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Hi, my name is Vincent Matheron. My discipline is skateboard bowl/pool. My friends call me Vince. I was born on 15 May 1998 in Marseille, France. My special talent is 540's.


Vincent Matheron has been on a tear over the last couple of years, becoming one of the elite next- wave brigade of transition slayers that Europe throws up periodically.

As far back as June 2013, he smashed the Sosh Freestyle Cup in Marseille finishing a respectable second behind Greyson Fletcher. In 2014, he took the win at the FISE Montpellier spine contest.

Starting high school provided the opportunity to move closer to his stomping ground, the Prado skatepark in Marseille, near his new home. Harbouring dreams of a pro career down the line, he is making a lot of the right moves so far to set him on his way. A lot of skating knowledge resides within his relative youth, lets put it like that.

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Meet French Skateboarder Vincent Matheron 2013

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