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Valentin Marvyle 2017 best tricks

You can find here all my best tricks on all movies I had. In 1 month other one with more and new powerful tricks.

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Big Air Contest Cabarete

Big Air contest - Cabarete Riders : Ariel Corniel - Alex Soto - Valentin Marvyle ... Video by Olivier Moro /

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Valentin Marvyle - Training at dakhla march 2013

Small movie with my training for the first event PKRA at Dakhla!

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Kiteboarding a Salt Island

Perfect sunshine and winds between 15 and 20 knots are usually the recipe for just another training day in the life of PKRA Freestyle World Champion Bruna Kajiya, but on the last week of September 2012, Bruna took on a unique challenge 13 kilometers away from the coast of Rio Grande do Norte state in Northeastern Brazil: kiteboarding on a salt island. Bruna was joined by fellow Brazilian standout Reno Romeu as the pair tackled the Agua Branca Salt Terminal, a trading post through which over 2 million tons of salt are commercialized every year. The glistening crystalline surface providing a kiteboarding medium unlike any other, and challenged these world class kiteboarders to adapt and conquer the new terrain.

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Extreme Kiteboarding in Ireland & Holland - Ruben Lenten 2013

Red Bull athlete Ruben Lenten is an extreme kiteboarder, always searching for the biggest storms around the world.  After a disappointing trip to Ireland, Ruben heads back to the homeland where one of the year's fiercest storms is about to hit the coast of Holland, and Ruben is more than ready for it. Red Bull atleet Ruben Lenten is een extreme kiteboarder. Wanneer hij een storm achterna reist, komt er in Nederland extreem harde wind aan land.

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Gisela Pulido wins 2013 PKRA World Championship

After 8 consecutive world championship titles, Gisela Pulido ended third in 2012's season for the first time in her athlete's history. In order to gain her thrown back, she went a camp in Orlando to gain power and improve her tricks under low wind conditions.  She was first on 7 of the 8 stops of 2013's World Tour and therefore has won her 9th Championship.

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Kitefoil Freestyle en Guadeloupe

De retour de la Guadeloupe, je vous propose ma dernière vidéo de kitefoil !

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Gaia-Creators ∞ The begining.

Gaia Creators design fine Surfboards & Watersport equipment Made in Europa. Facing the elements by your side with durability & performance as #Breakthecode



Thomas Paris at home.

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- Rewind - Adi Kites ridden by Thomas Paris

::: Rewind ::: Thomas Paris nous donne un aperçu de ce qui est possible sous une Adi Kites - Axis. Notre team rider vient de replaquer un 313 rewind blind!!! Nouveau projet vidéo ADIkites France réalisé par @lightbrosproductions > Restez connecté pour la sortie du clip complet! kwd-shop.comVous mettez des rewind sous votre kite? Postez et partagez vos videos avec nous dans les commentaires!Retrouvez toute les news de Thomas sur: Rewind ::: Thomas Paris gives us a little preview of what is possible behind an Adi Kites - Axis. Landing a sick 313 rewind blind!!!New movie project for ADIkites France realized by @lightbrosproductions > Stay tuned for the full release!Anyone landing rewinds on a kite? Post and share your vidz with us in comments!!

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Alive 2.0 - Full Movie -

After a little delay and live from the Fise Montpellier we are glad to present you the brand new opus of our "Surfing Elements" project:ALIVE 2.0 Teiva Outters Thomas ParisA project directed by: Thomas ParisFilmed by: Gwena He Photography Thomas Paris Marvin Saint-Réquier Nicolas Paris Nico BezierEdited by: Thomas ParisWith the recent troubles the world is going thrue, we wish to deliver the most positive and caring message to the world.We're passionate about nature's beauty and we feel like true happiness isn't a destination but rather a path to follow and a travel to enjoy.So wherever you are sit back, relax, (put sound & HD on) and enjoy what we’ve been up to for our leisures this winter.And don’t forget to live the most out of everyday, make the right choices for your life and enjoy nature and people around you, just to make sure to stay fully ALIVE émoticône winkWe wouldn't be living the dream without the help of our sponsor so a big thank goes to ION ION France Adi Kites ADIkites France RECKLESS.WAKE RECKLESS.WAKE France Surf Odyssey EQ Love WAPH Shinnworld Shinn kiteboarding

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Alive 2.0 (teaser)

Alive 2.0 Coming


Kite Center 22 - Kitesurfing School

Le professionnel français, Nico Etienne vous accueil dans son école de kitesurf à Erquy, 22 Bretagne.Cours en pleines eaux, sur sable et simulateur kite, Nico possède le tout dernier matériel de pointe et vous prend en charge depuis le début de votre apprentissage jusqu'à ce que vous soyez autonome. Le tout dans un cadre absolument incroyable!Filmed by: Thomas Paris & Gwena HeEdited by: Thomas

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Aerial Dynamic Sessions #1

Thomas Paris riding on ADIkites... 

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ALIVE - Full Movie

Here we are 15th of november, so like we promised you're free to enjoy our new full movie ALIVE!!With the recent terror events happening in France, we wish to deliver the most positive and loving message to the world.So as a reminder to all unfavorable forces, WE are a strong nation, with immense ressources and as long as a french soul will still breath their will be HOPE. So live the most out of everyday, make the right choices in your life and always enjoy the people and nature that surrounds you to stay fully ALIVE.We wouldn't be living the dream without the help of our sponsor so a big thank goes to ION.This movie was mostly shot on 5D MKIII in the South West of France and a bit of Spain. The movie features the riding of Teiva Outters, Thomas Paris & Colas Delebarre and many friends met along the road.This movie was shot and edited by: Thomas Paris - Gwena He - Teiva OuttersAnimation effects by: Nicolas ParisTracks: Kelpe - WhirlwoundHanni El Khatib - You Rascal YouTommy James & The Shondells - I'm AliveA LightBros Productions

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ALIVE (teaser)

Here we are the high quality Teaser of our new movie ALIVE is out !! Let us introduce you to something new which is not a surf movie, neither a wakeboarding or kiteboarding clip. This movie is about enjoying the waterlife, cruising across the country, ripping conditions of the day and mastering boardsports no matter where you go. Alive is just about being Alive. We could never been able to do such work without the help of our sponsors and friends so we want to thank the best water brand ever ION. Then we have to thank Exo Loisirs, TN64 Sames, Method & Concept Winch for pullin us, North Kiteboarding for allowing us to fly. All our friends involved in many different ways, into making this video happen.

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TSN 44 - 2016 Grand Opening

Vous aussi n'en pouvez plus? Vous rêver de Wakeboard toutes les nuits?Alors on espère que vous avez préparé vos boards bags car demain c'est la réouverture d'un des meilleurs Téléski Nautique de France, Le TSN 44 Saint Viaud. Et devinez quoi? Un setup de folie vous attends pour cet nouvel saison et Light Bros a le palisir de vous le dévoiler en avant première... Alors montez le son et attendez comfortablement la reprise: le 19/03/16Retrouver le TSN44 sur facebook @TSNCONCEPTLe TSN 44 partenaire de Reckless Wkbrds. et seras aussi votre centre officiel de test cet année, alors avec ou sans matos, vous n'avez plus d'excuses!

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Thomas Paris - Adi Kites rider entry

2x times french senior champion Thomas Paris move on to ADIkites!!


You’re Nobody Till Somebody Kills You

"You’re Nobody Till Somebody Kills You" - Notorious B.I.G -

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Different GROUNDS

Thomas Paris riding different grounds


Shortcut 0.4

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Shortcut 0.3

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Shortcut 0.2

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Shortcut 0.1

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