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Valentin DELLUC
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Hi, my name is Valentin Delluc. My discipline is Speedriding. I was born on 7 April 1992 .


A skier who dreams of flying? A paraglider who wants to keep his feet on solid ground? Since the day he started speedriding, Valentin Delluc has been all of this at once.

His trajectory as a teenager is a classic one for a sport-mad mountain kid. Alpine skiing on the slopes of Morzine came first. Then, at about 13, he moved on to freeskiing – taking part in competitions and standing out because of his talent.

Around the same time, he discovered another passion: paragliding. If there's such a thing as a paragliding bug, it bit Delluc directly after his maiden flight, aged just 11. So, as a teenager, when he wasn't on his skis, he was spending hours learning the basics of this demanding discipline.

Why did he take to the skies? There's no need to have spent years studying psychology to realise it's closely linked to the desire for freedom. This is also probably why he started to freeride at 17 years old. The connection between the two disciplines was quickly made and led him straight into speedriding, which mixes freeskiing and paragliding.

The discipline is still developing quickly and Delluc saw the opportunity to push the limits. Some of the more inaccessible ski slopes opened up to him, and the sail also allowed him to progress in his approach to gliding.

He quickly became one of the world's best. He won his first competitions and dominated the Speed ​​Riding Tour in 2014.

Above all though, he became a hit online. His videos amaze anyone who watches them, from the experts to Joe Public. In 2016, he broke the internet twice: firstly, together with Martin Schricke and some great moments of action in the Alps and on the roofs of Avoriaz; Then solo with a mad sequence in which he escapes a terrible avalanche. And that was just for starters…

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Epic Speedriding Through Steep Canyons and Small Towns In the Alps

It's no secret that we love speedriding — the freeflight sport combining high-performance skiing with high-performance wings gives athletes access to some of the most incredible terrain on the planet. Steep powder lines everywhere are suddenly open for business, even if they end in a huge cliff band. But that's not the only thing they can do. In the hands of skilled pilots Valentin Delluc and Martin Schricke, the whole mountain is a playground: from swooping passes through gaping gorges, a quick pass-through session on some park features and even a high-speed sightseeing run through the local mountain town - there is no terrain unrideable for these fellas.

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