Ajax, Canada



25 years old

Hi, my name is TJ Rogers. My discipline isskateboarding and staying healthy. My friends call me Teej. I was born on 26 October 1991 in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. My philosophy of life isbe happy with nothing, and you'll be happy with everything. The most important person in my life is all my family and friends, that have been there since day one for me. My favourite food isshepherd's pie or lasagna. My favourite music is anything from the 80's/ early 90's is the shit! Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, any old school rap I'm kinda hyped on still as well.



TJ Rogers (full name Timothy James Poulin) grew up braving the harsh weather of Whitby, Ontario, just 25 miles east of Toronto in Canada. 

With snow covering the ground 6 months out of the year, it left TJ with two options. One, he could play it safe and stay in Whitby, plenty of spots, and plenty of friends but the constant shoveling and frozen trucks could get old. Two, he could throw caution to the wind, head out to California, film an epic part for Blind Skateboards 6th video “Damn,” turn pro for Blind, become a part of the Red Bull family and live in beautiful Huntington Beach with fellow Canadian ripper Ryan Decenzo when you're not busy travelling around the world skating.

Guess which one he chose?

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