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Ozone Mantra M4, attero retour de Planpraz, et gonflage au Bouchet.

Attero return Planpraz in Chamonix, and inflation to moderate wind Bouchet high and irregular. Ozone Mantra M4 sailing. Adrien B. Driver Attero retour de Planpraz à Chamonix, et gonflage au Bouchet par vent modéré à fort, et irrégulier. Voile Ozone Mantra M4. Pilote Adrien B.

7:15 5 374


Stage SIV, Ozone Mantra M4, à Ager Espagne.

My internship SIV in Puebla in Spain with the Mantra 4, driver Adrien B. Monitor: Marc Boyer. Site: Lake of Puebla. Location: Ager, Spain. Front accelerated, full speed asymmetric collapse, accelerated Tendrils, negative stall, full-stalls, Wings-Overs.

7:13 5 708


Stage SIV Flyeo - Juin 2013 - Mantra M4

Flight Simulation Training Incident (SIV) 2013, Mantra M4, Adrien B. SIV oriented stall and spin a flat. Stage SIV 2013, Mantra M4, Adrien B. SIV orienté décrochage et vrille a plat.

9:08 5 282

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