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SBLB EuroTrash: Dillon Stephens

Dillon Stephens rages down a mountain in Europe! Enjoy the ride.  VISIT US ONLINE; www.switchbacklongboards.com FOLLOW US; FaceBook: OfficialSwitchbackLongboards Instagam: SwitchbackLongboards Twitter: Sk8Switchback

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Brett Ciabattini: Back In The Saddle

We all deal with injuries from time to time and they can set us back a bit. Best thing you can do is put in the necessary time to let it heal and get ready for you next move. Brett got knee surgery a while ago, he put in his time and now he's back on the move. Bing-bang-boom!

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Cobblestone Riders - The First Test

What if you could surf on tram tracks? Check out this new extreme sport invented in Portugal!

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Cobblestone Riders - Lisbon

Is it skate or surf? Neither. Check out this new extreme sport invented in Portugal.

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Cobblestone Riders - Tuk-tuk

Who needs waves? Check out these crazy riders surfing a tram track.

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Cobblestone Riders

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Skate & Explore - China

As diverse as the country, China's skate scene caters to all styles of riding from downhill to dancing to just pushing through the streets. A vast landscape with deep rooted culture, China has everything your skating desires. Film/Edit: Dave Leslie Aerial Shots: Adam Yates & Dave Leslie Skaters: Billy Meiners, Steven Vera, Adam Yates, Maitane Rascon Music: "Drip" by Mood Robot https://moodrobot.bandcamp.com "I Am Chemistry" by Yeasayer http://www.yeasayer.xyz/ Stay Up To Date! http://www.landyachtz.com http://www.facebook.com/landyachtzlon... http://www.instagram.com/landyachtzlo... http://www.twitter.com/landyachtz http://skatetravelparty.tumblr.com #SkateAndExplore

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Adam Yates - Frothcore - Landyachtz

While you're taking your board out of the car Yates is already running up the hill for his 2nd run. He's travelled the world with a skateboard for years and still shows the same amount of stoke that he did when we first met him. This is a collection of some of our favourite Yate Dawg moments Check out an Interview with the man himself! http://vimeo.com/190112405 Follow Yates on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/yatedawg Music: "Amor Desvanecido(色あせた恋)" タナトスLeFunksky http://latinwave.bandcamp.com "Won't Do A Thing" Indian Wars http://indianwars.bandcamp.com http://www.landyachtz.com

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Max Ballesteros & Friends: Swiss Alps, 2016

After the Euro Tour team rider Max Ballesteros joined fellow skaters Pepe Laporte, Patrick Switzer and the Utah Slut City crew for some fun freeride sessions in Switzerland. Sleeping under the stars and surviving baguettes, the boys encountered some new amazing roads and some old classics, and took full advantage of the perfect weather on the Swiss Alps. Join them for the ride and see what it's like to skate down miles of crazy curved descents! Video: Pepe Laporte & Patrick Switzer Edit: Max Ballesteros Song: José González - This Is How We Walk On The Moon

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DOINK! Jayden Mitchell, Welcome to the Team! Bustin Boards Custom Longboards

Let's all share a big warm welcome to Jayden Mitchell, our newest member to the Bustin team! A R.A.H.D. guest hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Jayden also skates for Aera Trucks and Orangatang wheels. Big ups to Jayden and his crew for doing sick things and keeping it real down under. His skating is on point and is easily matched by his demeanor. Thanks for your support, Jayden! We are stoked to return the favor!

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ABEC 11 - Kiefer Dixon Going Green

Kiefer Dixon's primary form of transportation is his skateboard. When not winning push races such as Broadway Bomb, his smooth and effortless style is often the only thing fluid in the start and stop traffic mix found downtown. The hometown hero skates every day on the streets of Bronx and Manhattan and it's how he manages to finish marathons in a brisk hour and 38 minutes (over 16 mph). Go green with Kiefer and enjoy the ride!

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The Hydro Pro - Jonas Richter Pro Model by Bustin Boards Co.

Introducing the new HydroPRO ThermoCarbon, an ultra light, speed-stiff board designed for Bustin Pro Rider Jonas Richter. Learn more at www.bustinboards.com Since becoming a pro three years ago at the young age of 16, Jonas (aka the "Brazilian Bullet") has made quite a name for himself as an up-and-comer in the downhill and freeride circuits around the world with sponsorships from Bustin Boards and Aera Trucks. This year he began his season with a new ThermoCarbon prototype pro-model board, and we've been working with him since then to perfect his downhill / freeride hill-crusher. Named for the ebb and flow of the waves that inspire Jonas's surfy style of riding, the Hydro is an ultra-thin, speed-stiff machine ready to crush hills small and large. The new deck and all of the specs are available at http://bustinboards.com/v/longboards/... Special thanks to: Kevin Reimer - Filmer Gabi Murray-Roberts - Filmer Newman Productions - Editing Song: 'High' featuring Nicole Millar by Peking Duk http://www.soundcloud.com/pekingduk

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Steven Vera Rides the Bustin Maestro FG

Vera has been saying for months that he wants to "bring back the Maestro." He's been practicing his tricks for weeks and here is the fruit of his labor. Two days of cruising and perusing through lower Manhattan, over the Manhattan bridge and into Brooklyn culminated into this little diddy. Thanks to Chris Rivera for showing us around some of his hood. One Love from Bustin Brooklyn! Song: A New Error Artist: Moderat Rider: Steven Vera Board: Bustin Maestro FG Camera/Edit: Jeff Vyain

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Welcome to The Team : Steven Vera

We are pleased to announce that Steven Vera is the latest addition to the Landyachtz team! This guy has been skating the streets of New York for years, and we are stoked to have some east coast flair on the crew. Sit back as Steven shreds the streets of everyone's favorite city, San Francisco .  Board: HollowTech Tomahawk Trucks: Bear Precisions  Film/Edit: Alfuso Film Music: "Boom Bap" by Gramatik https://gramatik.bandcamp.com/ Stay Connected: http://www.landyachtz.com http://www.facebook.com/landyachtzlon... http://www.instagram.com/landyachtzlo... http://www.twitter.com/landyachtz http://skatetravelparty.tumblr.com #skateandexplore

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Douglas Dalua - Back on Board (JET / Liquid / ABEC 11)

Brazilian powerhouse, Douglas Dalua, doesn’t let anything stand in the way of his passion for longboarding. Over the years he’s earned titles and international recognition in downhill skating, but not without a price. Several injuries and a few surgeries later, he’s back and ready for the 2016 season. Glad to have you back on board Dalua!

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Douglas Dalua (Raw Run) - Almabtrieb 2014

Douglas Dalua charges hard down this raw run at Almabtrieb 2014. Follow Cam: Mikel Echegaray Diez

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Team Bustin in Santa Barbara

Join Team Bustin Riders William Royce, Max Ballesteros and 17-year old Noah Fischer as they have some fun on a sunny day in Santa Barbara, CA. A film by Michael Alfuso. Learn more about the riders: http://www.bustinboards.com/team-bustin Learn more about the filmer: http://www.alfusofilm.com/ Learn more about the boards: http://www.bustinboards.com/longboards

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William Royce | Tuna | Raw Run

Filmed by PerroPRo  Filmed Febuary 2016

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William Royce: Skate Everything

Bustin Boards is proud to present the premier video collaboration between legendary filmmaker Brett Novak and the skate everything talents of William Royce. Shot recently in some of the most unique and diverse terrain Southern California has to offer, this video is a reminder that skateboarding has no rules or boundaries. Whether you're smashin' down mountain roads or flippin’ your shit at a local DIY spot, it’s all skateboarding and it’s absolutely all yours. Get some!!!! #SkateEverything #forallwhopush Film & Edit: Brett Novak (http://www.brettnovak.com ) Follow-Car Footage: Alberto “Perropro” Alepuz Producer: Marcus Bandy Music: “Bradycardia” by Cullah

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Loaded Boards Raw Run | Full Frontal with Camilo Cespedes

Loaded Ambassador and Colombian transplant, Camilo Cespedes takes a mellow run down a local favorite.

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Longboarding: Sunrise Shred with Brian Bishop

Longboarding with versatility. The Apex 37 DoubleConcave by Original Skateboards allows riders of many longboarding disciplines to get sideways. Original Skateboards team rider, Brian Bishop, heads to one of his favorite local spots with his trusty Apex 37 DC for a solid sunrise session filmed and edited by Evan Bourcier. Dawn Patrol in slow-mo? Yes, please.

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Longboarding night freeride

Bruno (bustin mini maestro) and Toti (buddywood tuvalu) riding the night untill something happends after too many stairs.

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Loaded Boards | Run On with Alberto Alepuz

Alberto Alepuz (Perropro) leaves the usual job and lady to skate some nice natural spots, but he is followed by something supernatural... We like you... Like us too at: http://www.facebook.com/LOADEDBOARDS Find all of our selfies at: http://www.instagram.com/LOADEDBOARDS Read our minds at:  http://www.twitter.com/LOADEDBOARDS

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Loaded Boards | Propeller with Adam Stokowski

Adam S. is back and busts out some smooth moves on the Tan Tien longboard flex 3, Randal Trucks, 86a Stimulus wheels. Artist: J-Walk, Song: Soul Vibrations. http://www.loadedboards.com  More info about the video here, http://www.loadedboards.com/loadednew...

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