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Hi, my name is Parks Bonifay. My discipline is wakeboarding boat. My friends call me PB. I was born on 30 September 1981 in Winterhaven, Florida, USA. My special talent is ...well I'm actually really good at doing belly flops. My philosophy of life is be good to people, and people will be good to you. My favourite food is my uncle Paul's shrimp and grits, it's sooo good. My favourite music is live music! I've gone to see Phish quite a few times .


At six months old, Parks Bonifay was put in a pair of skis by his father, forming his first steps into a legendary career. Parks won the X Games when he was 14 years old, and since then has gone on to dominate wakeboarding events, from the Pro Tour to the Gravity Games, as well as completing feats such as becoming the first documented wakeboarder to land a 1080.

Parks is considered to be the world’s greatest wakeboarding freerider who combines flawless old-school techniques with radical modern creativity as he continues his quest into the unchartered territories of big-surf ocean wakeboarding. After a string of wins that included the 2003 National Championship and the 2003/2004 Pro Tour Season Championships, Parks went on to create his own wakeboarding event, ‘Double or Nothing’, in 2005.

What makes this event unique is that the event riders don’t know the location until the day of the event, and then have a three day window to wait for the best weather. “It makes it more interesting and keeps it quiet so it makes it an event for the riders, not the public”, says Parks.

As a member of the Nitro Circus crew, Parks now splits his time between competitions, events and films, including his own feature film, ‘The Parks Bonifay Documentary’ in 2009.

Parks remains the most influential athlete in the sport of wakeboarding. His innovative vision remains the forefront for products, riding, video, and events.

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Madden Lake Mayhem - Wakecation - Ep 4

Episode 4 of Wakecation brings the boys to Madden Lake for a glassy and remote wake session in the middle of the Panamanian jungle. Parks shows off his one-footed barefoot skiing skills.

8:12 2 62,427


Tow-In Sessions at the Perfect Bay - Wakecation - Ep 5

Parks and the boys head to Portobelo to explore the historic ruins. After spending a day searching some tow-in surfing locations, the crew finds the perfect bay to ride and make their Tropical Wakecation!

11:09 2 95,182


The Seaplane Escapade - Wakecation - Ep 2

Calm water conditions lead to an epic day for the boys.

9:52 4 87,767