Szebasztián SZÓLÁTH

Szebasztián SZÓLÁTH



24 years old

Hi, my name is Szebasztián Szóláth. My discipline is wakeboarding cable. My friends call me Szebi. I was born on 14 February 1993 in Hungary. My special talent is snowboarding . My philosophy of life isshred life. My favourite food is gyros. My favourite music is Public Enemy.


European superstar Szebasztián Szóláth may be young, but considering he started his life on the water when he was just eight-years-old, he has more than enough experience to justify his place in the industry.

Szebasztián was born on 14 February 1993 in Budapest, first trying his hand at waterskiing in Siófok in his home country. It took him two years to practice, craft and hone his skills but, after a period of deliberation, Szebasztián finally decided to move his career in a new direction, this time to wakeboarding.

He bought his first board in 2006 and, with guidance of his trainer Jelisztratov Szergej, Szebasztián entered an intense training period to bring his skills into line with the best wakeboarding athletes in the world. Shortly after, he won the Hungarian Championship in the male category and that's when he threw the full-force of his skill behind the relatively 'new' discipline. After success at home, he then challenged himself at the WCH competition, where he scooped an award in the Junior male category in 2009.

Since then, he has been collecting victories and podium places. In 2013, he came second at the IWWF Cable World Cup in Beijing. In April 2014, he was proud to be joining the new Ronix cable team. No doubt he will continue to dazzle everyone with his smooth riding style and unique technical tricks!



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