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The Art of Wine | Freebord in Lavaux

Visit the Lavaux, World Heritage of UNESCO. A beautiful wine region of Vaud ( Switzerland ) bordering the Leman Lake. Follow Quentin Mestre and Pierre Linckenheld , professional riders of Freebording. Freebord is an improved skate board capable of sliding and braking like a snowboard but on the road. Visitez le Lavaux, magnifique région viticole du Canton de Vaud bordant le lac Léman et de ses vignobles en terrasse classé au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO, en compagnie de Quentin Mestre et de Pierre Linckenheld, Riders Professionnels de la discipline.  S'élançant depuis la tour de Gourze, point de vue imprenable, puis coupant à travers vignes par les pentes raides, empruntant les ruelles du village atypique de Riex pour enfin finir au bord du Léman, appréciez les prouesses de ces deux amateurs de sensations forte ainsi que le charme de cette incroyable région. More informations on and follow Freebord suisse on facebook: Music by : Cool Cat groover | Matthew Corbett , Mike Wilkie Filming and edited by : Seb Jam |

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Catch me if you can | Freebord suisse

This project have been organize by freebord suisse in 2013.The idea was to bring some of the best freebord riders on the planet and bring them to Verbier.Record with RC drones in alpine scenery, this video show the free ride aspect of freebording.Also the friendship of the different community in Europe.Edited by JAM SébastienFollow us on www.freebord.chmusic : manchester orchestra - virginFreebord is a dangerous sport, please wear a helmet !

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Freebord in Barcelona

Barcelona is not the most famous place for downhill riding but it is the home town of Jordi Puig Ribas, Rider of the Year 2013 and member of the Freebord Pro team. Really young and talented rider. Freebord Suisse has visited his spanish roads, this trip has ended our 2013 season in a great way... The feature riders in this video are Pierre Lickenheld & Jordi Puig but was also present Noé Liardet, Seb Jam, Nils Beneto, Naim Chenguiti... Camera : Seb Jam, Pierre Linckenheld, Etcheverry Bruno and the riders... Edit : Seb Jam // Music : Rone // Bye Bye Macadam Follow us on Facebook : Follow us on Twitter : For information and business inquiries : More videos on ENJOY THE RIDE !!!! #freebordsuisse #freebord #sebjam

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Freebord in San Fransisco

Pierre Linckenheld is the main Freebord Suisse ambassador, in 2013 he became Standout of the Year and newcomer in the Freebord Pro Team. He also went to the birth place of freebording : San Francisco. Discover some footage of this trip featuring amazing rider as Mike Hoppe, DANIEL R. CLAY, Rafael Ribero and more... Enjoy some of the most famous spot of the bay, the origin of all !!! Edit : Seb Jam // Follow us on Facebook : Follow us on Twitter : For information and business inquiries : More videos on music : California Dreamin' // The Mamas & The Papas Beat Torrent // Intro Live set 2008 Dead Horse Beat // annabel ENJOY THE RIDE !!!! #freebordsuisse #freebord #sebjam

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Hardcore Freebording // Shred with Friends

When some of the best freebord rider in Europe and really good friends as wheel see each other in Lausanne, they kind of gets crazy, and some of the safety rules become secondary. This video is about a group of friends shredding and playing in the street, they are not really safe sometimes but they have a lot of fun... Don't try that at home. Riders : Ben Berger, Arnaud Blin, Nils Benetto, Pierre Linckenheld, Seb Jam, Yohan Chapel, Gaspard Choron Follow Freebord Suisse Facebook: Editing : Jam Sébastien #freebord #freeboard #jordipuig #sebjam #collectivekreative #verbier #xtreme #freebordsuisse #choe #sebastienbarritussio #switzerland #valais #benberger #nilsbenetto

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Europe Freebord // CZ meet CH

The Freebord suisse's season is starting. We had the opportunities to met 3 great riders coming from Czech republic and guide them in switzerland. Their motivation was unlimited and push us to wake up and leave the winter in the past for shred the concrete !!! Rider : Sebastien Jam, Pierre Linckenheld,Honza Hubáček, Jiri Hladík et Lukáš Krůža Krocanni Jeseter . Camera, Edit : Jam Sébastien. For more information about freebord or business inquiry, contact us on and visit our website at Musik : Stickybuds vs Mista Savona - Clean Air Feat. Burro Banton (Vocal Mix and dub mix) Enjoy the ride... #freebordsuisse #freebord #sebjam

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A Normal week-end in lausanne

Freebord Suisse was in Lausanne April the 19th for the Air & Slide organized by La Fievre, Saturday the 18th we participated at 4th edition of the If you go down, an open freeride in the center of Lausanne. The downhill started in La Sallaz and finished on La place de L'Europe where the Kicker was waiting for crazy rider to fly on. This 2 event bring in town great riders as Dylan Rumo, rider for our friend of Anticonformiste, Yvon Labarthe, who killed the kicker with his longboard and Jean Yves Blondeau, Mr Rollerman !!! Some riders of the Choe as Arnaud Blin & Jon Ehm for the occasion and the new comer of their team Naim Chenguiti, Keep this name in mind ! Rider : Jam Sébastien, Pierre Linckenheld, Arnaud Blin, Jon Ehm, Naim Chenguiti, Jean-Francois Heitz, Dylan Rumo Camera : Selim ( anticonformiste ) , Sebastien ( Freebord Suisse ), Phillipe Amez-Droz ( Season Inc ) Edit : Jam Sébastien For More information about Freebording and upcoming event folllow us on or contact us at For Video productions and business inquiries contact the producer at Enjoy the ride ! #freebordsuisse #freebord #sebjam

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The Man with the Golden Wheels

Freebord Suisse was born in summer 2012. This adventure was blessed by a secret which gave them a great power of kreativity and freebord skills. Here is a small answer of the secret of Freebord Suisse, the Golden Wheels. We ride for fun and take a lot of pleasure to show you our passion. Enjoy the ride ! This video was made for the Best Submitted Video Contest of Freebord. Hope you like it. Location : Verbier Riders : Pierre Linckenheld, Sebastien Jam Camera : Pierre Linckeheld, Sebastien Jam, Sébastien Baritussio Edit : Sebastien Jam Special Thanks : Sébastien Baritussio, le Golf des Moulins, Adrenaline Djunkies, Niklas, Keilian, Romain ( rino) Musique : Black Strobe - I am a man Follow us on Facebook : Follow us on Twitter : For information and business inquiries : More videos on ENJOY THE RIDE !!!! #freebordsuisse #freebord #sebjam #themanwiththegoldenwheel

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