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My life in thailande part I..Ma vie en thailande

Just enjoy and live a travel in thailand as if you were right beside us.  With the sister and all the familly...we will make a mess !!! Share it, like it, L💕VE it Be craZZy, be happy, be Eddie -------------------------------------------------- Crédit : Find out more here Facebook.............. YouTube................ Instagram............. Vimeo...................

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My life in vie a Bali...road trip story

Travel, friends, love and watersports.........hop on guys, i wanna take you to BaliShare it, like it, L💕VE it--------------------------------------------------Crédit : Find out more hereFacebook..............

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20 miles lieues sous Ré

Pêche en apnée autour de l'Île de ré à la recherche de la légendaire cité d'Antioche...

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Chasse sous-marine avec les nomades des mers Badjaos - Thalassa

Baisaran et son fils Kolnirdati font partie du dernier peuple nomade des mers, les Badjaos Laut. Ils se déplacent au rythme des vents et des courants de la Mer des Célèbes, entre Indonésie et Philippines, avec leurs embarcations de fortune pour seul abri. S’il y a un peuple capable de déjouer en apparence les changements climatiques, c’est bien les Badjaus. Pourtant, leur monde se dérègle, inexorablement.

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The Passage (final scene) with Guillaume Néry

The Passage is a 52min documentary following World Champion Freediver in his exploration of Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Here is the final scene of the film, when Guillaume explores the magic of the Cenotes. Directed by Romain Dussaulx and Denis Lagrange With Guillaume Néry Underwater images by Denis Lagrange A production GRAND ANGLE The film is available on amazon. Search for the french title: La Traversée des Mondes.

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UNDER THE WAVE The surfer is caught inside a barrel while surfing on a shallow reef. Pummeled beneath the power of the wave, flashing images bring the surfer back to reality and she rises to the surface. Director : Denis Lagrange Production : Starloo Media Producer : Stephane Martin Character : Aude Lionet-Chanfour Post production : Firm studio Music : Jabberwocky "Fog" Sound Design : Pure Sound Project SHORT FILM - NON COMMERCIAL PROJECT

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Dramatic footage of free diver and killer whales in the Arctic

During the shooting of a documentary in arctic Norway, we got up close and personal with killer whales. Rather than ferocious killers, orcas are gentle and inquisitive, at least when it comes to human encounters. Hundreds of orcas and humpback whales gathers in the Tromsø region in the period of November to January, to feed on the overwintering herring. This one minute video resumes what the photographer and filmmaker David Gonzalez Buendia ( captured in one single week, in the making of a documentary about orcas in the wild using the expedition sailing vessel Barba as a platform.

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Ryan Keen X Yeah Boy / Guidance Official Music Video

Produced by Majestic Records Directed and shot by Vincent Kardasik Talents in order of appearance: Monyca Eleogram Stephanie Gilmore Bruna Schmitz Zaun Jamie Mitchell Shot on R3D in Maldives and Tahiti

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It's Not OK - Kelly Slater

More informations about Outerknown here :

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GoPro: Ocean Ramsey and a Great White Shark

Shot 100% on the HD HERO2® camera from This year on Valentine's Day, celebrate the love we have for the natural world around us. Join freediver Ocean Ramsey as she shares a quiet moment with a Great White Shark. For more information on shark awareness and conservation, please visit Special Thanks to: Juan Oliphante Captn. Chris Wade Morgan Ball ( Music Courtesy of

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A new rider has come

I could not imagine to say that one day but this is my daughter, she is incredible and i ll be there to push her to get to be the best in every thing : skydive, horsmanship, freediving....she will grow up as my first DolphyWing diver, the new generation, the future of this sport !!!my first advice to this new spirit : Don't follow rules...make them, be a hero, be a leader !!Dear followers, is that a story you want to follow ?How many hands up can i get for her if you want to follow her story ??------17/01/2017------J'aurai jamais cru dire ca mais c'est ma fille, elle est incroyable et je vais en faire un feu ardent assoifé d'aventure. Je vais lui apprendre a chuter, a gagner la confiance d'un cheval, a attendre des profondeurs mystique ou viennent jouer avec moi dauphins et otaries.Elle va devenir mon successeur et le futur de mon sport DolphywingPremier conseil a l'enfant qui vient de naitre : Ne suis pas les regles....sois celui qui les fait, sois un hero et un leader !!Es ce que c'est une histoire que vous aimeriez connaitre ?Voyons combien de mains se leve pour connaitre son histoire ??

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GoPro: Best of 2016 - A Year in Review

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DolphyWing Official : How i ve learnt to fly with seals

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DolphyWing Official : Surfer Paradise underwater trip !!

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Corsica 2016 : sea, sun and fun

A quoi ressemble des vacances en Corse ? A ça !!! La folie, le paradis, le soleil et bien plus encore... Kite, chill, plage, masque et tuba, planche à voile, boîte, bateau, saut de plongeoir au programme ! Do you want to know what the corsican holidays look like ? This that !! Madness, paradise, sun and much more ... Kitesurf, chill, beach, snorkeling, windsurf, parties, boat, cliff diving and moor ;) Song : Le Boeuf x Noah Guthrie - Sexy And I Know It Drake - One Dance (Kiso ft. Kayla Diamond Remix) Filmé en gopro hero silver 4 Edité avec fcpx

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H2O Ninja Mask

Snorkeling with H2O Ninja Mask on the beaches of Waikiki and North Shore, Hawaii

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Top 5 Horrific Shark Attack Footage Caught On Tape 2016

Have you ever imagined being attacked by the shark? In this video we take a look of the top 5 horrific great white shark attack footage caught on tape 2016. How scary it is to come face to face with the shark? Commend down below and share your thought about these shark attack videos. ⚑ Join our community ⚑ ■ Facebook : ■ Twitter : ⚑ Tags ⚑ great white shark attack shark attack shark attack 2016 bull shark attack white shark attack shark news shark sightings shark attack video footage shark videos shark attack video great white shark videos latest shark attacks sharks eating people shark bites best shark attack 2016

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INCREDIBLE : Now you can breathe underwater - Triton gills

Triton, World first artificial gills re breather technology

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The birth of a baby dolphin

Amazing birth of a baby dolphin

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Antoine Auriol riding in, on, and over the sea in beautiful New Caledonia. Thanks to Julien Cozzi, Guy Kane, Christoph Schwaiger, Felipe Leriget, Benjamin Tillier, Pierre Bourlier, the L Kites, planet Reef, and all the locals that helped us during that beautiful day.

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Flying Underwater! - Subwing in 4K

To find out more information on Subwing check them out at their website: Check out our videos on Watchable! Facebook: Watchable Twitter: @WatchableNow Instagram: WatchableNow Follow us on instagram to be apart of one of our next vids! Check out the Behind The Scenes here: Film by Tyson Henderson and Carter Hogan Edit by Tyson Henderson using Adobe Premiere Pro CC Music is called "Once In A While" By Timeflies Download their song here: Make sure to follow me on instagram, facebook, twitter, and vine, it's the cool thing to do these days :) It's also where I let people know how to be involved in my videos.

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Australia my way

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Below Jaws

Jaws has been filmed from nearly every angle possible: land, sky, boat, ski--but I have never seen any footage from Below Jaws. These were the best clips from an exploratory mission I took out to Jaws in January 2015. The shots that I got above the water did not do justice the weight of this wave, but below turned out a couple beautiful shots. If viewing on a mobile device, please use headphones as your phone cannot handle the bass from this song. Music: Terrill Mast - 2015 Shot on GoPro Hero 4 Cut in Adobe Premiere Colored in DaVinci Resolve noneedboard

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Freefall - the breath taking landscape of Voss - 2015

"FREEFALL" in the breath taking landscape of Voss in Norway with multiple skydiving world champion Martin Kristensen. With the support of: Fonnafly...........................fonna­ One Call...........................onecall.n­o/ Peak and Fjords Skydive Voss.................. Voss Vind........................ A satori Factory video with: Performer // Martin Kristensen Camera // Alex Aimard & Shams Team manager // Bjørn Magne Bryn Sound design // Thibaut Darscotte FB - INSTAGRAM - WEBSITE - Music licenced at CHAP4193 "Moving Pictures" Elliott Harms Special thanks to: Jarle Hus - Anders Flatlandsmo - Vegar Vedaa Einar Såkvitne - Lika Borzova - Jenny Norin

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