Nicolas  MOUGIN

Nicolas MOUGIN
Schiltigheim, FR

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37 years old


In line skater since 20 year, i have always be dedicatd to freestyle skating, and specialy half-pipe skating. 

I skate on the pro circuit  for more than 14 year now. I always have lot of fun to skate with friends around the world and organise freestyle events in France. 

I love the sensation of flying high on a half-pipe and like to work on technical grinds as well!

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Half-pipe experience try it with this 360° video

Entrez dans la peau de Nicolas Mougin - Champion d'Europe 2016 de roller Half-Pipe - sur le Half-pipe du Skate park de Strasbourg

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Nicolas Mougin skating his hometown halfpipe

It's been years that our NL Champion 2013 kills vert but he never had the chance to film for a proper edit, it's now done, time for him to shine a little! Filmed in 2 hours on august 22nd 2013 in Strasbourg (France)

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