Maui, United States



54 years old

Hi, my name is Robby Naish. My discipline is windsurfing freestyle, kitesurfing wave, stand up paddling. I was born on 23 April 1963 inLa Jolla, San Diego, USA. My special talent is I have several... I am a pretty good cook. My philosophy of life is every day on the water is a good day! Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. My favourite food is hot and spicy. My favourite music is Pandora.


Robby Naish is windsurfing royalty. A pioneer of kiteboarding and world record setter, his name is internationally renowned and he is the first person to have gained long-lasting fame in the sport.

In 1968, Robby’s father, surfer Rick Naish, moved his family from California to Hawaii. There, Robby took up the exhilarating sport of windsurfing and, at age 13, won his first overall world championship title.

For six more years, Naish dominated amateur windsurfing, winning the world championships in 1977, 1978 and 1979 before he even turned pro.

In 1983 and again in 1984, he swept all four Pro World Tour titles (waveriding, slalom, overall and championships) and won the overall every year through 1987 to contribute to his grand total of 24 world windsurfing crowns, becoming a member of the Laureus World Sports Academy, a unique association of the greatest living sporting legends.

Naish has been a true watersports ambassador. He has a powerful style that galvanised the world audience. In the 1990s, he translated his dedication and charisma to the newly developing discipline of kiteboarding.

“The cool thing about nature sports is your environment is never a constant,” Robby says. “The environment is always changing, and that’s what keeps it interesting and exciting.”

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