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Winter at home

Edit de l'hiver dans la station de ski de Gourette.Filmé en GoPro Hero 3+ BlackPartenaires :> Spy Optic> Station de ski Gourette> magasin Pieds dans l'eauMontage : @Guillaume Arrieta

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Pipeline bodysurfing session

I have had so much good time filming with the GoPro Hero 3+ Tim Burnham from Wedge, THE awesome Daren Crawford, Curtis Marker and french photographer Laurent Masurel bodysurfing the other day at Pipeline. The water was so clear and the line-up almost for us, it was a perfect afternoon to go bodysurf. Stay tuned : instagram :@fredodavid facebook : freddavidbodysurf Youtube channel : here  Filmed and edited : Fred David

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Deep diving

Goliath Grouper Attack

Getting Hunted by a Goliath Grouper, he steals my lesser AJ off my spear! This was shot by my wife using a GoPro Hero 3 in about 80ft of water off Jupiter, FL.

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Powder Dreams 2013

2013 Stevens Pass, WA Filmed 100% with the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition This video sums up the 2012-2013 season of snowboarding at Stevens Pass with friends and local shredders. The terrain at Stevens has much to offer, the powder falls in big ways, and the camaraderie of riders is like none other. Enjoy this video and long live the shred. Music: "Bicycle" by Memory Tapes Riders: Jesse Park, Ryan Waiste, Ari Strickland, Matt Wainhouse, Michigan, Jordon Frager, Max McIndoe, Tim Carlson, Stuart Cambell, Jordan Ingmire, Elan Bushell, Ian Wood, Bart Patitucci, Kevin Hanson, Hans Jangaard BIG THANKS: Stevens Pass, GoPro, CAPiTA, Union, COAL, SPSS, Casual Ind., Friends and Family Instagram @wainosworld

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Between Islands

A fun day of kiteboarding between Paros and Anti-Paros, two Islands of the Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea. The amazing flat spot is called Pounta Beach. Special thanks to : Lip Bulgaria / Surf Shop Burgas / Kiteboarding and Snowkite Lessons / A movie by Viktor Valkanov Camera : Yulia Cheremazova Edit : Viktor Valkanov Music : Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way Camera used : GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition


Josh Ku Namotu Fiji Sept/Oct 2014

This was a 3 week trip that i did to the beautiful island of Namotu in Fiji. Based a stones throw from the iconic Cloudbreak and Restaurants all footage is shot on the GoPro Hero 3+

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Feeling Good (Paragliding)

Some Daly City paragliding at the dumps in Pacifica, CA. Funny how I found this soundtrack at the airport on our way to San Francisco. Turned out to be the perfect song for the trip as it felt exactly. Like. That.The song is by Avicii - Feeling Good (feauturing Audra Mae)Shot with an RX100 and Gopro Hero 3 Black

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Real Life Time Trial

DIRECTED / EDITED / MOVEMENT CHOREOGRAPHED BY: Claudiu Voicu | twitter, ig @claudiuvoicu | FREERUNNING, CLIMBING & ADDITIONAL CHOREO BY: Pip Andersen | twitter, ig @piptrix Drew Taylor | twitter, ig @drewftaylor Ashley Holland | twitter @ashley_dholland ig @spyderfreerun Phil Doyle | twitter @_philydee ENEMIES: Dan Morbin Mark Lunt Mike Lienard Iain Linnane Claudiu Voicu EXTRA HELP: Yassin Yassin - Driver, Production Assistant Storror Freerun - Security Management - Marwan Elgamal - Tinder+ User GEAR:  GoPro Hero 3 Black + 4 Black (mouth mounted) DJI Phantom 2 + H3-3D Edited & graded entirely in After Effects MUSIC: Kate - Solar Fields All sound effects are from the game More information on the game: -------------------------- WHO DID WHAT: [ - 0:30 PHIL DOYLE Enemy: Iain Linnane 0:34 - 0:44 PIP ANDERSEN 0:45 - 1:14 DREW TAYLOR 1:15 - 1:47 PIP ANDERSEN Enemies in order of RIP: Claudiu, Mark, (Claudiu), Dan 1:48 - 2:10 ASH HOLLAND 2:11 - 2:20 PIP ANDERSEN 2:21 - 2:24 DREW TAYLOR 2:25 - 2:36 PIP ANDERSEN Enemy: Claudiu 2:37 - 2:59 DREW TAYLOR 3:00 - 3:15 ASH HOLLAND 3:16 - 3:45 (so brave) PIP ANDERSEN 3:45 - 3:57 ASH HOLLAND Enemy: Mike 3:58 - 4:05 PHIL DOYLE 4:06 - ] CLAUDIU VOICU Enemies in order of RIP: Mike, Mark, Dan...  

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