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42 years old

Hi, my name is Sean MacCormac. My discipline is B.A.S.E. jumping and skydiving. I was born on 8 March 1975in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. My special talent is videography. My philosophy of life is to just get out there and create new and dynamic things.


Sean MacCormac is one of those multi-talented athletes who is as happy surfing as he is grinding; however, as a multiple-time U.S. National Champion, X Games medallist and world record setter in skysurfing, he rips both of those activities in the air. He has additionally earned medals in pretty much every other artistic skydiving discipline, both as a performer and a videographer.

Sean made his first tandem skydive at age 18 and, within six months, was skysurfing in the X Games. When the newcomer, with only about 400 jumps to his name, swooped in to place just off the podium, Sean was immediately recognised as a true phenomenon. It wasn’t long before he accumulated an enviable collection of X Games medals. Today, Sean’s skydive tally stands at over 16,000, and he’s earned all possible instructional ratings; he frequently teaches skydiving techniques to military personnel such as Navy Seals.

With his name indelibly written in the competitive history books, Sean is always looking to break creative boundaries; he accomplishes this through performances with the Red Bull Air Force, photography, and videography. Being involved in the Red Bull Air Force since 2007 has offered Sean a broad platform for advocating progression. Whether he’s skydiving over Saudi Arabia or doing demos for crowds across the United States, Sean just enjoys being able to create new and dynamic things.

One such example was 2016's Storm's Edge project in which – as the name suggests – Sean skydived in a thunderstorm. All in a day's work for this legend of the skies. 



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