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Stunning 360° Paramotor Flight Above Iguazu Falls w/ Rafael Goberna

Hit the skies with paramotoring legend Rafael Goberna as he explores Brazil's Iguazu Falls from above. Pro tip: 360 videos on YouTube are best watched on your phone!

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Doberman / Western Paramotoring

Challenge it during races, slalom circuits, any kind of air game or tricks in the sky, and the Doberman will show its true self by proving that speed is not incompatible with flying precision. Dobermann, paramotor slalom freestyle glider.More at



WATCH THE FULL MOVIE OR GET YOUR COPY ON WWW.SOMETHINGBETWEENMOVIE.COM Euro Tour 2013 May 17th Innsbruck, Austria May 24th Sierra de Segura, Spain June 22nd & 23rd Annecy, France June 24th Voss, Norway A paragliding film featuring the flying of Marvin Ogger, Joel Denzler, Eliot Nochez, Sebastian Kahn, Lino Oehl and Tim Alongi Among others inspired by Horacio Llorens, Judith Theurillat (Zweifel), Pál Takáts, Charlie Piccolo and the Rodriguez Brothers Directed by Antonin Michaud-Soret Filmed by Thomas Schira Antonin Michau-Soret Adrien Terrisse Alaska footage by Nicolas Chibac Edited by Dr. Knock Motion graphics by Marjorie Caup Music by I Heart Sharks Supported by Eicher Generalunternehmung AG Eicher Immobilien AG und Thomas Denzler AIRG Products IRIEDAILY U-Turn WeTransfer Produced by Ahstudio Filmmakers & We Are Here To Fly

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Moto Circuit

Ducati Multistrada + DJI Phantom

Don't forget to watch in HD! drone+bike sessionsesión con drón+motoThe music used in this video remains the property of its owners. I am making no money from this video.EQUIPMENT:Contour +2 (720p-60 FPS)GoPro 3+ Black (1080p-60FPS)GoPro 4 Session (1980p-60FPS)DJI Phantom Vision +2EDIT: Final Cut Pro XEn cumplimiento de lo establecido en la LOPD y demás normativa de desarrollo informo que el presente video tiene una finalidad exclusivamente doméstica, privada, lúdica y no comercial. En caso de que accidental, involuntaria o puntualmente aparezca un tercero en este video, y desee ejercitar algún eventual derecho de acceso, rectificación, cancelación u oposición puede contactar en la siguiente dirección:

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Top 10 n°37 - New World's altitude record in tandem

TOP 10 n°37 : Enjoy our TOP 10 n°37: New World's altitude record in tandem #1 – These Guys Just Set A New World Record That's Not For The Faint-Hearted | EpicTV Choice Cuts (Para motor) Rider: Anthony and Tim Green By Epic TV #2 – The unReal Movie Official Trailer - A 4K Mountain Bike Film (MTB) By Teton Gravity Research #3 – GoPro: SkateBoardingIsFun Contest powered by The Berrics (Skate) Rider: Crew The Berrics By Go Pro #4 – Fiction (BMX) Rider: Viki Gomez By Viki Gomez #5 – Ronnie Renner thrashes golf course on his KTM Motorcycle and Polaris RZR (Moto cross) Rider: Ronnie Renner By LooseProgram #6 – A jump of 60 m long with a truck (Truck) Rider: Brian Deegan By Ford #7 – The Mount 2 – Jeremy Pancras (Ski) Rider: Jeremy Pancras By Jeremy Pancras #8 – Kirill Galushko for Trailhead (Roller) Rider: Kirill Galushko By P.Motion #9 – Travel Spirit (Parkour) Rider: Joel Eggiman By Joel Eggiman #10 – Ho'okipa (Windsurf) Rider: Loïck LeSauvage By Loïck LeSauvage Best action sport videos now on ‪ ‬! Subscribe to Riders Match ! YouTube : Facebook : ‪‬ Twitter : ‪!/ridersmatch‬ Google + : ‪‬

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These Guys Just Set A New World Record That's Not For The Faint-Hearted | EpicTV Choice Cuts WATCH THE VIDS, GET THE GEAR: Drones, Cameras, Skis, and Snowboards from GoPro, Black Diamond, Sony, K2, DJI, Völkl, ION, Union, Magicam, Dynafit, Optrix, Ride, Hitcase and more. Check out more Climbing Gear At If you like heights your going to love this video. If you don't, it's going to scare the hell out of you. Twin brothers Ant and Tim Green have just gone higher than two people have ever been before on a paramotor (higher than some types of planes!) and they did it above the iconic summit of Mont Blanc in the French Alps. In order to set the new world record the Americans tricked out their high-end parachutes and motors in order to get themselves soaring where even birds fear to fly. Even with seriously high-end gear they needed the right weather and especially the right winds to eventually reach a dizzying height of 5066m. Director: Emanuelle Maclean| Hugo Pilcher Producer: Emanuelle Maclean These Guys Just Set A New World Record That's Not For The Faint-Hearted | EpicTV Choice Cuts ------------------------- EpicTV is your 360 degree platform for action and adventure sports.Visit for the latest episodes, discussions, gear tips, reviews, pictures, and news from the world of adventure sports.  Shop with us at: and Check us out on Social Media: Facebook: MTB: Climbing: Skiing: Snowboarding: Twitter: Instagram @epictvadventure And best of all - check out our website!

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Paramotor and Powered Paragliding Training Videos

Adventure Flights PPG offers 10 days paramotor training courses from $2,500; packages including the purchase of a paramotor and tailor made training are available from $2,500. call 855-453-739 or email to find out more.  

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Jet ski

Caribbean Duel Paramotor vs Jetski

Amazing video with Pascal VALLEE paramotor world champion and Valentin DARDILLAT Jet Ski world champion 

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Adventure Flights PPG at Cerritos BCS

More videos at

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GoPro: Paramotor Over Snowy Marshes

DC Bateman takes a snowy flight over Saratoga!

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Paramotors Are The Ultimate Personal Flying Machine

Almost cool enough to make up for hover-boards.

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Flight in Mexico with BlackHawk Paramotor

Tandem paragliding flight in Mexico with BlackHawk Paramotor.

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PARAMOTOR FLYING DOWNTOWN DUBAI - Highlights 2014 of Parabatix

Sky Racers is doing their show in Dubai, for spectactors coming from all around the world. For more awesome video, go visit our friends:  

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Emilia Plak Mathieu Rouanet Myanmar 2014

Emilia Plak and Mathieu Rouanet flying paramotors in Myanmar (Birma) visiting Bagan one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.  

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Ozone Slalom Open

Video made by Vania Da Rui

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Emilia Plak, Richi, El Pirata motor boat, Empuriabrava

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Emilia Plak, Ozone pilots playing with jet ski in UAE, RAK

Video produced by Lord Maude Film Worx

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OZONE >> Roadster 2

The Roadster 2 is a fully reflexed paramotor glider. First and foremost it is a fun, safe wing that is forgiving to fly. It is a dependable platform that is ideal for everyday flying and a broad range of pilots, from experienced to beginners. With lower airtime pilots in mind, special attention has been made to the launching characteristics and general ease of use, however due to the high levels of efficiency, high top speed and Ozone’s trademark handling, it is also ideal for intermediate, even experienced pilots who enjoy low level buzzing and long XC adventures. The Roadster 2 is for any pilot who wants to progress safely and push their boundaries with the reassurance of an EN B certified wing. More info: Special thanks to: and the pilots who participated: Emilia Plak, Chad Bastian, Loren Cox, Justin Brim, Karl Steslicke. Music: Generdyn "Happy Days"

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Best of the week # 76: BMX, FMX, RALLY CROSS, FIGHT, FMX, KAYAK, MTB, WAKESKATE, SURF, WINGSUIT, KITESURF, KAYAK, TRIAL, LONGSKATE, PARAMOTOR, WAKEBOARD, SKATE Watch this "best of the week" video edited by Riders Match in partnership with Yahoo! Sports, featuring the best action sports footage published from 1st September to 5th September 2014. You can watch all video of this BOW! Here: Wake Air Contest 2014 Officiel : Finist’air show 2014 – Freegun Rayne Longboards Presents Cole Kurtz - Getting Savage in Arizona New BWSurf Noise Pro Kite 2015 30 Mile Paramotor Flight From Catalina Island to Huntington Beach Volcom Bowl-A-Rama Getxo 2014 - Highlights The Wakeskate Tour 2014 - Battle Falls - Rockstar Energy Drink Los Pollos Locos - Chapter 1 - Volcom House Hawaii volcom-house-hawaii Red Bull Dolomitenmann 2014 Action Clip Red Bull District Ride - Best Tricks Red Bull Kick-it South Korea The Perfect Speed - Satori Factory Nitro Circus - Florida Georgia Helps Destroy Trevor Jacobs House WRX - Team Peugeot-Hansen - Highlights 2014 UCI MTB & Trial WCH - Men26 Elite Action

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30 Mile Paramotor Flight From Catalina Island to Huntington Beach!

"My name is Cameron Nagin and my dad and I got into powered paragliding when I was just 15 years old. It has been a 9 year journey so far and have loved every minute of it. I remember I was so scared to take my first solo flight that I purposely aborted 7 times in a row. Once I got into the I've never wanted to come down since. I spend every waking minute on checking the weather to see if conditions are good to fly. We really enjoy taking long cross country flights and don't like to go up unless we can fly for a minimum of an hour and half. My dad and I have both flown black hawk Paramotors since day one and still have our original engines, with proper maintenance and care they still run like they did on day one. This sport is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and beats the adrenalin rush of doing wheelies down the freeway. It has been one of the greatest ways for my dad and I to bond and create stories and memories not many get to share with their parents or children."

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Under The Bridge - Paramotor Flight

Here is another GREAT customer submitted video! As many of you know, we have an ongoing contest for customers who send us links to their BlackHawk Paramotor flights. For every (5) customer videos we receive, one will receive a really nice gift! Click the link below for details!

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GoPro Paramotor Over Dolphins

Luis Chanu finds some new friends while paramotoring in South Africa.

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Very nice Sky Racers @ Dubai! - Paramotor

Filmed by Parker Walbeck and Carter Hogan Edited by Parker Walbeck A Teamsupertramp Film Music by our friends at "Radical Something"! Radical Something - Long Way Home (DJ BIG RED & Icebird Remix) Music Video: Download on iTunes: Facebook Page: This was shot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates This was mostly shot on a Canon 1DC in 4k, and a Glidecam HD 4000. More videos from Devin Supertramp here:

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Sky Racers! - Dubai! - Flying in 4K - Paramotor Parabatix

This video was shot in 4K! For more info on this rad paramotor sport, check out Parabatix at the following links below!

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