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¡(H)ola! : Surf, wakeboard, mountainboard, speedsail

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S1 Helmets / Eduardo Cordero

Monterrey, Mexico is a massive city at the foothills of Sierra Madre, a monstrous peak at the head of a mountain range. As you travel up narrow, technical, jungle runs appear. S1 Helmets team rider Eduardo Cordero gives us a tour down just one of many roads.

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Kitesurf / mountainboard : from Normandy to Netherlands (GoPro)

Recap de quelques sessions de l'hiver 2014/2015 sur des spots normands et hollandais.

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Ken Block Downhill Luge

Ken Block having fun with the Hoonigan Racing Crew in NZ

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KLBB on the US Dry Lakes - featuring Craig and Lolo

Riders Craig Sparkes (Buggy Freestyle) and Laurent "Lolo BSD" Guyot (Mountain Board Freestyle) travelled across the ocean to visit the 2015 NABX club meet and 2015 IBX - Ivanpah Buggy Expo. Held on the dry lakes of El Mirage and Ivanpah surrounded by beautiful scenery near Las Vegas, USA.

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Gunma Mountainboard Tour - 2009

Gunma Mountainboard Tour (september 2009)

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Discover Mountainboard - With Pierre-Louis Vine - 2012

Discover the discipline with Pierre-Louis Vine, vice champion of France Mountainboard freestyle.

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Crew Contest 2012 - we are SKD

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