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27 years old

After finishing A-levels in Southern England Tim was on a mission to leave the U.K. and venture further abroad. Just after his 18th birthday he moved to South Africa where he gained the necessary skills and qualifications to work in the Kruger Park as a guide, driving and walking clients among the Big 5.

This came to an end after visa troubles and he found himself back in the U.K. Joining the Royal Marines provided the next challenge. Being a Royal Marine Commando has pushed him far creating a mental and physical robustness that has helped progress his sports outside of work, where he focuses on climbing, mountaineering, and Wingsuit BASE jumping.

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Base jump

TOP 10 n°31 : Don't watch this video if you have vertigo!

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Base jump

Free Soloing And BASE Jumping From The World's Highest Climbing Wall | Bona Fide, Ep. 3

f a climbing wall is high enough you don't need to belay down, you can just BASE jump. Climber and BASE lover Tim Howell traveled to the highest artificial climbing wall in the world - the Emosson Dam in Switzerland. It's 165m tall, (6 pitches) and a very scenic float down if you play your cards right. Tim climbed the first five pitches on rope, then strapped on his BASE parachute and attempted the sixth. Unfortunately, he was a little pumped and didn't finish the climb. Fortunately, he steadied his fall and had an insanely cool BASE jump.  Free Soloing And BASE Jumping From The World's Highest Climbing Wall | Bona Fide, Ep. 3 Director: Tim Howell Producer: Tim Howell

1:32 4 20,883