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Vans presents Ivory Coast Trip with Lee Ann and Tom Curren - Surf

We've been travelling to the Ivory Coast with Lee Ann Curren, her legendary dad Tom and her band Betty the Shark. Stay tuned, the edit will be released soon…

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Le Pic du Midi | Not far away from home

During our road-trip in the Pyrenees, forecast and snow condition weren't at its best. Until we arrived at the Pic du midi and discover some beautiful faces. About A RIDER’S JOURNEY: A RIDER’S JOURNEY is a production company that captures and shares passion. It’s created by experienced riders and film makers, passionated ourselves. Everything starts by a journey and every journey is born out of passion. It can be the passion of riding, sliding, jumping, flying and playing with the elements. The passion of adventure, of testing your limits and discovering new things. Or maybe it’s the passion of travelling: from the corner of your street to the middle of nowhere. Discover your journey and enjoy the ride with us. About the media team: Sébastien Jam and Mirte van Dijk are both dedicated snowboarders. He is French, she is from Holland. Sébastien is known for his participation in many freeride competitions and as a video maker, Mirte is editor in chief of Taste Snowboard Magazine. Picking up a camera became something natural for both of them. About the riders: Rens de Wild and Stephan Verheij are hard to separate. They are both certified snowboard guides and living in Kaprun, Austria, where no mountain, valley or field remain undiscovered for their passion to freeride. With splitboard and climbing gear ready to go, they make always time in between working days for unique trips.  A RIDER'S JOURNEY :  Facebook: Google plus: Instagram: Seb Jam Facebook: Instagram: Mirte van Dijk | MVD Media Instagram: Rens de Wild | Wildsport Facebook: Instagram: Stephan Verheij | White Adventure Facebook: Instagram: Music by: Positive Journey  by Ben Cocks Ref: CHAP396 UPPM France  

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How to do Los Cabos with Alana Blanchard and Friends: Episode 2

How To Do Los Cabos is a three-day tour through the beautiful and wave rich region of Los Cabos, Mexico I went with my friends Leila Hurst, and Camille Brady to help out our host, Chris Coté as we surfed, ate, and enjoy a quick, but fun-filled trip to some incredible destinations in Cabo!  Los Cabos has been a favorite destination for travelling surfers since the early 70s. With an endless variety of waves to choose from as well as plenty of extracurricular activities for out-of-water fun, Los Cabos is the go to trip for surfers in need of a quick weekend getaway or an extended soul surf mission. Just a short flight from Southern California, the Los Cabos region is known for it’s great year-round weather, warm clean water, inviting local culture and cuisine, world class fishing, incredible resorts, and of course, epic surf. With South Swell season coming in hot, and with Mexico’s biggest surf event, the Los Cabos Open Of Surf Women’s QS6000 and WSL Men’s and Women’s Pro Jr happening June 6-11, 2017 it’s a perfect time to plan your trip to the tip, the tip of Baja that is.

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BRUNO HOFFMAN - Ride in New York and Berlin

Watch how Bruno Hoffman is travelling with his BMX

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Welcome Journal - Haines Alaska FWT17 - Swatch Freeride World Tour 2017

After travelling for couple of days, we finally made it to Haines, Alaska! But as we are in a midst of a storm here, there is no competition on Saturday 18th. The Swatch Freeride World Tour | Haines Alaska 2017​ is ON HOLD. Next call tomorrow for a potential competition on Sunday 19th.

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Some footage from last trip in El Hierro - Canary IslandsThis island is a paradise for flying, hiking, biking, enjoying... Life is cheap, people are great and very welcoming. Except very windy days, whatever is the wind direction, there is somewhere to fly, climates are changing every 1km of travelling, making it super rich for sightseeing. As every island weather, you could also be unlucky, but from february, going there a few weeks will mean a lot of training time ;-)Sabinosa, once you understand how to manage the dangers of this spot, is a perfect place for acro training. During a good day there, you can except up to 10 runs of 2m30+ per hour, which is actually the best efficiency I met until now (a low day would be 1min run, and super good 3min30s). The box is safe and the logistic super simple (organya style, low take-off, next to the car).Places : Dos Hermanas - Sabinosa - Tacoron - La FronteraPilots : Ondrej Prochaska & Eric VarletFilming : GoPro3, GoPro4, DJI Osmo and Samsung phone (Special thanks to Ondrej for the "super fookage" !)Music : La Fine Equipe - Cheese Naan feat Fakear

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The boys spent a week travelling down the East coast of Australia in a campervan.

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The new kitesurfing video from the AURIOL brothers. ▷ Website : ▷ Facebook : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FRANÇAIS Lorsque nous avons commencé le kite en 2003, nous étions très peu à naviguer. Le sport s'est développé à grande vitesse, il est maintenant connu du grand public et touche toujours plus de monde. Naviguer sur des spots vierges ou peu fréquentés devient de plus en plus difficile. Les découvertes sont plutôt fortuites. Avec cette série de vidéos “Untouched Territories”, nous souhaitons vous embarquer dans des paysages insolites et vous transmettre les sensations que nous procurent le kite. Elles restent intactes en presque 15 ans de pratique. Ce deuxième épisode a été tourné en Andalousie, Espagne - au cours de l'année 2016. Le vent nous a emporté vers des spots de la côte ouest, mais aussi vers de magnifiques lacs reculés dans les terres... Antoine et Thomas Qui sont les frères AURIOL ? Antoine a été champion du monde du Kiteboard Pro World Tour (KPWT) en 2010, et s'est depuis éloigné des compétitions pour se consacrer pleinement a sa vision d’une vie libre. Il développe des projets autour du kite, du voyage et de la mode, relayés par les medias et les reseaux sociaux. Son motif: decouvrir le monde, faire des rencontres et partager ses experiences. Ses vidéos freeride poursuivent cette philosophie et sont plus axées sur le style et l’esthétique. Antoine est également présentateur du programme "La quête des vents", une série documentaire diffusée sur les chaines Voyage, Tv5 Monde, Ushuaia Tv et distribué par Arte dans le monde. Thomas, son "petit frère" est Artiste. Ce diplomé des Beaux-Arts peint tous les jours et navigue dès que le vent souffle. Il est vidéaste et réalise avec Antoine de nombreux projets dans lesquels ils partagent leur vision originale du kitesurf. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENGLISH When we started kiting in 2003, there were only a few of us riding. Since then, the sport has developed very quickly; it’s now known by the general public and its appeal keeps on growing. Riding virgin spots has become increasingly difficult. Discoveries tend to be chance encounters. With this video series "Untouched Territories" we wish to embark you on a journey towards unusual landscapes and share the feelings we enjoy when kitesurfing. After 15 years of riding these sensations have remained intact. This second episode was shot in Andalucia, Spain - during the whole year 2016. The wind brought us on secret spots on the west coast and also on beautiful lakes... Antoine and Thomas Who are the AURIOL brothers ? Antoine was World Champion of the Kiteboard Pro World Tour (KPWT) in 2010. Since then, he stepped away from the competition world in order to dedicate himself fully to what matters most to him: living a free life. He develops projects around kitesurfing, travelling and fashion which are broadcasted through the media and social media. His motive is simple: to discover the world, meet people and share his experiences. His freeriding videos follow the same philosophy by focusing on style and esthetics. Antoine is also a host on the French TV program”la Quête de vents” (The quest of winds), a documentary series broadcasted on TV5 Monde, Ushuaia TV and distributed worldwide by Arte. Thomas, his "little brother", is an Artist. He is a Fine-Arts graduate who paints every day and kites when the wind blows. He is also a videographer and together with Antoine they produce numerous projects in which they express their unique vision of kiteboarding.

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