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Sasha DiGiulian rock climbing big walls in Brazil

Professional climbers Sasha DiGiulian and Felipe Camargo take on a first ascent of one of the most challenging cliffs in Brazil. In this, Sasha provides behind the scenes footage from the climb.

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Urban Elements 2015 - Marseille

Urban Elements 2015 in Marseille.

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Domen Skofic Climbs and Jumps Off the Solkan Bridge

Slovenian climber Domen Skofic has done what many climbers before feared to do, climbing up the arch of the old bridge in Solkan, Slovenia, the longest stone arch span in the world. To celebrate the ascent, he rigged up a pendulum swing with his harness and backflipped off the bridge, swinging into the abyss in style.

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Bouldering in the Himalayas - Bernd Zangerl 2013

Bernd Zangerl explores the last unknown and hidden spots in bouldering at the remote borders of India.

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Momentum | The Alex Megos Formula: Part 1

Alexander Megos is the climber of the future. He has the potential to push the limits of climbing to insane new heights. So what’s his formula? We went on a journey with Alex for you to bring you The Alex Megos Formula. It’s a four-part series of short documentary features combining to a narrative journey from this young prodigy’s roots to becoming one of the strongest climbers to date. Do you want to know his secret? Physics is the key principle – friction & force, motion & momentum, gravity & power. These forces provide analogies and metaphors, pushing the story forward. Alongside Alex’ personal point of view the storyline also captures his mentors and friends.  The Alex Megos Formula is an invitation to become an explorer, a scientist of physics to explore unknown powers. Free with every move. Join us as we bolt out until everything finally falls into place and the formula is proven. And as Alex begins to climb. We watch. In awe.  

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David Lama's Life of Climbing | Cerro Torre- A Snowball's Chance in Hell

David Lama has been climbing almost as long as he's been walking. His skill gives him the unreal ability to tackle some of the most intimidating climbs ever attempted. How David chooses these missions is what makes him one-of-a-kind.

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Jain Kim On the Rocks

World champion climber Jain Kim from Korea enjoys contrast program by changing playgrounds and climbing outside on the stunningly beautiful rocks of Niederthai in Austria's Ötztal in-between World Cups of the 2015 competition season.

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Into the Light - Glowacz and Sharma Set New Climbing Record

Stefan Glowacz and Chris Sharma climb Majlis al Jinn, the second-largest cavern in the world. Staring down into a 160 meter deep hole in the ground in the country of Oman, Stefan Glowacz and Chris Sharma descend beneath the earth's surface to begin a climb like no other. The two legends challenge the world's largest unclimbed roof and set a new milestone in climbing.

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Angy Eiter Explores New Climbing Paradise: Kyparissi

Angy Eiter explores the new climbing destination Kyparissi, Greece with the goal of completing first ascents in the perfect limestone.

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Sasha DiGiulian climbing in Spain | Era Vella | adidas Outdoor

Watch the full clip of Sasha's trip to Spain climbing in 2012 sending routes such as 'Era Vella'.

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Anton Krupicka - Purpose

La Sportiva presents "Purpose" a short movie dedicated to the Ultra-Runner and adventurer Anton Krupicka. Discover more about him on #foryourmountain Storyteller Labs production

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GoPro BTS: On the Wall in Zion - Brittany Griffith

Sasha Digiulian & Brittany Griffith Rock Climbing  

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Ganesha (8c, 7 pitches) - Rope Solo First Ascent by Fabian Buhl

After being the first to repeat Alexander Huber’s “Nirwana” (8c+), a 7-pitch route on the Sonnwendwand at Loferer Steinplatte, which is considered one of the hardest multi-pitch routes in the World, Fabian Buhl was hooked. The 26-year old wanted to establish his own first ascent in the same style, ground-up and solo with a bare minimum of bolts. Right next to “Nirwana” he manages to solo redpoint “Ganesha” (8c), a 7-pitch route named after his mojo: an elephant-headed Hindu god that is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and the God of New Beginnings. A great image for overcoming many hurdles and risking big falls while developing his very own self-belay rope management system, which has given him the confidence to tackle many more solo projects in the future.

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Tracing the Edge (9 of 10) - Alpinist Colin Haley Part 3

Colin Haley used the Cascades as a springboard onto the world's hardest-to-reach summits. The range's fickle weather, arduous approaches and complex glaciers were perfect tests. Summit by summit Haley connected the dots until multi-day outings like Mount Shuksan and Mount Slesse became day trips.

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Tracing the Edge (6 of 10) - Alpinist Colin Haley Part 2

Colin Haley used the Cascades as a springboard onto the world's hardest-to-reach summits. The range's fickle weather, arduous approaches and complex glaciers were perfect tests. Summit by summit Haley connected the dots until multi-day outings like Mount Shuksan and Mount Slesse became day trips. 

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Tracing the Edge (3 of 10) - Alpinist Colin Haley Part 1

Colin Haley used the Cascades as a springboard onto the world's hardest-to-reach summits. The range's fickle weather, arduous approaches and complex glaciers were perfect tests. Summit by summit Haley connected the dots until multi-day outings like Mount Shuksan and Mount Slesse became day trips.

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GoPro: Best of 2016 - A Year in Review

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adidas ROCKSTARS 2016 – Superfinal Women

Jessica Pilz and Janja Garnbret were out first and it was a tense super-final which swung one way then the other, with both climbers coming close to reaching the buzzer, only to fall at the last move. With 90 seconds left on the clock, both climbers were on the crash mats, tired from their previous efforts but beaming broad smiles as the audience roared them on. Time ran out with both athletes on the wall but someone had to win so they climbed on! Finally, Janja reached up for the crucial top hold and as soon as she touched it, the win was a formality. She flopped onto the top of the wall, took a second to compose herself and pressed the buzzer to claim the adidas ROCKSTARS title, a week after taking the World Championship lead final. She is just 17 years old and her trophy cabinet is already rammed full. Janja Garnbret, having claimed the women’s title, was exhausted after a frantic week and was more than happy to be interviewed provided she could slump on one of the couches in the athlete lounge when she spoke to us! Installed on her couch, she commented, “I just came here to enjoy, to have fun…so to get another win is unbelievable. I was super happy (on top of the superfinal boulder) but at the same time so exhausted so I turned to the public, pushed the button, the whole audience stood up and I was just so happy.”

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adidas ROCKSTARS 2016 – Superfinal Men

While the route setters quickly swapped the holds from the women’s superfinal for the men’s ones, Robeat and Trommelfeuer once again took the stage and treated the crowd to some amazing percussion/beatboxing. With the holds ready to go, Jan Hojer and Tomoa Narasaki made their way onto the stage. In front of a home crowd, Jan inevitably got the bigger cheer but all of Tomoa’s victories this year have come away from Japan, so he can cope just fine with or without the crowd supporting him.   Within 30 seconds of the super-final beginning, Tomoa had proved this again. He was already on top of the wall, with the buzzer pressed and his arms in the air having flashed the boulder. Jan also flashed it but just couldn’t live with the speed that Tomoa climbed. Jan looked disappointed but after an otherwise poor season (by his standards) he should reflect in the next few weeks that second place to the dominant force in male bouldering in 2016 probably isn’t a bad result.   He commented after leaving the stage, “It’s always great to climb in front of a home crowd and it’s my fifth year here but I’ve only made finals once and I didn’t make it to the super final and that was my goal for this competition. It was amazing here to show myself that I can still climb with some of the best guys.”   Tomoa, meanwhile, who has now won every major title available to him this year, put it perfectly when he walked down off the stage and said, “2016 is my season”. He’s appeared from nowhere this year and already looks like he can dominate male bouldering for the foreseeable future.

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adidas ROCKSTARS 2016 – Best Of

This weekend has seen the World’s elite rock climbers descend on Stuttgart for a truly special competition. adidas ROCKSTARS pairs over 70 invited athletes from over 22 different countries with intense musical performances and a passionate and vocal crowd of over 3500 fans to create an event unlike anything else in the climbing universe.   Even by the high standards of adidas ROCKSTARS, the athlete line-up this year was incredibly strong. Of the 72 athletes who started, the field was narrowed over 2 rounds to just 6 male and 8 female finalists (due to a three-way tie for 6th place in the semi-finals 8 women progressed to the final instead of the usual 6). Amongst those 14 finalists were the reigning male European Boulder Champion, male Boulder World Cup overall winner, male Boulder World Champion, female World Boulder Champion and female Lead World Champion! In addition, there was also at least one previous adidas ROCKSTARS winner in both the men’s and women’s final, meaning that before a hold had even been touched, observers were predicting one of the most fascinating and tight finals in history.   As the arena filled up on Saturday evening the excitement in the air was extraordinary and the already pumped up crowd was encouraged to make even more noise by punkrockers Orange but Green, the mixing master DJ battle and human beatbox Robeat. By the time the athletes were ready to hit the stage the Porsche-Arena was alive and the crowd was creating a wall of noise to welcome their heroes onto the stage.

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Travel Ticker We support travelers from all around the world. Follow Angela on her crazy rooftopping quests around the world. Don't forget to turn 1080p! Disclaimer: do not attempt to do this yourself. You might get hurt, arrested or fined. Do not put yourselves and others in danger. Book hotels for any destination: Get support for your travels: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: For media inquiries: Angela Instagram: @angela_nikolau Ivan: Instagram: @beerkus Music: Uplink - To Myself (feat. NK)

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adidas ROCKSTARS 2016 Trailer

► Abonnieren/subscribe: ► Facebook:   Rock and roll rhythms and funky vibes, plus powerful, dynamic, and spectacular climbing moves on vertical walls: at ROCKSTARS 2016, the world’s best bouldering athletes fight for the coveted “Rockstar” title and a high prize-money at Porsche-Arena in Stuttgart, Germany, on September 23 and 24, 2016.   Climbing and bouldering are booming worldwide, which shows in the fact that the International Olympic Committee has recently chosen the sports to be included in the programme of the 2020 Olympic Summer Games at Tokyo, Japan. Some of the athletes competing at ROCKSTARS 2016 will certainly fight for Olympic honours in four years.  The popular invitational contest for the international climbing elite is in its sixth year. More than 3,500 spectators will share the excitement when world champions, world cup winners, and national champions impressively demonstrate why bouldering, i. e. climbing without a rope over a crash pad, is considered one of the most difficult disciplines in sport climbing.

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World record on Kilimanjaro

Africa - World record on Kilimanjaro – Stephan Siegrist walks the world’s highest highline   The Swiss professional alpinist and Mammut Pro Team athlete Stephan Siegrist realized an extraordinary balancing act in the summit region of Kilimanjaro. He set a world record by walking a highline at 5,700 meters above sea level. The highline, which is a good 20-m long and stretches between two rock towers on Kilimanjaro, is where Siegrist achieved a new record at 5,700 m above sea level: no-one has ever walked a highline at such a height. The previous world record was set in 2015 by Bence Kerekes of Hungary with a highline at 5,322 m above sea level in Ladakh, India. Siegrist has exceeded this by several hundred meters.

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Visiting the Eiffel Tower just got a new meaning. Extreme drone and POV footage from climbing the world's most famous tower. It's almost impossible to get to the tower illegally (do not try to repeat this) especially in view of recent political developments and the ongoing European Football Championship. Police and national guard are always on duty on the premises of the tower. The shoot was carried out in the rainy season. The level of Seine river broke the 30-year-old record and the wind speed reached up to 6m/s. The poor drone operator not only crashed the drone but also received a pretty big fine. Book hotels for any destination: Get support for your travels: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: The climbers: Ivan Kuznetsov ( Ivan Semenov ( Alihan ( Song: Steve Jablonsky - Run Him Over

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