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Dramatic footage of free diver and killer whales in the Arctic

During the shooting of a documentary in arctic Norway, we got up close and personal with killer whales. Rather than ferocious killers, orcas are gentle and inquisitive, at least when it comes to human encounters. Hundreds of orcas and humpback whales gathers in the Tromsø region in the period of November to January, to feed on the overwintering herring. This one minute video resumes what the photographer and filmmaker David Gonzalez Buendia ( captured in one single week, in the making of a documentary about orcas in the wild using the expedition sailing vessel Barba as a platform.

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La Naish Boxer 2017 présentée par Damien Girardin

En visite chez Naish à Maui, Erwan Jauffroy interroge Damien Girardin sur la nouvelle aile Naish 2017-18, la Boxer. Cette aile à une latte bénéficie du nouveau tissu Quad tex et se destine à la navigation vent léger ou soustoilé par exemple en foil, sans s'y limiter.

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The Scent of Life - Tom Court - Episode 1

The first episode of this original series follows professional kiteboarder Tom Court as he braves the elements in a visually stunning sensorial experience. Extreme athletes are not just performers. They are individuals who managed to forge a strong relationship with nature. Tom's intrinsic connection to the natural elements helps him to make tough decisions and push the limits of his sport. Tom is strong and soft at the same time, intense yet elegant, precise yet instinctual. He overcomes obstacles, fuses with the ocean and the wind and feels deeply alive. An original series by Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò.

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Hydrofoiling Maui

March 5th, 2016 Rider: Adam Withington Camera: Alex Aguera Song: Kid Cudi

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Cours de kitesurf / prévoir les mouvements de l'aile / One Launch Kiteboarding

Apprenez grâce à cette vidéo tutotiel à anticiper les mouvements de votre aile de kite. Pour des cours de kitesurf particulier ou de perfectionnement, rendez-vous sur :

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Cours de kitesurf / gréer une aile de kitesurf / One Launch Kiteboarding

Apprenenez dans cette vidéo à gréer une aile de kitesurf

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cours de kitesurf / régler une aile de kitesurf / One Launch Kiteboarding

Apprenez dans cette vidéo tutoriel de one launch kiteboarding les règles de base pour régler votre aile de kitesurf

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In the middle of the desert

Thanks to Dakhla evasion for the warm welcome and nice place to stay, my brother Quentin Valesa for the edit and special thanks to my sponsors F-one International Team Sud de France Manera Ang Anglisse

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Cours de kitesurf / Tail grab / One Launch Kiteboarding

Apprenez dans cette vidéo à faire une tail grab en kitesurf avec One Launch Kiteboarding

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Trip BZH 2016 - Charles Harin and Antoine Clerc in a Fantastic Playground

L'été dernier pour échapper aux spots surchargé près de chez moi. J'ai rejoins Antoine Clerc sur la côté Nord de la Bretagne, dans cette région qu'on appel les Abers. Je vous laisse découvrir ce spot fabuleux et toutes les possibilités qu'il y a au milieu des Abers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last summer to escape the overcrowded spots near home. I joined Antoine Clerc on the north shore of Brittany, in the area we call the Abers. I let you discover this insane spot and all the opportunities that there are in the midst of Abers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RIDERS Charles Harin, Antoine Clerc, Charlotte Allaire THANKS TO Best Kiteboarding, RIDE/ENGINE, UNHOOK, BLANK FORCE Kiteboarding, Tshotsh. EDITING Charles Harin CAMERA Harin Charles,Antoine Clerc, Charlotte Allaire Facebook: Instagram:


Sailing Kaimana Adventures - Kiteboarding in the South Pacific

Sailing Kaimana Adventures Episode 3 Kiteboarding on a beautiful remote atoll in the Tuamotus We enjoy being able to share our South Pacific sailing adventures and hope to inspire others to explore! Music by Kulle Studios Post production by Seagrass films Learn more about us on our website follow us on instagram find us on facebook support us on patreon Thank you for watching! Melissa and Scott

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Backloop en kitesurf

apprennez à faire un backloop en kitesurf avec celle vidéo tutoriel de One launch Kiteboarding

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Assault on the Phillies - wakeboard with brandon scheid

Come see the Philippines through my eyes.


cours de kitesurf / backloop transition / onelaunch kiteboarding

apprenez dans cette vidéo tutoriel de kitesurf de one launch kiteboarding à faire des backloop transition

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Clarific - Capetown SA

Haakgat - South AfricaCapetown is definately the place where you need to be good with timing if you dont want to get smashed by the nuke wind of the afternoon. To me if you find the proper conditions, you better get there at the morning/lunchtime, when the wind just start taking place and the waves are very clean. Hopefully no people inside if some went party the last night, and so then you can get the session of your life alone on the water ;). Click HD and get in the head of Ralph Boelen.  

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Airific - Guincho Portugal

Rider & Edit Ralph BoelenAirificLocation: Guincho/PortugalGuincho is known to a be decent windy spot almostt like Cape Town in South Africa, so if you like being pulled in some hardcore conditions, this is the place you need to be. Recored during summer time, the most chance for you to catch the wind, but catch a lil more patience for the waves. Enjoy the ride of Ralph Boelen showing his own airstyle and waves riding.  

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How to bring a kiteboard back / One Launch Kiteboarding

Learn how to bring someone's board back to the shore in kiteboarding.

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Cours de kitesurf Saut transition - One Launch Kiteboarding

Apprenez à faire une saut transition avec One Launch Kiteboarding

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A 40 knots day KEVVLOG #17 - Insane kiteloops of Nick Jacobsen

Wow what a day here in Cape Town, this place gets very windy a lot but today was a little more extreme than usual. One of the questions I get a lot is 'How do you hold on to such a big kite in strong wind?' Well the answer is in this vlog. It was great seeing Nick, Lewis an the other boys jumping to the moon and back, of course I'm a little bummed I couldn't join them. But soon I'll be back. Hope you enjoy this vlog and please feel free to comment and don't forget to hit the subscribe button. Laterss

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Tenatic - Kitesurf in Barbados

Rider & Edit Ralph BOELEN Northkiteboarding International ION One Launch kiteboarding Technogym As it’s not really easy to get filmed on the Barbados's reef, just if you get a good swimmer for yourself out there. Too bad because you can find a sweet side shore wind with average of 25knots where you can mix freestyle strapless and wave riding which makes the spot as a really fun playground. Simply recorded with the legendary Go pro and a Dummy mountmouth©, here is what you can get. Hit the HD button and I hope you enjoy :) ! Peace Find my page:

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Boardriding Maui CloudFoiling 9

A week of kite hydrofoil fun on Maui on the new Cloud Model D all informations:

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The pain of being Porcella

This video is about The pain of being Francisco Porcella

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sauter en kitesurf / One Launch Kiteboarding

apprenez à sauter en kitesurf grâce à cette vidéo de One Launch Kiteboarding

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récupérer sa planche en nage tractée / One Launch Kiteboarding

apprenez ici à récupérer votre planche en nage tractée avec One Launch Kiteboarding

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