Paris, France



53 years old

1.7 m

I have been practicing Parkour since 2004. It was my childhood friend, Benoit Lavelatte, who introduced me to the discipline after which I joined the Parkour group Shintai.

Many people around me have criticized the fact that I chose Parkour, and that is why I decided to isolate myself a bit and train in the “shadow.” This is what has made me a discrete and attentive person.

My passion for manga has influenced the rigor of my training and my Parkour. Naturally I began to study the culture of samurai and their code of honor, bushido. It is this moral code that eventually balanced my life and gave meaning to my Parkour.

I think the true spirit of Parkour is similar to bushido, and this is why I found myself through these values. The writings of Miyamoto Musashi, a famous samurai, reminds me of the words I heard from David Belle. These two men are similar in substance and in form, they have mastered their respective arts and have developed the most efficient method and have thought about their disciplines as few have.


I consider myself lucky to have known this art because I think today I would not feel so fulfilled and have such a freedom of mind if I hadn’t. I haven’t had the chance to travel a lot, but I think Parkour is a journey in itself that allows us to grow and become independent. It is life.


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