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Hi, my name is Omeir Saeed. My discipline is cable wakeboarding. I was born on 7 July 1997 in London, UK. My special talent is gaming and football. My philosophy of life is when you do what you love, time and self-doubt are your only barriers. My favourite food is Italian.


"I only started wakeboarding three years ago, after a friend took me to the cable for the first time. Then I just kept going back," said Omeir Saeed after his first ever pro competition. After getting his first taste of wakeboarding, the Emirati is now a self-proclaimed wakeboarding junkie and has his sights firmly set on a pro career.

His skills, passion and dedication have created one powerful threat for the competition. He began by learning tricks from watching videos, but has been refining his technical transfers and tricks at Al Forsan International Sports Resort, with tips from friends. Omeir earned a second place in the 2011 UAE National Championships in the junior men's category, and followed up with a first place in the open men and features only categories in 2012 and 2013. Omeir also became the title holder for the 2012 WWA World Championship.

These days he's made a step up, taking on the best of the best at the likes of the WWA Wake Park World Championships finals.

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Top wakeboarding in Dubai filmed with the Sony Action Cam

Red Bull athlete Omeir Saeed weakeboarding in Dubai all filmed using the new Sony Action Cam

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