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Electric Skateboard

Buke Bikes - Fat 25

The genius of Buke Bikes unrevealed for you by Light Bros!The smart alliance of a fatbike combine to a strong dust & sand proof electric system! Unleash yourself and cross new horizons with the Buke Fat 25 in 2016.Ride like you live!lightbrosproductions.com

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Electric Skateboard

ACTON Blink Board in Paris

La Blink Board, le skate le plus compact et le plus léger du marché, est mis à l'honneur par E-Sk8.fr dans les rues de Paris. Sans pour autant faire le compromis sur ses spécifications, ce super skate urbain ravira les puristes en recherche de nouvelles sensations ! Pour plus d'informations rendez vous sur notre site : www.eco-riders.com Et encore merci à Eric et E-Sk8.fr

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Electric Skateboard

Surfwheel R1 & SU

Au croisement du skateboard et de la gyroroue, une liberté et une simplicité inédites, le Surfwheel est un tout nouveau concept d’engin de déplacement qui vous offrira une sensation de glisse unique. Un design simple : une planche, une roue centrale… et surtout pas de télécommande ! Au croisement entre le skateboard, le snowboard et le surf, voici LA révolution dans le monde du skate et du skate électrique. Avec sa roue gyroscopique réagissant à votre inclinaison, vous êtes capable de vous déplacer et d’effectuer les manœuvres que vous dicte votre imagination. Plus d'infos auprès d'Eco-Riders, importateur et distributeur exclusif Europe

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[Top 10 N°49] First snowmobile backflip on a lake !

Enjoy our Top 10 N°49 guys !  1/ World record! First backflip on water ever. — by Northern Light Films (Snowmobile) 2/ Mario Kart Skate (60 fps!) — by Corridor Digital (Electric Longskate) 3/ #HAZMAT Surfing forecasts an ominous fate for future beach-goers — by Michael Dyrland (Surf) 4/ ECOXTREME: FLUX VEHO CHILE 2015 — by Ecoxtreme (Ski / Snowboard) 5/ THE WILD — by Aaron Lieber (Surf) 6/ AirWax FREEFLY - FREE ROUND BEST OF 2015 - FRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP — by AirWax (freefly) 7/ Insane handel pass with a foil by Damien LeRoy — by Damien LEROY (Kitefoil) 8/ Enduro Giant Des Portes du Mercantour by Cébé – Teaser — by Genepifilm (MTB) 9/ Something in the way.. — by Viki Gomez (BMX) 10/ Light Therapy — by Riley Blakeway (Surf)

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Mario Kart Skate (60 fps!)

Mariooooo Kaarrrtttt Skaaaaaatte!!! Music: Savant - Vario http://shop.savantofficial.com/album/... Like this video? Support more on Patreon! http://patreon.com/CorridorDigital Watch this BTS: Thanks to Boosted Boards for lending us some awesome electric longboards!

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Electric Skateboard

"WalkCar" car in a bag /Japan, cocoa motors.Inc

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Electric Skateboard

Ninebot One, the incredible monowheel

Ninebot One is an ultra-trendy personnel mobility device, intelligent and connected. With your Ninebot One, you can say goodbye to the crowd and enjoy the freedom and pleasure to move without difficulty.

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RocketSkates, the first smart electric skates

The RocketSkates are the world’s first smart electric skates. Users simply strap in RocketSkates over their shoes and start cruising!  Glide on electric skates at up to 16 km/hour: RocketSkates offer an alternative to get around town tirelessly, with a great new feeling of freedom.  RocketSkates are lightweight, hands-free, and tons of fun. Equipped with four 50W DC brushless hub motors—two per skate—RocketSkates propel users at speeds reaching 10mph, can operate an estimated 90 minutes (up to a range of 10 miles) on a full charge. With a quick, strap-in design, lithium-ion batteries, adjustable footplate, rear-wheel suspension, and electronic and mechanical braking systems, RocketSkates fuse technology and artistry to create a unique transportation experience. RocketSkates also boast Smart Technology in the form of an intuitive app, for both IOS and Android users, that offers the ability to track routes and distances travelled, perform diagnostics on the RocketSkates, monitor battery status and interact with other skaters digitally.

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Electric Skateboard

Onewheel - Aerial Footage at Gadget Show Live 2014

Little edit from Onewheel. Skateboarding in a hangar, nice and smooth with some tricks!

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Electric Skateboard

One wheel the world is your playground

Onewheel crazy skateboard could be use everywhere! The world becomes your playground!

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Electric Skateboard

The Revolutionary Electric Boardsport !

Crazy electric skateboard, Onewheel! Let's skate around!

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Electric Skateboard

The golf board!

Eletric skateboard is very usefull when you are playing golf! Let's skate the earth! GolfBoard, see their YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7c7dodBw-fSjCZjIat1gIw

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Electric Skateboard

Skateboard on Hawaii

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Electric Skateboard

New 4WD Electric Skateboard! The BajaBoard

This the BajaBoard - an all new Powerboard, with a patent pending design unlike any other electric skateboards, longboards or mountainboards. Engineered over 2 years, this board is designed with Action Sports in mind. It is Fast, Stable, Agile, and All-terrain. This is our very first video showing Generation 1 (proof-of-concept prototype only) in some action. Sneak peek at Generation 2 included at the end. A big thanks goes out to our friends at Alien Power System for supplying us with the motors and controllers. For photos and updates, subscribe to this channel and/or follow us at: www.facebook.com/bajaboard www.twitter.com/bajaboard Our website (www.bajaboard.com.au) is nearing completion and will be live in the very near future. Featured Music: 1,000,000 by Nine Inch Nails

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Electric Skateboard

ZBoard 2 IndieGoGo Video

Lean forward to go. Lean back to stop. Thats how you ride the ZBoard: The Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboard

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Airwheel - Damien Walters

We spent time putting these AirWheels to the test in the gym and this is the result! More videos on Damien Walters here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEL3kJiBYrd802rsQs055lQ Damien Walters is a British gymnast, stuntman and parkour practitioner with one of the largest followings on YouTube. Star of Walters and Shieff as well as his own videos - this is where to find the latest content from Damien.

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BEST OF Nautic 2014 - Paris (France)

Retrouvez le Best Of de l'édition 2014 du Nautic - Salon Nautique International de Paris. Find the Best Of of the 2014 Nautic edition.

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Electric Skateboard

Onewheel Experience Tour

Onewheel's first, and certainly not last, road trip experience - An epic adventure cruising around the West Coast and sharing the stoke with hundreds of riders

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