Russell BIERKE

Russell BIERKE
Ulladulla, AU


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19 years old

1.74 m

I was born and lived in Oahu, Hawaii until I was 5, and playing in the ocean off the North Shore hooked me for life. I'm addicted to the ocean and adrenaline rushes, so combining them both as a big wave surfer is my dream job.

After graduating high school last year, trying to surf the biggest and heaviest waves I can find is now my main priority. I'm really looking forward to pushing my limits and traveling the world, doing what I love in the next few years.


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Russell Bierke Battles a Heavy Day at Shipstern Bluff | Sessions

Up-and-coming Australian madman Russell Bierke is tackling the world one crazy wave at a time. You might remember him as the precocious 18-year-old who won Cape Fear in 2016. The son of Hawaiian big wave surfer Kirk Bierke, Russell never had a choice, from a young age it was always charge hard or charge home, and that's just what he's done. Growing up on Australia's South Coast meant growing up on a diet of raw ocean energy, the Pacific endlessly broadsiding his hometown of Ulladulla and its plethora of shallow reef slabs and deep water bombies with swell...and it doesn't get much gnarlier than a big 'ol day at his local shallow reef slab Shipstern Bluff. Click play and watch Bierke battle a massive day at Shippies.

3:18 5 100,590


Teahupo’o, Du Ciel - Drone video

A awesome drone video about le incredible wave of teahupoo Filmed by Eric Sterman & Brent Bielmann Produced by Peter Taras Edited by Sean Benik Music by Brigitte Fontaine "Le Goudron" Surfers: Matahi Drollet Koa Rothman Nathan Florence Oliver Kurtz Russel Bierke Jamie O'Brien Niccolo Porcella



O’Neill is proud to present Bezerke, a captivating short film that looks into the life of O’Neill team rider, Russell Bierke. Russell isn’t your average eighteen-year-old Australian kid. He is leading the way for the next generation of big wave surfers. Tracing his love of heavy waves from childhood to the present day, Bezerke showcases the surfing of a levelheaded young man that sees challenge where most only see terror.  Bezerke features insight from Russell’s father, and also includes scenes from eleven-time world champion Kelly Slater who shared a special session in Southern Australia with Russell when he was fifteen. Bezerke documents Russell’s phenomenal Cape Fear event win and his thoughts on the future of big wave surfing.

15:15 2 24,846