Vancouver, Canada



Spencer was born in the small town of Peterborough, Ontario.  He grew up spending his summers at the cottage on the lake, or on the skateboard.   He spent his winter on his snowboard where he raced competitively.  Whether on the snowboard, skateboarding, playing paintball or bridge jumping, Spencer was always going big and going hard. 

At the age of 18 Spencer decided to move to Calgary, where he worked to continue to perfect his skilled trade in concrete finishing.  In Calgary, Spencer started and managed a successful concrete finishing company, hiring several employees.   After several years in Calgary, Spencer decided to move once again.   He found himself in Vancouver on the west coast.

In Vancouver, Spencer continued to work in concrete as well discover a new love for the mountains.   Starting to rock climb and mountaineer with a group of friends, they started to grow in their skills, always pushing their limits selecting big and harder objectives.  Looking for inspiration, this group of friends attend an evening of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF).  This night would change Spencer’s life forever.   One the films showing was “Sketchy Andy”, a slackline/highline/base jumping documentary featuring Andy Lewis as he broke the free solo world record.  Walking to the car after the film, Spencer vowed to start slacklining, highlining and even began naming which highlines he would rig.

No more than a week later, Spencer has his first slackline and was already starting down his Slacklife journey.   Practicing every day and always continuing to push his limits, Spencer quickly advanced.   As soon as he could walk the line in the park, he put it high in the trees.  As soon as he could walk it high in the trees, he put it high in the mountains, always learning something on the way.   It was this continuous progress of goals combined with a pure dedication and commitment to achieving the goals, that allowed Spencer to get to the level he is at.


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