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Found and front flipped this epic gap at a skatepark in Nelson, New Zealand. During our Nitro Circus tour of New Zealand we get spare time so we like to fill it in with exploring the towns we perform in. Nelson skatepark looked pretty good on google so I decided to go have a ride and when I found this gap I just couldn't help but want to Frontflip it! Make sure you subscribe to my channel for more videos like this one! Follow my other social media's for even more content: FACEBOOK- INSTAGRAM - SNAPCHAT - rwilly1994 TWITTER - BUSINESS - MUSIC: ( Instrumental produced by Chuki.

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Simple Session 2017 - Garrett Reynolds' Winning Runs

Want to see what it takes to win Street at Simple Session? Here you go... Garrett Reynolds' winning runs at Simple Session 2017. Congrats Garrett!

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Simple Session 2017 - Larry Edgars Winning Park Runs

This is what it takes to win the top park spot at Simple Session... Larry Edgar's winning runs from Simple Session 2017. Congrats Larry!!

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Flight delays and some jet lag had me feeling all sorts of weird yesterday, but I managed to catch the last bit of the first day of practice here at Simple Session 2017. The course looks dope and everyone that commented on it had nothing but good things to stay. The event should be a damn good one. 

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TOP FIVE: Trick Shots, Longboarding & BMX | PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2017

This week's episode of Top Five features an amazing mix of awesome people! We've got longboarding tricks, freestyle frisbee, trick shots and flatland BMX!

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Alex Donnachie | ASCENT

For the past year, Alex Donnachie has travelled the world with legendary producer Richard Forne in search of the most unique and tasking set ups suited to his style of BMX Street riding. Packed full of bangers and NBD’s, ASCENT is Alex’s most ridiculous edit to date and are proud to share it with you.  

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Sebastian Keep Redefines BMX with MASSIVE Bridge Gaps-To-Wallrides | Walls

►Watch behind the scenes action on Bas' Channel! What makes ‘a spot’, a spot? For his latest project, “Walls”, UK BMX legend Sebastian Keep made it his mission to touch his tires on some of the most unique places in the UK. Showing what can be achieved with creativity, guts and carefully planned logistics - Bas pulls some of the most audacious gap-to-wallrides ever attempted, and redefines BMX progression in the process. WATCH More from Sebastian Keep: Song: ’Must Land Running’ performed by Stepdad, Written by Ryan McCarthy & Mark Tafel, Courtesy of Black Bell Records: _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Watch Red Bull TV: See into our world: Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Twitter: Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: Subscribe to the Red Bulletin: Sign up for our Newsletter here: MASSIVE Bridge Gaps-To-Wallrides: Sebastian Keep Redefines BMX in ‘Walls'

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Hey guys, BMX IN LOS SANTOS is back to end the Year off on my channel.. Phenomenal year and i can't wait for 2017!  Thank you all so much for the love and support, i can't wait to show you whats coming for next year and a Big Thanks to Crep Protect. They have pushed 2016 massively and 2017 is going to be insane!

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Le ZAPPING EXTRÊME de l’année 2016

Découvrez les meilleures images des sports extrêmes de l’année 2016 ! 46 minutes d’images pour (re)découvrir les vidéos les plus marquantes dans l’univers des sports à sensations fortes : Records du monde, séquences insolites, crashs, exploits, frayeurs, premières mondiales… Tout y est ! Prêts pour une bonne dose d'adrénaline ? Bon visionnage ;) 

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The idea started with lets take 2 small ramps to city centres to jump off multi storey car parks and bridges and land on buildings ,wall riding down them. We knew that what we were doing wasn't exactly legal so we decided to wear high vis jackets and hard hats and try our best to disguise ourselves as road workers so that people would leave us alone. It worked!  The spots we found on Google earth were bigger than we anticipated and so we tried to build practice set ups to help get used to the gaps. At the spot in Croydon nobody knew if it was possible to ride down 20 feet of vertical wall and after speaking to various pro riders who didn't have an answer for us we decided to try it... This video tells the story of how we rolled into city centres in the early hours disguised as builders in vans holding huge ramps, set them up and filmed our attempts at some of the biggest wall rides we could find...

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Mike Varga – Home Turf Evolution

After building the ramp of his dreams, Mike Varga stomped the best edit of his life in the beginning of 2016 with “Home Turf”. Knowing that evolution is the secret to the next step, Mike took zero time off and began redefining his dream. He made his ramp bigger and better. He added trails to his property. And, most importantly, Mike pushed himself to do what was previously considered impossible. Monster Energy is proud to release the latest and greatest from Mike Varga and to congratulate him on landing both the first ever 900 tailwhip and the first ever 1260…

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It was particularly hard to film in this spot as most of the ramps are 5ft or smaller but it's on my door step, it's only 3.5 and its cool to give your local parks some coverage. I will be shooting TWS4 this year but I need to build some perfect setups and go to some epic parks! THE WEBBIE SHOW 4 COMING 2017! My Instagram: Visuals: Skatepark:

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Raditudes: Endless Possibilities | S3E7

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Bike balancing 200m high up - Fabio Wibmer

Dam(n) that was high! Balancing a bike on one of the highest dams in europe, the Koelnbreinsperre in Austria, which has a height of 200m. This is my entry for the "GoPro of the world contest". The voting should be open in a few days on pinkbike. Thanks for watching! ► Subscribe here / Hier abonnieren: Massive thanks to Hannes Berger, Matthias & Christoph Berger. Filmed in Austria/Maltatal/Kölnbreinsperre ►Want to know what protection, bikes, parts and camera equipment I use? Here is a list of all things ►You can also follow me on: Facebook: Instagram: (@wibmerfabio) Snapchat: wibmerfabio Cheers, Fabio

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Tyler Fernengel's Insane 2016 Haro BMX Section!

Two years of stacking clips, injuries, pain, recovery, and life in between have all led to this. Four minutes of high-speed, hit you over the head riding from the one and only Tyler Fernengel for Haro BMX! Tyler's signature "TF" frame from Haro will be available in March and is available for preorder from your local shop, so keep an eye out for it! Film/edit: Christian Rigal Subscribe to our channel for more videos!

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Federal Bikes presents TOP SHELF

Federal Bikes presents "Top Shelf" filmed by Richard Forne. Featuring Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffmann, Anthony Perrin, Roy Van Kempen and Michal Smelko. Shot in Amsterdam. Soundtrack - TICK OF THE CLOCK - CHROMATICS ROLE OF LIFE - VINNIE PAZ THE LIVING END - JESUS AND MARY CHAIN 2020 - SUUNS THE DEVIL MAY CARE (MOM AND DAD DON’T) - THE BRIAN JOHNSTOWN MASSACRE

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FRENZY BEST TRICKS 2016 (Frenzy Palace Water Jump)

Le plus grand parc de Water Jump de France, ouvert à tous, ça se passe au Frenzy Palace à Torreilles (66) !! Chaque année des riders pro et amateurs viennent participer à notre concours de sauts unique en France : et cette année encore, les riders ont envoyé du très lourd ! Résumé de cette journée en vidéo...

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Sosh Freestyle Cup 2016 - TEASER OFFICIEL #LASOSH

Nous vous donnons rendez vous du 21 au 26 Juin 2016 pour vibrer avec nous à Marseille, plage Borély. Seront aux rendez vous : les COUPES DU MONDE de SKATE, BMX FLAT, KITESURF, WINDSURF - la fameuse #ROXYFITNESS et ses activités YOGA, RUNNING, STAND UP PADDLE - et les folles soirées de #LASOSH, le FESTIVAL SUNSETS et le PARTY FUN LIVE. Pour plus d'infos suivez nos actus sur nos réseaux sociaux et sur notre site internet #LASOSH

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Best Of 2015

Un petit résumé bien énervé de notre année 2015^^

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FISE World Montpellier 2016 - Teaser

All informations on

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Stevie Churchill in ONSOMESHIT "ON EVERYTHING" - Edited by Scott Marceau BMX footage from 2014 to 2016 Music: Nedarb "I Saw An Old Witch Lady Get Ate Out At A Rave In NYC" Filmed by ONSOMESHIT --- Subscribe to our channel for more BMX videos like this one! OUR WEBSITE UPDATED EVERY DAY WITH NEW BMX VIDEOS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM:

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Sergio Layos - Fly Bikes 2016

Sergio Layos - Fly Bikes 2016 - DIG BMX / Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos - DIG online store - It must be the upbringing, the culture, the vibe or just a different overall outlook on life and riding, but somehow the riders that Spain breeds have shaped a style that others aspire to emulate. Sergio Layos is at the forefront of this with unique simplicity, speed and being almost 'as one' with the bike's synergy, epitomising this generations' riders and those that came before him with his pure 'Suave estilo'. “I’m super stoked with the result of this, my latest Flybikes video, filmed by Hugo Almeida. Hugo and I have been friends since the early contest days in Portugal and it’s amazing to be able to work with him. Stefan Lantschner and Courage Adams were also on hand to help film, riding some amazing terrain in Catalonia where we spent a few days on some of my favourite spots in the country. Included are also clips from Malaga where I ran into Hugo by accident! The whole video was filmed in less than a week and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Hope you guys like it as much as I do.” - Sergio Layos A film by Hugo Almedia Visit our website for more BMX videos - ● Facebook - ● Instagram - ● Twitter -

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The final BMX riding sequence from Jason Phelan's episode on the Indestructibles

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