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ACTON Blink Board in Paris

La Blink Board, le skate le plus compact et le plus léger du marché, est mis à l'honneur par dans les rues de Paris. Sans pour autant faire le compromis sur ses spécifications, ce super skate urbain ravira les puristes en recherche de nouvelles sensations ! Pour plus d'informations rendez vous sur notre site : Et encore merci à Eric et

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Surfwheel R1 & SU

Au croisement du skateboard et de la gyroroue, une liberté et une simplicité inédites, le Surfwheel est un tout nouveau concept d’engin de déplacement qui vous offrira une sensation de glisse unique. Un design simple : une planche, une roue centrale… et surtout pas de télécommande ! Au croisement entre le skateboard, le snowboard et le surf, voici LA révolution dans le monde du skate et du skate électrique. Avec sa roue gyroscopique réagissant à votre inclinaison, vous êtes capable de vous déplacer et d’effectuer les manœuvres que vous dicte votre imagination. Plus d'infos auprès d'Eco-Riders, importateur et distributeur exclusif Europe

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M-Scooter - The three wheel electric scooter

The three (3) wheel electric M Scooter (MP White) model has a per charge range of up to 28 miles and a max speed of up to 12 mph and is capable of supporting a rider weight of up 350 lbs.When riding, you have the option to sit or stand thanks to the M's built-in retractable seat that simply folds into the frame when not in use. The seat isn't the only part of the scooter that folds. The M Scooter features a unified collapsible frame that will allow its physical volume to be reduced by as much as 50% to allow it to fit in most trunks or stowed out of the way under a desk. The M is an ideal product for virtually everyone, for use indoors or outdoors.For maximum safety the scooter comes equipped with an all-wheel braking system for quick-stopping capability and powerful LED headlights to ensure you can see and be seen in low light situations. This scooter runs on a Lithium-ion Polymer battery that has a charging time of between 2 to 5 hours. The battery is capable of 500+ charges before it will experience any degradation of less than 100% charge capacity.The M Scooter is designed & engineered by a team of innovators in sunny Southern California. 

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SBU V3 (Self Balancing Unicycle)

The SBU V3 is the third version of the evolution of the SBU, the Self-Balancing-Unicycle, which is as close to perfect as personal electric transport can come.A lightweight, economic and efficient means of transport which is revolutionizing the way we move.The inventors, engineers and designers spent years developing the SBU and improved it significantly with every version released.

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Electric ride

Ninebot One, the incredible monowheel

Ninebot One is an ultra-trendy personnel mobility device, intelligent and connected. With your Ninebot One, you can say goodbye to the crowd and enjoy the freedom and pleasure to move without difficulty.

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RocketSkates, the first smart electric skates

The RocketSkates are the world’s first smart electric skates. Users simply strap in RocketSkates over their shoes and start cruising!  Glide on electric skates at up to 16 km/hour: RocketSkates offer an alternative to get around town tirelessly, with a great new feeling of freedom.  RocketSkates are lightweight, hands-free, and tons of fun. Equipped with four 50W DC brushless hub motors—two per skate—RocketSkates propel users at speeds reaching 10mph, can operate an estimated 90 minutes (up to a range of 10 miles) on a full charge. With a quick, strap-in design, lithium-ion batteries, adjustable footplate, rear-wheel suspension, and electronic and mechanical braking systems, RocketSkates fuse technology and artistry to create a unique transportation experience. RocketSkates also boast Smart Technology in the form of an intuitive app, for both IOS and Android users, that offers the ability to track routes and distances travelled, perform diagnostics on the RocketSkates, monitor battery status and interact with other skaters digitally.

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