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25 years old

  • Age when you first started riding: 10 years old
  • Favorite place to ride: La Poma Bike Park in Barcelona, Spain or my local spots, RaysMTB and Chenga World Skatepark (close tie)
  • Inspiration: Mr.Jamie Bestwick, on and off the bike!
  • Whats on your IPOD list: It can go from Taylor Swift to some hardcore gangster rap and almost everything in between…
  • When I'm not riding, I like to: Play basketball or ping pong, read books, do yoga, eat food, and sleep.
  • Official/Favorite website: UberEats
  • Something that most people don’t know about you: I stopped riding BMX for a few years while I was in high school.
  • Quote: Exchange your mind with your heart
  • Career history. How did you start riding?: I saw XGames BMX Dirt on TV, which inspired me to make a tiny dirt jump in my backyard. After jumping that tiny dirt jump, I’ve been in love with riding ever since.
  • Career honors, Awards, and Highlights:1st Place NASS 2016 Dirt, 2nd Place SimpleSession16, 2nd Place FISE World Canada, 3x FISE World Best Trick Winner, 1st Place Recon Tour Finals, 1st Place Baltic Games, 2nd Place MongooseJam16

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TorqueBMX's Nick Bruce in California edit

In an effort to escape Ohio's winter weather and the flicker from fluorescent lights at Ohio's indoor skateparks, Nick Bruce went west for ten days of riding. In between games of bike, and sore ankles, Nick managed to ride many of California's offerings.’

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Nick Bruce - World First Flair Windshield Wiper‬

Nick Bruce gets it done!!!

0:10 5 336


Nick Bruce World's First BMX Trick at Simple Session 14

Nick Bruce landing the world's first 360 Double Tailwhip to Downside Tailwhip a.k.a the Sandwich Maker at Simple Session 14 in Tallinn, Estonia!

0:24 2 960


Nick Bruce Baltic Games BMX winner 2015

Nick Bruce final run during the Baltic Games 2015 in Poland.

1:10 2 2,071