Simi Valley, United States



27 years old

Hi, my name is Torey Pudwill. My discipline isskateboard street. My friends call me T-Puds. I was born on 2 May 1990 in Simi Valley, California, USA. My special talent is being an entrepreuner and expanding my business and horizons. My philosophy of life is try to be a good person. Progression takes motivation and dedication.


When Torey Pudwill was named Best Street Skater at the 2011 TransWorld Skateboarding Awards, he was barely 21 years old, yet he’d been crushing it on-screen and on the streets for years.

“T-Puds,” as he goes by, is renowned for game-changing street skills, which are in full view in videos such as 2011’s “Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang“ and a major part in Plan B’s 2013 movie.

Over the years, he’s earned spots on a variety of podiums, including wins at Matix Lord of the Lines, the Copenhagen Pro, the Tampa Pro and Maloof Money Cup. Torey has battled nagging injuries—first an ankle injury and then a severely broken finger—which kept him out of contests and forced him to turn down his first two X Games invites. But in 2013, fully recovered and stronger than ever, he competed in his first X Games, in Street League’s X Games debut in Brazil, and scored a bronze medal.

The native Californian is also an entrepreneur: he founded his own company, Grizzly Griptape, at age 12. A positive mindset and kind nature have made Torey as respected for his attitude as he is for his talent. “I work hard and skate every day because it’s something that I do for fun and for the love", he says. “I’m just trying to get kids to be as stoked for skateboarding as I was as a kid.”

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