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ONEAN Boards - River jetsurfing 2015

Having some fun in the river with Onean Boards

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Jet ski

Jet Surfing The New Extreme Sport

Jet surfing is the new craze that pushes the boundaries of water sports using engineering and electronics to create a new way to ride.

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Jet-Surf - Born For Fun - Morotized Surfboard

Extremely lightweight motorized surfboard. Less weight, more fun. Find more on or contact us on

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Hawaii - Jet Surf - New Extreme Sport - 2013

Kai Lenny & Pato Teixeira invite you to discover a Jet Surf session, its first test in the powerful waves of Hawaii. Subscribe here for X-Treme Videos: Find out about this new water motor sport, featuring one of the most ecological engines in the world, that can make it up to 60 kmh thanks to an innovative technology, designed by Formula 1 engineer Martin Sula. Starring Pato Teixeira, Kai Lenny, Flavien Neyertz, Duane Desoto, Jamie O'Brien, Martin Sula, Ivo Images Jace Panebianco, Marc-Antoine Bouvant, Flavien Neyertz, Pato Teixeira, Kai Lenny,Bruno Lemos Producer Xtreme Video Editing Nicolas Larrouquere Content Supervisor Yannis Gold Marc-Antoine Bouvant Music Raw Man Jupiter 18 Creator Jet Surf Martin Sula Special Thanks Augusto Hughes Luiciano Raposo Martin Sula Yvo/Dan/Rusty Thierry Dauphin Poor Boys Dead Glove 75 Prod

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