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29 years old

1987 I was born in Hanover, a small town in southwestern Ontario where I lived until graduating from high school. 

I began longboarding in the summer of 2003 just before grade 10. After finishing high school I moved to Toronto, Ontario and met the later coined "Escarpment Surfers." I immersed myself in the sport.

In 2006 I opened Longboard Haven, a skate shop catered to the Toronto crew, successful in creating progression and diversity in the community.

I raced slalom from 2006-2008 on the North American east coast competing in more than a dozen races as far as North Carolina. I was beginning to be competitive in the pro class when my ambition moved to downhill skateboarding.

My first race at Top Challenge, Montreal in 2006 set the pace of the next few years of my life, FAST.

Spring 2008 I made the leap of faith moving to Vancouver, BC to follow my dream and begin post secondary education. Mass relocation such as been seen in Vancouver also happened in the early rise of many other sports to different destinations. I began my first year of Mechanical Engineering at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, (BCIT).

2009 marked a pinnacle year for me, where I trained seriously to be competitive on the IGSA World Cup circuit. British Columbia Institute of Technology, Orangatang Wheels, Fullbag Skateboards, Kahalani Trucks and Vicious Griptape were backing me to make an impression on the international scene. I placed well overall and won Maryhill FOS to finish my season, in the end placing 3rd in the World Cup Series. A satisfying feat for my first international season.

A number of videos at this point had been released which pushed my skills and found me a place as a professional in the sport.

In 2010 while continuing my studies in spring, but taking a leave in the fall, my travel destinations became even more spread internationally traveling & competing in the US, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, Colombia, and Mexico. I was getting more involved in the sport through film & photography and finished 2nd in the world in IGSA world series ranking. 

2011 was a year like anyone could dream to have. I finished all but one course for my studies in the spring and left to do my biggest tour yet. I gave up my apartment and was fully traveling on the road.

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Max Ballesteros & Friends: Swiss Alps, 2016

After the Euro Tour team rider Max Ballesteros joined fellow skaters Pepe Laporte, Patrick Switzer and the Utah Slut City crew for some fun freeride sessions in Switzerland. Sleeping under the stars and surviving baguettes, the boys encountered some new amazing roads and some old classics, and took full advantage of the perfect weather on the Swiss Alps. Join them for the ride and see what it's like to skate down miles of crazy curved descents! Video: Pepe Laporte & Patrick Switzer Edit: Max Ballesteros Song: José González - This Is How We Walk On The Moon

3:48 1 12,654


Orangatang Wheels | Release The Kegel with Patrick Switzer and Tamara Prader

Tamara Prader and Patrick Switzer test out the Orangatang Kegel on the fifth highest paved road in the Alps. With 29 180 degree turns, the road leads all the way to the base of the ski area in Kaunertal, Austria.  These wheels go fast! Patrick took the win at Maryhill on them and the big orange beauties have been killing it all over Europe this summer! They are now available in the finest skate shops around. Riders: Tamara Prader and Patrick Switzer Film Production: Max Meissner Music: Kounandi - Los Chicharrons, Ships in the Sun - Dynamo Dresden Orangatan Kegel: 80mm diameter | 56mm width | 56mm contact | 8.1 oz/wheel | offset bearing seat

4:34 13 144,665


Patrick Switzer Returns to Aera Trucks

After a few year hiatus, Patrick Switzer is back on Aera Trucks. Skating by Patrick, Kevin Reimer, and Byron Essert. Film by Santa Gnarbara - Thomas Flinchbaugh

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Base Jump

No Limit

video production, story, camera & edit: Danny 'No Limit' written & performed by Nails On A Neckwww.nailsonaneck.deannotation: None of the athletes in this video got seriously harmed. The paraglider in the very end luckily survived the accident with minor health consequences (one broken shoulder, both fibulae broken, 2 cerebral thrombosis). Only 11 weeks after this accident he made his first paragliding flight again.

4:21 1 4,745