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Nick Jacobsen's latest exhibition of kiteboarding courageousness came in Dubai. Whatever next?! Expect more detailed video in two weeks time... Find images from the shoot on the Kiteworld website:

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Diesel - Only The Brave High - Nick Jacobsen - Pro Kitesurfer

Nick Jacobsen, the bravest professional Kitesurfer never steps back...

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A 40 knots day KEVVLOG #17 - Insane kiteloops of Nick Jacobsen

Wow what a day here in Cape Town, this place gets very windy a lot but today was a little more extreme than usual. One of the questions I get a lot is 'How do you hold on to such a big kite in strong wind?' Well the answer is in this vlog. It was great seeing Nick, Lewis an the other boys jumping to the moon and back, of course I'm a little bummed I couldn't join them. But soon I'll be back. Hope you enjoy this vlog and please feel free to comment and don't forget to hit the subscribe button. Laterss

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2017 Red Bull King of the Air | Highlights

Nick Jacobsen won his first-ever Red Bull King of the Air, at Cape Town's Big Bay, in South Africa.

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KOTA Entry video

Big kiteloops, big nuts!!

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Bro Down Throw Down - Kitefest 2016

Longtime friends Jesse Richman (Naish) and Nick Jacobsen (Cabrinha) recently traveled to the biggest kiteboarding event in Argentina: Kitefest at Cuesta Del Viento. Turning up the big air competition, the two left their friendship on the shore, upping the ante with each turn to boost bigger and better than the other. Watch Jesse set what just may be another world record, as he jumps the 170 foot (nearly 52 meter) expanse of rocks and onlookers with his Naish Torch in the latest film by Forrest Dein, which celebrates the competition and camaraderie between these two epic kiters.

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Nick Jacobsen kitesurfs off the top of my house on Moskito Island

Professional kitesurfer, Nick Jacobsen has done it again; this time jumping off the roof my family’s new property on Moskito Island. Those of us watching held our breath in nervous anticipation and excitement, as Nick – who’s known as the daredevil of the kiting community – launched himself from the highest point of the house, clearing hundreds of feet of cliffs and rocks to safely land in the British Virgin Island’s calm blue waters.

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[TOP 10 N°41] He jumps from a sailboat's mast with his kitesurf !

Enjoy our TOP 10 N°41! 1— Jacobsen's awesome Abu Dhabi mast jump – by Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (Kite / Sailing) 2— Highline World Record 469m – by Wider TV (Slackline) 3— Brad Domke Skimboards Better Than You'll Ever Surf – by Red Bull (Skimboard) 4— Brumotti - Road Bike Freestyle 2 – by Global Cycling Network (MTB) 5— HARRY MAIN - FIRST RIDE BACK – by Harry Main (BMX) 6— Best of TEAM ONECALL at Ekstremsportveko 2015 – by Satori Factory (Wingsuit, Paragliding, Snow, Kayak) 7— [NX1 Videotography in 4K] Freerunning the Lost City - Jesse La Flair – by LaflairParkour (Parkour) 8— The First Hold & Release Bungee Jump | Damien Walters – by Damien Walters (Bungee) 9— Reynolds at J-Bay: Can He Hack It? – by The Waterman League (Surf) 10— COREY WALSH IN VANCOUVER - KILLEMALL DISTRO/DEMOLITION PARTS – by Killemall Distribution (BMX)

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