives us an insight into the legend behind the goggles and takes us to the most beautiful mountains on the planet

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Engadin - Where bon vivants and snowboarders meet!

Local legend Michi Albin and Volcom lifer Iker Fernandez are enlightened men. They know that an oyster-slurping, champagne-gorging fur-covered clientele equals untracked powder for days, if you're in the know.

2:46 1 34