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Monyca remembers calling her home break in Hana the "mysterious beyond," because she never seemed to make it to the lineup. Many years and accomplishments later, Monyca has undoubtedly "made it". At fourteen, Monyca's athleticism culminated, and she solidified her place in the professional world of surfing. She represented Hawaii at the '05 and '06 Quiksilver World Junior Pro and qualified for the 2007 NSSA National Finals.

However, Monyca sees surfing as something that goes beyond the competitive elements. Monyca's self-proclaimed greatest achievement is not her success as an athlete. Instead, she sees it as spending time with people she loves, and having a job that lets her surf everyday. Her life philosophy, which she embodies to a T, is "do what you love."

Monyca married her childhood sweetheart and best fried Ola on her family property in 2013. When Monyca is not modeling and traveling with the Roxy surf team she works with her husband Ola on their organic fruit farm in Hana, Maui.


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Ryan Keen X Yeah Boy / Guidance Official Music Video

Produced by Majestic Records Directed and shot by Vincent Kardasik Talents in order of appearance: Monyca Eleogram Stephanie Gilmore Bruna Schmitz Zaun Jamie Mitchell Shot on R3D in Maldives and Tahiti

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