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Hazel Findlay, Spice Girl. First Female E9 - Scary!

Hazel Findlay became the first woman to climb a British E9 (hard and scary!) with her ascent of Once Upon A Time In The Southwest, near Devon, UK. This is an excerpt from the REEL ROCK 8 Film SPICE GIRL, presented by Sterling Rope. Buy RR8 on DVD or HD Dowload here: Featuring music by The Gaucho + The Gremlin, SACW, and Abel Okugawa.

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From Alaska to "The Citadel": Interview With Matt Helliker

Citadel’ is an epic new mountain film from multi-award winning film producer Alistair Lee featuring Osprey Athlete Matt Helliker and his climbing partner Jon Bracey as they attempt a first ascent on the NW ridge of the remote peak named ‘The Citadel’ deep in the Neacola range, Alaska.  As the world's first mountain film shot entirely in 4k, this footage offers a stunning insight into the world of alpine climbing. Citadel will be presented and competing at the upcoming Banff Mountainfilm Festival North American Premiere in Alberta, Canada on Nov. 7, 2015 where Osprey Packs is the Sponsor of the People’s Choice Award. Banff Festival attendees: make sure to cast your vote for Citadel!

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First ascent, “Zephyr” Mt Maudit

short clip of Matt Helliker and Jon Bracey on the 1st ascent of 'Zephyr' M5+, 6b, 400m Mt Maudit

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he Faces of Dav: The Mountaineer | S1E6

Over the last 4 years, Davenport has successfully climbed every 14,000-foot peak in Colorado. Now he has his sights on an even loftier goal; climbing the Centennial peaks of Colorado- the top 100 highest peaks in the state. Chris takes to southwest Colorado with partners Ted and Christy Mahon, checking off three more peaks and bringing them within striking distance of completing this 2-year project.  _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high.  

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Tommy Caldwell Climbing Pitch 15 | The Dawn Wall

On January 14, 2015, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson made the first free ascent of The Dawn Wall on Yosemite's El Capitan. Watch Tommy climb pitch 15 (5.14c) in this first footage released by the film crew on the wall.  “The crux holds of pitch 15 are some of the smallest and sharpest holds I have ever attempted to hold onto,” Tommy wrote on his Facebook page. Four unique camera angles reveal those minuscule holds and the 1,300 feet of exposure under Tommy’s precarious foot placements. While multiple pitches of extremely difficult climbing remained above, the completion of pitch 15 was considered the last major hurdle to the eventual success of this seven-year project. Note: Pitch 15 was originally rated 5.14d, but was downgraded slightly after the completion of the route.

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Tommy Caldwell And The Dawn Wall - Valley Uprising Bonus Scene

Tommy Caldwell has spent six years working to free climb The Dawn Wall, on the 3,000 foot El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park, CA. Along with his partner, Kevin Jorgeson, Caldwell is currently half way up the wall, hoping to succeed on the hardest big wall free climb in the world.  In this bonus clip from the new film Valley Uprising, Tommy describes his Dawn Wall obsession, and the parallels with one of Yosemite's pioneers, Warren Harding, who first aid climbed the route in 1970.

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The North Face: Alex Honnold - El Sendero Luminoso

On January 15, 2014, Alex Honnold free-soloed El Sendero Luminoso (The Shining Path) in El Portrero Chico, Mexico in a little over 3 hours. The climb rises 2,500 feet to the summit of El Toro. It could be the most difficult rope-less climb in history.  

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Stride Health: Alex Honnold Solos Lover's Leap in Dan Osman Tribute

nspired by Dan Osman's 4:25 Bear's Reach speed solo in "Masters of Stone 4" from the 90s, Alex Honnold tries to better his time in this tribute to the classic, original film. Directed and Produced by: Corey Rich @ Novus Select. Original Dan Osman climbing footage: “Masters of Stone 4 - Pure Force” shot and produced by Eric Perlman. Music: “Change Our Ways” by Fortress, whose music was featured in the first two Masters of Stone

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David Lama's Life of Climbing | Cerro Torre- A Snowball's Chance in Hell

►Watch the full film now here: David Lama has been climbing almost as long as he's been walking. His skill gives him the unreal ability to tackle some of the most intimidating climbs ever attempted. How David chooses these missions is what makes him one-of-a-kind. _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high.

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High Altitude Climbing on Lunag Ri: David Lama | GoPro Highlights

► CLICK to watch the FULL VIDEO from their expedition: David Lama and Conrad Anker became the first expedition ever to reach the headwall of Lunag Ri, a 6907 meter high mountain located at the border of Nepal and Tibet. The combination of untouched summit and demanding climbing was incredibly difficult from all sides, and the duo made it further than any expedition in years past. Rough weather conditions and limited time kept them from reaching the true summit, but the ascent itself made for one helluva breathtaking experience. Check out the POV highlights from their adventure, and click the link above to watch the full video from their expedition on! _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high.  

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The North Face: The Power in Me - Untouched Ground

We are all born with the power of possibility. The only difference is where it takes us. Watch David’s remarkable story and witness his journey of triumph, tragedy and hope.

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The North Face: The Journey is the Reward

In the winter of 2014, mountaineers Simone Moro and David Göttler tried and failed to summit the unclimbed Nanga Parbat peak (8124m). All we want is to explore. We need to explore. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don’t. But the journey is always the reward.

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Simone Moro & David Göttler: Der Nanga Parbat, 8125 m

Der Italiener Simone Moro, 46, wagt gemeinsam mit David Göttler, 35, aus Oberbayern den Bestieg des Nanga Parbat (8125m) im Winter 2014. Bei der gefährlichen Begehung über den Südwestgrat gehen die beiden bis an ihre äußersten Grenzen & die Laune der Natur erschwert Ihnen den Weg. Mit Sack & pack erklimmen Sie bei Minusgraden immer weiter das Gebirge. Umso höher sie gelangen, desto atemberaubender werden die Kulissen. Von Tag zu Tag leben sie unter einfachsten Bedingungen. Bevor es Abends zu Bett geht, wird die Familie kontaktiert. Ob zu Fuß oder auf Skiern, die beiden lassen sich von nichts und niemanden aufhalten - bis Simone krank wird. Lassen sich die beiden aufhalten? Oder beenden sie ihr Abenteuer erfolgreich? Simone Moro und seine Geschichte könnt ihr am 28.11. live in Köln erleben! Dort hält der Allround-Alpinist einen Multivisionsvortrag über seine Anfänge als Bergsteiger, seine Erfolge, seine Leidenschaft und auch seine Grenzen. Alle Infos gibt's hier:

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Melissa Arnot Claims Record 4th Summit on Everest

On the South Col side of the mountain, a challenging and crowded climbing season still granted Eddie Bauer First Ascent guides Dave Hahn and Melissa Arnot access to reach the summit on May 26th and set Everest records in the process. With calculated patience, Hahn earned his 14th summit of Mt. Everest, setting a new record by most non-Sherpa summits of the world's tallest peak. Melissa Arnot claimed her fourth summit, setting a new record for the most summits for any Western woman. As part of the Eddie Bauer South Col team, Leif Whittaker retraced the record-setting steps of his father Jim to the summit. "It was a slightly surreal day, as always, hanging out at 8,000 meters," Hahn says in his characteristically understated tone. But in a season that once again presented challenges from avalanches, rockfall and tragedy to long lines of climbers on prime summit days, Hahn was called the 'King of Patience' for his efforts in leading the team to a safe and successful summit. "I never thought I would be lucky enough to summit Everest once, let alone four times," Arnot summarizes. "The experience has given me a sense of gratitude grounded in the idea that anything is possible."

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‪Melissa Arnot: What it Takes to be a Mountaineer‬

Whittaker Mountaineering and First Ascent Guide Melissa Arnot talks about life in the mountains, her upcoming Everest trip, and women in mountaineering. Learn more about Melissa at

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'La Liste' teaser 2015

'La Liste' teaser 2015' Featuring Jérémie Heitz. In his search to become a better freerider, Jérémie compiles a list of the most interesting peaks in the Alps which he wants to ski. In the process he meets the legends of the sport who first skied the lines and learns from their experiences. 'La Liste' will not only chart the progression of Freeriding from its beginnings but shows how todays legends are pushing the sport.

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Little Ski Adventurer I VAUDE

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Ice Fall Wrecking Ball

The first rule of ice climbing is "do not fall". But if you do fall, make sure to get it on video! Seriously though, the odds are 2:1 that you'll get seriously injured if you break the rule. Learn from this mistake, and have fun on the ice!

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GoPro: Best of 2016 - A Year in Review

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#project360 | Mount Everest

The #project360 is bringing legendary climbing routes as the Matterhorn Hörnligrat, the Mont Blanc and the north face of the Eiger to screens with breathtaking panoramic images. Now, the #project360 is going to the Roof of the world, Mount Everest.   Now, at the beginning of the climbing season 2016, a milestone in another field – in digital cartography – was reached: For the first time, the Southern climbing route, beginning at the Nepalese basecamp up to the “Roof of the World”, is documented by breathtaking 360°-videography and -photography. A small group of four Sherpas attended to the honourable task to bring the Everest into the living rooms of the fans of alpine sports by these three-dimensional recordings. Likewise, it is an homage to the first climbers Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay who have already chosen this route in 1953. A customized backpack with altogether six cameras facilitates the perfect omnidirectional view.

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#project360 I Patrouille des Glaciers

#project360 is going horizontal. #project360 is no longer just about marveling at traditional alpine tours and classic climbing routes;it now includes perhaps the most famous ski-touring race in the world: the Patrouille des Glaciers – which takes place from tomorrow till Saturday.   Zermatt to Verbier is 53 kilometers as the crow flies. However, if you want to ski this route through the heart of the Alps rather than fly it, it is 110 km of challenging terrain. For many die-hard ski touring fans it is the season’s highlight as a multi-day tour. The valley town of the famous Matterhorn is the starting point for perhaps the most famous ski touring race in the world: the Patrouille des Glaciers. It was first introduced by the Mountain Brigade of the Swiss Armed Forces in 1943 as a way to test soldiers’ fitness. In the following years the competition was banned due to an accident, but started again in 1984. The PDG (as it is known in professional circles) is now open to both military and civilian participants. Thousands of athletes now start this race to complete the grueling distance as quickly as possible. Those who don’t regard ski-touring as a race, but who are still very ambitious skiers, are familiar with the section from Zermatt to Verbier as the first stages of the Haute Route, perhaps the most famous alpine crossing of them all.

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2015: YEAR IN REVIEW (Adventure)

Slowing down some  highlights of 2015. Skydiving, speedriding, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, traveling and good vibes.  All captured trough a gopro lens. Instagram:

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Speed Record Matterhorn 2015

Mammut Pro Team athlete Dani Arnold sets a new record at the North Face. Top mountaineer Dani Arnold from Uri sets a new milestone at the beginning of the season on the Matterhorn, climbing the North Face in 1 hour and 46 minutes, and outperforming Ueli Steck's previous record by 10 minutes.

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Pushing The Limits On North America's Deadliest Ridge | North America's Fifty Classic Climbs, Ep. 5

With one of their party having already turned back, the three-man team of Mark Smiley, Jed Porter and Reiner Thoni push on in their attempt to make the second ascent of the 'Hummingbird Traverse' on Canada's Mount Logan. After a grueling day of ice climbing on steady terrain, the team encounter the crux of the route; the shovel traverse. So-called because the first ascensionists literally dug their way through the cornices that cap the ridge, the traverse offers both danger and technical climbing. Despite making solid progress, the team soon realise that to continue any further would be to knowingly flirt with disaster. In the tradition of prudent alpinism, they bow to the elements, admit defeat, and return to more solid ground. A failed attempt perhaps, but there's a good reason why this route still awaits its second ascent. Only time will tell if our team will return to claim it.   

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