Mihkel USTAV

Mihkel USTAV
Tartu, EE


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I´m a 17 year old wakeskier from Rahinge Wakepark. I have been on water for 2 seasons now and i love it. Besides wakeskiing i also wakeboard and love it as much. My sponsor is Boont Wakeboards.

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Snow Blossoms

After a week of spring break sun and fun it was all of a sudden cloudy and icy again.We made our best of it and enjoyed the last Sunday of the season slashing clouds of snow crystals into the crispy air of Kuutsemäe. The snow blossomed.Friends. Snow. Happiness.Riders: Simon Pettai, Ingmar Roomets, Siim Ustav, Kadri Mets, Robin Mõttus, Mihkel UstavFilm and edit: Liidia Maier Music: Mark Tarmonea - Paradies ( Marv Remix )

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How to destroy Snowboarders

Destroyer - Mihkel UstavSnowboarders - Indrek Tamm, Simon Pettai and Ingmar RoometsFilm and edit - Liidia MaierMusic: The Game - Let`s ride, ERA - Ameno

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Christmas Edition

Ho ho ho! Christmas holidays are already ending, but we still got a little present to show.Here is a little video about having fun and enjoying winter to the max. You never know when snow is going to melt away again in Estonia. So we took a chance and got our mojo back together. We had an awesome time for two days while filming and riding @Kuutsemäe. Thank you guys for all the fun i always have hanging around with you!We wish you the coolest holidays and a happy upcoming new year! Go and have some fun!U can see this video also on vimeo : https://vimeo.com/115435544Riders: Mihkel Ustav, Simon Pettai, Ingmar RoometsFilmed and edited by Liidia MaierSoundtrack - Jim Jones - Ballin On X-MasFOLLOW:Simon Pettai: instagram.com/simonpettai , facebook.com/simon.pettaiMihkel Ustav: instagram.com/mihkelustav, facebook.com/mihkel.ustavIngmarRoomets: instagram.com/1nk5, facebook.com/ingmar.roometsLiidia Maier: instagram.com/liidiamaier , facebook.com/liidiamaierSpeacial thanks for your support:Surfhouse: shop.surfhouse.eeHawaii Express: hawaii.eeLip Sports: lip-sports.com

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The FLOW - Mihkel Ustav

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