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FISE World Montpellier 2016 - Teaser

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Handstand Skater Does Amazing Tricks

SUBSCRIBE: This barmy bloke has taught himself to be a top rollerblader - using only his HANDS. Connect with Caters: Subscribe here: Follow us on Twitter: Like our Facebook: Visit our website: This video is available to licence with or without on screen captions. Please contact For more information on our rights to post this video please visit our ‘About’ page.

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Directed by Greg Mirzoyan Camera assistant: Pascal Dupoy aka Kalou Shot in Barcelona Skaters:  Michelle Steilen aka Estro Jen Katie Baird aka Bambi Bloodlust Amy West aka Indy Jamma Jones Vanna Curtis

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Teaser - FISE World Chengdu China 2015 - Official [HD]

After a first successful edition in October 2014, the FISE (Festival International des Sports Extrêmes) oragnizers are back in China. The FISE World Chengdu, 2015 edition, will take place on October 16-18 and will be filled with even more athletic feats and international athletes than the first edition. This year, the festivities will be taking place on a new site as the FISE infrastructures will be installed in the Nan Hu parc, in the new Tian Fu zone in Chengdu. The addition of a new discipline in the Chinese edition, Wakeboard, will also bring more athletes and spectators to the event. Amateur competitions will be taking place in all sports and people will also have the opportunity to come try wakeboarding.  The beautiful Nan Hu Parc will be welcoming hundreds of pros and amateur athletes coming from all over the world to compete in the 5 star-disciplines of the FISE: roller, BMX, skateboard, mountain bike and wakeboard. twitter: @fiseworld instagram: @fiseworld

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Aggressive inline

Filmed with my gopro edited by myself. This place is no more available because not enough members and our town decided to not help out.

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Montre Livingston Pro Skate - USD Skates

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Roller Skate SUP at Capitola: Santa Cruz Waves Show, Ep 1

In this episode of the Santa Cruz Waves Show, Neil and Tyler go Roller Suping (Stand Up Paddleboarding while wearing Roller Skates) at Capitola by the Sea on the Central Coast of California and the beautiful Monterey Bay. Brought to you by Music: Apache Tomcat "Somewhere In My Mind"

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[TOP 10 N°45] He literally sets himself on fire for an epic freerun

Enjoy our Top 10 #45 ! 1/ Damien 'Flamien' Walters Vs Fire | Damien Walters — by Damien Walters (Parkour) 2/ Head Case Files //Garrett Ahlf FMX — by BSHIPMAN (FMX) 3/ The Getaway - Kitesurfing a secret spot — by Mads WOLLESEN (Kitesurf) 4/ A day at Venice Beach — by Ulysse Prom (Roller) 5/ Cliff Diving Maui - #SQUADGOALS — by Andrew AGCAOILI (Cliff Diving) 6/ Cruising Down The Islands — by Alex LAUREL (Surf) 7/ #adetroitfilm MOVE — by Jordan GARLAND (Skate / BMX) 8/ Manolo Robles - My name is Momo. - by Socio Company (Skate) 9/ Burning Rubber and Jumping Road Gaps w/ Svindal and Mikkelsen — by Red Bull (Drift / Ski) 10/ GoPro: Ting Xiao Conquers White Mountain — by GoPro (Climbing)   Copyright : Riders Match 

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Show Bouill'en Roller Skate Festival Official Aftermovie

Voici le film officiel du Show Bouill’en Roller Skate Festival 2015 ! Un concentré des moments intenses d’un magnifique week end de compétition roller et skate en France (Normandie – La Bouille 76). De superbes paysages normands vus du ciel, des rencontres, des rires, de la vitesse, du fun tout simplement! Cette édition 2015 (08/09/10 mai), organisé par l'USF Longskate (alias RidersEnBray), en collaboration avec plusieurs clubs FFRS, la Ligue Haute-Normandie de Roller Sports et la mairie de La Bouille, était un véritable festival roller/skate regroupant : ***Championnat de France de Descente 2015 (longskate, streetluge, buttboard) ***Etape de Coupe du Monde de Roller Descente IIDA ***multiples animations/démonstrations (roller hockey, roller course, roller artistique, roller randonnée...). Film réalisé par l'agence de production Highline Films Site internet : Un énorme merci à tous nos sponsors : TRUC DE FOU, RIVIERA, TRIPLE 8, BLACKKROSS, CULT, THE BIG DADDY, Club LRBX, DTC, CONCRETEWAVE, FULKIT, SECTOR NINE et UCAR agences Rouen/Sotteville. - This is the official film of Show Bouill’en Roller Skate Festival 2015 !! A bunch of intense moments from a great rollerblade and skateboard racing weekend in France (Normandy - La Bouille 76), superb Norman landscapes seen from above, looks, laughers, slips, simply some fun ! This 2015 edition (May 08th/09 th/10 th), organized by the USF Longskate (aka RidersEnBray), together with several FFRS clubs (Haute-Normandie Roller Sports League and the town of La Bouille), was a real roller/skate festival gathering: *** France 2015 Downhill Championship (longskate, streetluge, buttboard) *** Roller World Cup Downhill IIDA leg *** Many activities / exhibitions (roller hockey, skating race, artistic roller skating, roller skating hiking ...). Film made by Highline Films agency Website : A huge thank you to all our sponsors: TRUC DE OUF, RIVIERA, TRIPLE 8, BLACKKROSS, CULT, THE BIG DADDY, LRBX Club, DTC, CONCRETEWAVE, FULKIT, SECTOR NINE and Rouen / Sotteville UCAR agencies. Résultats ***LONGSKATE*** Open 1- VANSTONE Chris (ENG) 2- MARKARIAN Yanis (FR) 3- KOLPATZIK Stefan (DE) CDF 2015 Homme 1- MARKARIAN Yanis (POLITIC Lyon) 2- BESSIERE Romain (ROLLING SK8) 3- MARTINEZ Jonathan (FRRR) CDF 2015 Junior 1- MARKARIAN Yanis (POLITIC Lyon) 2- ROSSI Matéo (RidersenBray) 3- TRAUET Ambroise (DDE69) ***STREETLUGE*** CDF 2015 Homme 1- KOEBERLE Jean-Marc (Alsace Downhill) 2- ESPAU Patrice (PLS) 3- SCHMITT Hélène (Euskal Downhill) CDF 2015 Femme 1- SCHMITT Hélène (Euskal Downhill) 2- ESPAU Stéphanie (PLS) 3- BERDON Frédérique (RidersenBray) CDF 2015 Junior 1- BRAUD Tanguy (Peyragudes Downhill) 2- PASTORE Loreline (Alsace Downhill) 3- ***BUTTBOARD*** CDF 2015 Open 1- BLONDEAU Pascal (RidersenBray) 2- HOUCHARD Guillaume (Alsace Downhill) 3- KOEBERLE Jean-Marc (Alsace Downhill) CDF 2015 Femme 1- SCHMITT Hélène (Euskal Downhill) 2- BERDON Frédérique (RidersenBray) 3- PASTORE Loreline (Alsace Downhill) ***ROLLER*** CDF 2015 Homme 1- Karim Mallis (Lyon Roller) 2- Etienne Herreros (Lyon Roller) 3- Victor Veduta (Paris) CDF 2015 Femme 1- Emilie Boutillot 2- 3- ***ROLLER IIDA*** Roller IIDA Time Trial Men podium 1- Angelo Vecchi (IT) 2- Etienne Herreros (FR) 3- Christian Montavon (CH) Roller IIDA Time Trial Women podium 1- Annalenna Rettenberger (DE) 2- Emilie Boutillot (FR) 3- Martina Pacciolla (IT) Roller IIDA Inline Cross Men podium 1- Karim Mallis (FR) 2- Christian Montavon (CH) 3- Etienne Herreros (FR) Roller IIDA Inline Cross Women podium 1- Emilie Boutillot (FR) 2- Annalenna Rettenberger (DE) 3- Martina Pacciolla (IT)

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PSWC 2015 - Hartmanis Klaudia & Sulinowski Michal 1 place

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A day at Venice Beach

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[TOP 10 N° 43] Magical surf session in the desert

1/ Antonym - Beyond the Waters — by O’Neill - Surf 2/ The Hallstatt Wind Down - Fabio Wibmer — by LM Media Kollektiv - BMX 3/ PASSENGER - Official Teaser 4K — by Legs of Steel - Ski 4/ Aurélien Fontenoy - Puy du Fou — by Puy du Fou - MTB 5/ Vive la République — by Flying Frenchies - Wingsuit 6/ Get Crusher — by Flaneurz - Roller 7/ Ashes to Agassiz - Official Trailer [4K] — by Monster Energy - MTB 8/ Tom Pagès Incredible 1st Place Run - Red Bull X-Fighters 2015 — by Red Bull - FMX 9/ Parkour and Freerunning 2015 - Hold On — by Stuntsamazing - Parkour 10/ Hossegor Air Show #2 – 2015 — by Crazy-X-Surf – Surf / Jet Ski

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FootageTape: Ep4 - Atlanta Section

Featuring Chris Smith, David Sizemore, Julian Bah, Adam Bazydlo, Daniel Henderson, Michael Braud, Carson Starnes, Adam Ehalt, Jamie Olmstead, Leon Garcia, Matt Jones, Philip Moore, and Trace Taylor. Purchase full episode here.

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Julian Bah Wagner Stealth promo

Adapt pro rider Julian Bah teamed up with filmer Chris Smith for the Dominik Wagner Stealth promo. Enjoy.

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SEBA Beton On Fire

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'Time Travelers' by SkateXpress

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Inline Extreme

extreme inline downhill skating in bobsled tracks! camera, edit & production: Danny Strasser music: Blood Red Vision - fuck off

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Adapt welcomes Dan Collins

Last spring, we took a little trip down to the UK to meet up with friends and skate a bit. One of our stops was Locoskates. We wanted to meet up with Jake (owner of Locoskates) to talk about a few things and also ask him if he had any recommendations for a UK Adapt rider.  At that very moment, some guy walks into the shop that looks vaguely familiar. It turns out to be Dan Collins, who just recently released a Locoskates profile that we both really liked. Dan is there to get some new skates, but everything he tries on just doesn't feel right. This seemed to be a little bit too much of a coincidence.  After talking to him for a bit, we decided to give him a pair of Adapt skates and we couldn't be happier with that decision. Dan is a very nice guy with a good head on his shoulders, he is very motivated and we are happy to finally officially announce him as a member of the Adapt team. Welcome aboard, Dan! Dan just told us that his good friend Rob Glanville had an unfortunate accident while skating and is now hospitalized. Dan wants to dedicate this edit to him. Dan: "Rob Glanville has inspired me in every aspect of my life since I was 11 years old. If you happen to be lucky enough to know him personally or even if you don't, please spare a moment for my older brother in his time of need... Our thoughts and prayers are with you and wishing you a full and speedy recovery. This ones for you rob. I love you man"

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Kirill Galushko for Trailhead

Kirill Galushko (Gorilla Energy, Razors Skates, Ground Control, Trailhead, Spunky) Music: Joseph L'étranger – lou will Directed by 2015

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Top 10 n°36 - He's snowboarding in the clouds !

#1 – SNOWBOARDING IN THE CLOUDS #2 – RED RUN / THE ABANDONED SKI VILLAGE #3 – Sunland  #4 – Farthest journey by hoverboard – Guinness World Records  #5 – The renovation 2015 / Full Recap  #6 – Too close for comfort / Wingsuit Project  #7 – WildFox || Spearfishing Aotearoa  #8 – Russell Day  #9 – International kitefoil Silver Cup 2015  #10 – East Coast Ombak Besar  

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Russell Day - 2015

Russell Day has been part of the Adapt family for quite some time now. He is still one of the riders that is constantly pushing the brand and most of all, pushing his own skating. We are proud to have Russell Day on the team and we are sure this edit is one of many to follow. Enjoy.

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The Rollerman

Extreme sports at its best: amazing "Rollerman" Jean Yves Blondeau blasting high speed on mountain roads! camera, edit & production: Danny Strasser Rollerman: Jean Yves Blondeau music: Linki Park by Michael Beckmann

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Rollerman vs Longboard - Speed Games

Rollerman Jean Yves Blondeau and longboarder Nico Bonnefoy riding a steep mountain road in the French Alps camera, editing & production: Danny Strasser Riders: Jean Yves Blondeau (the Rollerman) Nico Bonnefoy (longboard) Music: Mindplug - New Spheres

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