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Good-humored neoclassic longboarder from Santa Cruz, California; best known as a costar in the 1994 surf movie Endless Summer II. Weaver was born (1965) in Cologne, Germany; moved with his family at age three to Newport Beach, California, began surfing in 1982 at age 16, and for reasons never made clear was dubbed "Wingnut" by a group of older Newport locals. Alone among his teenage peers, Weaver was a longboard-only surfer from the beginning.

Weaver moved to Santa Cruz in 1986, spend most of '87 and '88 in Hawaii, and in 1990 received a B.S. in economics from U.C. Santa Cruz, In 1992 and '93, Weaver traveled around the world shooting Endless Summer II with filmmaker Bruce Brown (creator of the original Endless Summer) and shortboarding costar Pat O'Connell. In 1997, the always congenial Weaver became the director of the O'Neill Surf Academy in Europe, conducting instructional classes sponsored by industry giant O'Neill Wetsuits in England, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, and Italy. Weaver later moved on to high-end private lessons ($2,500 a day), and is regarded as one of the sport's finest instructors. "He's one of the best longboarders and nose riders of the modern era," Outside magazine noted, adding, "he’s always cheerful, always peppy, always entertaining, and always optimistic."

Weaver has been featured in dozens of surf videos: Wingnut's Search for Soul (1997), Wingnut's Art of Longboarding (1997), and Super Slide (1999). He did the voice-over narration for 50 Years of Surfing on Film (1997), Great Waves (1998), and Biographies, all multi-part cable TV series produced by the Surfer's Journal and Opper Films; Weaver himself was featured in an episode of Biographies. An instructional book, Wingnut's Complete Surfing, was published in 2009

Although not a dedicated competitor, Weaver won the Santa Cruz Surf-O-Rama longboard event, held at Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz, in 1989, 1990, 1991, and 1996.

Weaver was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997, but as of 2014 the disease hadn't affected his balance or timing.

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The Endless Summer II

The Endless Summer II is a 1994 film directed by Bruce Brown and is a sequel to his 1966 film The Endless Summer. In The Endless Summer II, surfers Pat O'Connell and Robert "Wingnut" Weaver retrace the steps of Mike Hynson and Robert August. It shows the growth and evolution of the surfing scene since the first film, which presented only classic longboard surfing. O'Connell rides a shortboard, which was developed in the time between the two movies, and there are scenes of windsurfing and bodyboarding. The film illustrates how far surfing had spread, with footage of surf sessions in France, South Africa, Costa Rica, Australia, Bali, Java, and even Alaska. It also has a brief cameo appearance by morey surfer Felipe Zylbersztajn, Steve Irwin, and Mary, a crocodile from Irwin's Australia Zoo. In 2003, Dana Brown, Bruce's son, made what is seen as the "third movie", Step Into Liquid. It follows the evolution of surfing over the last 10–15 years from shortboarding to tow-in surfing.

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