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TIGER Productions • SHOWREEL 2016

TIGER Productions REEL • More at Thanks to the riders, brands, teammates, friends, events for the great projects ! Director : Charles TIGER ©2017 TIGER Productions

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GoPro: Best of 2016 - A Year in Review

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James Bay - Let It Go - Dance | A Breakup Story #DanceOnJamesBay

Directed & Edited by Tim Milgram: Subscribe to DanceOn!►► Download James Bay’s ‘Let It Go’: A Breakup Story.... So You Think You Can Dance finale choreographer Talia Favia's take on breakout singer/songwriter James Bay's "Let it Go", performed by Madonna principal lead dancer Chaz Buzan and Courtney Schwartz is a chill-inducing mix of heartfelt emotion.  DanceOn's "James Bay - Let It Go | A Breakup Story" is the premiere episode of ARTIST REQUEST, a weekly series that pairs emerging music artists with industry-leading choreographers and dancers. ARTIST REQUEST is produced, directed and edited by T.Milly Productions. James Bay is an English singer, songwriter and guitarist. His new album, Chaos and the Calm is available now and reached number one in the UK charts. He won this year's GQ "Breakthrough Solo Artist" award, a designation previously held by Sam Smith. He was recently named an "Artist to Watch" by MTV. James Bay is represented by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. Talia Favia is an LA-based choreographer whose work has been described as "challenging from the inside out." Talia is the creator/artistic director of LIV Dance, and founder/director of contemporary dance company "The Difference Between". Talia was a 2014 Capezio A.C.E Awards finalist which is a designation for the next generation of emerging and influential choreographers in the commercial dance world.  Like James Bay - Let it Go? Find more heartfelt renditions created by DanceOn's talented creators by searching YouTube for #DanceOnJamesBay. -CONNECT WITH THE ARTISTS- Choreographer - Talia Favia - @Talia_Favia Dancer - Chaz Buzan - @chazbuzan Dancer - Courtney Schwartz - @crschwartz Music - James Bay -CONNECT WITH DANCEON- YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Vine: -BUY THE TRACK- Song available on James' debut album 'Chaos And The Calm'. Download Today! iTunes : Amazon : Google Play : [FULL CREDITS] Director/Editor: Tim Milgram Producer: Nelson Diaz  Producer: Jacob Patrick Producer: Carly Casey (DanceOn) Choreographer: Talia Favia Performed by: Chaz Buzan & Courtney Schwartz Cinematographer: Tim Milgram & Anthony Kimata Production Assistant: Simi McManus Music Partnerships: Erica Forster

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Show de Pole Dance à La Baule sur la SUMMER CUP 2015

Magnifique spectacle sur le podium de la SUMMER CUP 2015 en partenariat avec le Strip Café Club Nantes que vous pouvez suivre ici

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I like the freestyle - SALZIG Sporthocker

SALZIG sporthocker presents "I like the freestyle" Starring: TJ Rawdon, Pixel, SL Special guest: Supertramp Music: ProleteR - By The River Edited by: Stephan Landschütz You want to buy a Sporthocker? 10,- Euros shipping costs worldwide. Check out the webshop: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Newsletter:

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Triple Hardflip with a Sporthocker

Triple Hardflip Contest The next three persons who land a Triple Hardflip with a Sporthocker and make a video response, will win a Sporthocker. First landet at 23.11.2012 from Stephan "SL" Landschütz and Michael "ML" Landschütz Hockerer: SL & ML Musik: Alex Beroza - The New Music Update: Mr.Hat and TJ landed this trick too... respect!

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HockHart 2014 - SALZIG Sporthocker

SALZIG Sporthocker HockHart Camp 2014, ein Wochenende im Jugendhaus Chip in Berlin Kreuzberg – von Hockerern für Hockerer! HockHart Crew: Acephalic, Addo, Alfred Hitchhock, Anne, Celina, Crazy_M, Daniel, Dennis, Djamil, Hannes, Hockaweser, Hocktator, Hock_Si, Johanna, Josh, Kerim, Kira, Lea, Lenny, Leo, Lion, Lucke’n’Roll, Luka, Magda, Marc P., Marcos, Merlin, ML, Nico, Paul, Philippo, Pixel, René Tabouret, Sevi, SL, Suse, Sventastic, Torsten, Vivien, Zoë Musik: Great White Buffalo - Likely Story Great White Buffalo - Sleepwalk Great White Buffalo - Thanks for Nothing Kamera: Hannes Roth Michael Landschütz Stephan Landschütz Schnitt: Stephan Landschütz Danke: Jugendhaus Chip in Kooperation mit Paul Gerhardt Werk / Diakonische Dienste gGmbH Red Bull Stabilo satch by ergobag Smartwurst Wursttoaster designjosef siebdruckwerkstatt SALZIG Design Contest: Das grösste H.O.C.K. Game aller Zeiten! Jeder gegen jeden! 28 Teilnehmer, über 300 Spiele in drei Tagen! HockHart H.O.C.K. / Overall Ergebnisse: 1. SL 2. Philippo, Hocktator 3. Sventastic 4. Crazy_M, Hannes, Marc P. 5. Merlin, Josh 6. Nico 7. Acephalic, Hock_Si 8. Lucke’n'Roll, Hockaweser 9. Dennis, Marcus 10. Addo 11. Johanna, Zoë 12. Vivien 13. Pixel 14. Luka 15. Celina, Lion, René Tabouret 16. Sevi, Magda 17. Daniel HockHart H.O.C.K. / U18 Ergebnisse 1. Crazy_M, Marc.P. 2. Nico 3. Acephalic, HockSi 4. Hockaweser, Lucke’n'Roll 5. Dennis 6. Johanna, Zoë 7. Vivien 8. Celina, Lion 9. Magda Das HockHart Camp 2014 war großartig! Danke an die Orga, die Küche, die Partner, die Foto- und Kameraleute, die Hockerer und Hockerinnen! Danke an Alle! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Newsletter:

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PSWC 2015 - Hartmanis Klaudia & Sulinowski Michal 1 place

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HockHart 2013 - SALZIG Sporthocker

Yeeeeeah! One weekend HockHart in Berlin, from Hockerers for Hockerers! Beginners will learn the basics, advanced will hock the spots and the team of SALZIG Sporthocker will set new standards HockHart Camp Berlin 2013: Acephalic, Addo, Alex, Alfred Hitchhock, Crazy_M, Dave Hockable, Friedi, Fynn, Hannes, HockSi, Hockaweser, Hocktator, Janick, Jenny, Johanna, Jonas, Josh, Justus, Kira, Lea, Leo, MarcP., Martin, Merle, Merlin, ML, Momo, Nadine, Nico, Oli, Philippo, René Tabouret, Sabrina, Severin, SL, Suse, Sventastic, Zoë Musik: Tymono - Welcome to 2013 feat. Hazermonical, Jondog Dready Kruger Tymono - My heart Tymono - Intro Danke: SALZIG, Hof23, Red Bull, Stabilo In Kooperation mit TheMa e.V. HockHart Battle: Platz 1: Marc P. Platz 2: Zoe Platz 3: Nico Platz 4: Momo Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Newsletter:

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[TOP 10 N°42] Assassin's Creed becomes real in the streets of London

Interested in another video? Check out the rank list below: 1— Assassin's Creed Syndicate Meets Parkour in Real Life! in 4K! — by French Freerun Family (Parkour) 2— First ever landed: Double Backtastic (slackline)! — by Danny Strasser (Slack Line) 3— Ski-gliding w/ Peter Prevc & Matjaž Klemenčič — by Red Bull (Ski / Paragliding) 4— Red Bull Cliff Diving Wolrd Series 2015 — by Red Bull (Cliff Diving) 5— Red Bull Air Race - Budapest : Victoire de Hannes Arch ! — by Red Bull (Aircraft) 6— Jason Watts Welcome to the Shadow Family — by The Shadow Conspiracy (BMX) 7— MTB Downhill Finals in Switzerland - UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2015 — by Red Bull (MTB) 8— Whistler Blackcomb | SNOWBOARD | Ryan Manning — by TransWORLD SNOWboarding (Snow) 9— #31 Berlin - HockEurope 2013 - SALZIG Sporthocker — by Salzig SPORTHOCKER (Dance) 10— Day #1 – SUMMER CUP 2015 — by Summer Cup (SUP) Enjoy the ride, enjoy the community !

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Berlin - HockEurope 2013 - SALZIG Sporthocker

http://www.Sporthocker.com Hannes, ML, SL, SventasticMusic: Voodoo Puppets - IntroVoodoo Puppets - Fucking HaribosVoodoo Puppets - Bat Is A TwatThanks: SALZIG, STABILO, FiveTen, Sony, Red Bull

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Budapest - HockEurope 2013 - SALZIG Sporthocker

http://www.Sporthocker.com Hannes, ML, Philippo, SL, ZoëMusic: Josh Wave & Stephan FischerUngarischer Tanz Nr. 5 - Remix SALZIG, STABILO, FiveTen, Sony, Red Bull

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'Time Travelers' by SkateXpress

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Basel - HockEurope 2013 - SALZIG Sporthocker Hockerer: Hockeraxel, ML, Philippo, SL Music: Hot Fiction - Start It Off Thanks: SALZIG, STABILO, FiveTen, Sony, Red Bull

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Paris - HockEurope 2013 - SALZIG Sporthocker Hockerer: Hockeraxel, ML, Philippo, SL Music: Sweet Play - In My Dreams Thanks: SALZIG, STABILO, FiveTen, Sony, Red Bull

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London - HockEurope 2013 - SALZIG Sporthocker Hockerer: Josh, ML, Philippo, SL Music: The Underground Youth - Delirium Thanks: SALZIG, STABILO, FiveTen, Sony, Red Bull

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Brussels - HockEurope 2013 - SALZIG Sporthocker Hockerer: Alfred Hitchhock, Josh, Marc P., Philippo, SL, Music: The Fitness - Fitness Style The Fitness - Rock'n'War Thanks: SALZIG, STABILO, FiveTen, Sony, Red Bull

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Rotterdam - HockEurope 2013 - SALZIG Sporthocker Hockerer: Alfred Hitchhock, Josh, Marc P., Mr.Hat, Philippo, SL, Zoë Music: Anitek - One Way Ticket ft. Tab _ D Spliff Anitek - The 3rd Thanks: SALZIG, STABILO, FiveTen, Sony, Red Bull

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Flamenco Flatland

Rider: Viki Gomez Dancer: Lidon Patiño Bookings:

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The Rookies - Back to This videoclip

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ilipina Dancer LADY SAVAGE comes from Canada to France to join her new crew THE ROOKIES and take part of the RKLife

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Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix. "Christina Baldwin" A new generation on its way to change the future ... still quietly seeking for knowledge. Because they believe in education, they have will, to live their life as they call it themselves "Forever students". Since then, they've been still are, and will remain "THE ROOKIES"

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The combination of Dance Skate & BmX soundpowered by FYDELITY Stereobags. The Rookies kickin it in the streets !

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