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25 Stairs: The Biggest Stairset Anyone On The Planet Has Ever Jumped, The Scariest, Most Intense, and Craziest Thing I Have Ever Thought of Doing or Attempting on My Scooter… Enjoy Watch Jared’s Best Video Here: Follow Jared on Instagram: @JaredAdelson I kindly ask you, please help me out and SHARE THIS VIDEO. Also, if you enjoyed the video: Like, COMMENT, and Subscribe to my channel. For Business Inquiries Email: Use Discount Code JARED10 for 10% off your order at HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO. THANKS FOR WATCHING  

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Hayden Waesch 2016 So Far

Hey guys, just a collection of clips from the past few months !

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9 Year Old Scooter Rider | Hayden Waesch

Hayden absolutely kills it & he's only nine years old! I met Hayden about 12 months ago now and his progression is unbelievable. Each time I see him he has another insane new trick to show me!

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Trotiriders, les nouvelles stars du ride ! (avec Charles Padel & Didine Terchague)

Ce sont les nouvelles stars des jeunes, pourtant ils ne pratiquent ni le skate, ni le BMX mais la trottinette. Une discipline dont ils repoussent sans cesse les limites... Ils font partie des meilleurs mondiaux : Rencontre avec Charles Padel et Didine Terchague, les nouvelles stars de la Trott ! 

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World's First Scooter Triple Backflip - Ryan Williams

Next level scootering. Catch R Willy and the rest of the Nitro Circus crew when they come to a city near you! Tour dates here: Subscribe here: Connect with us: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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We decided that it would be a great idea to combine a scooter and BMX, it wasn't.

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World First Nothing Front Bike Flip - R Willy

R Willy and the Nitro Circus crew are coming to a city near you! Find out when: A no handed BMX front bike flip? Only R Willy could stick something like this! Pick up your copy of Travis Pastrana's Action Figures. Available now: Purchase Action Figures NOW: iTunes: Google Play: Amazon:

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Teaser Sainté Street 2015

Le Sainté Street est un événement sportif, civique, ludique et gratuit ! Retrouvez toutes les informations concernant l'événement ici : Cet évènement sportif, artistique et civique, totalement gratuit, aura lieu les 10 et 11 octobre 2015, sur le parc François Mitterrand intégrant le Palais des Spectacles, le Gymnase Omnisport, le Skate Parc et la Salle de Musiques Actuelles « Le Fil ». 5000 personnes pour la 1ère édition 2014 Le Festival 2014 a accueilli plus de 5000 personnes, l’objectif de l’édition 2015 est d’accueillir plus de 10 000 personnes sur 2 jours. Axes de l’édition 2015 Le Sainté Street 2015 s’articulera autour de 8 grands axes :     Des compétitions BMX, Skateboard et nouveauté 2015 Trottinette au Skate-Park et dans le Palais des Spectacles.     Cette année la compétition de Skateboard est inscrite dans le calendrier des compétitions du championnat national.     Des espaces dédiés aux Sports Urbains sur le parc François Mitterrand, mais également dans la salle Omnisport.     Un évènement proposant des temps, des échanges et des activités s’adressant aux personnes valides comme aux personnes en situation de handicap.     Des espaces dédiés aux Arts Urbains : Danses Urbaines – Arts Graphiques – Arts Vidéo.     Une Soirée « concert » gratuite grand public et performances de DJ’s en après midi.     Des sites de Jeux pour enfants     Un Rétro Gaming & et une Street Braderie     Un Village regroupant l’ensemble des partenaires économiques, institutionnels et associatifs du festival, mais aussi des équipementiers et des prestataires commerciaux.  

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Amazing GoPro compilation

Here's a compilation with more than 30 GoPro videos, with a beauty edit so everyone can enjoy it :)

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Huge Crowd and Crazy Crashes - Geneva, Switzerland Highlights

See this madness live: 20,000+ screaming fans can't be wrong! Subscribe here:

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World first backflip front fingerflip at Adrenaline Alley (Corby) on Thursday 11th June 2015.

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M-Scooter - The three wheel electric scooter

The three (3) wheel electric M Scooter (MP White) model has a per charge range of up to 28 miles and a max speed of up to 12 mph and is capable of supporting a rider weight of up 350 lbs.When riding, you have the option to sit or stand thanks to the M's built-in retractable seat that simply folds into the frame when not in use. The seat isn't the only part of the scooter that folds. The M Scooter features a unified collapsible frame that will allow its physical volume to be reduced by as much as 50% to allow it to fit in most trunks or stowed out of the way under a desk. The M is an ideal product for virtually everyone, for use indoors or outdoors.For maximum safety the scooter comes equipped with an all-wheel braking system for quick-stopping capability and powerful LED headlights to ensure you can see and be seen in low light situations. This scooter runs on a Lithium-ion Polymer battery that has a charging time of between 2 to 5 hours. The battery is capable of 500+ charges before it will experience any degradation of less than 100% charge capacity.The M Scooter is designed & engineered by a team of innovators in sunny Southern California. 

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1/ Rollerman Just a Dream – Danny STRASSER – Roller 2/ Kilian Martin: Searching Sirocco – Brett NOVAK – Skate 3/ World First Scooter 1080 Frontflip - Nitro Circus – Scooter 4/ True Wind  Max Matissek windsurfing under the streets of Vienna 4K – Max Matissek – Windsurf 5/ Skiing and football  what could possibly go wrong? – Ski 6/ Matt Meola Home – Matt MEOLA – Surf 7/ Fest Series 2015 Cruzfest highlight - The Fest Series - MTB and Motocross 8/ Défi Wind Gruissan 2015 1200 windsurfers  50 knots of wind  Marathons races – Le Défi Wind – Windsurf 9/ Alexis Ignace BMX rider – Fabien TETU – BMX 10/ Vert au top – Lionel SARRAN – Skate 

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Top 10 n°34 - Fly with Jetman

Enjoy our TOP 10 n°34 : 1/ DUBAI FILM PRODUCTION - Jetman Dubai : Young Feathers - Freefly 2/ NITRO CIRCUS - World First Scooter Triple Backflip - Scooter 3/ DEVIN SUPERTRAMP - Epic Frisbee Trick Shot Adventure with Brodie Smith! in 4K - Cliff Diving 4/ PEOPLE ARE AWSOME -  People are Awesome: Kilian Martin (Freestyle Skateboarding) - Skate 5/ OLE SALOMONSEN - FLOW - Ski 6/ DANCEON - Top 5 Parkour Stunts on Moving Cars - Parkour 7/ GOPRO - Jet Ski Motosurf with Mark Gomez - JetSki 8/ GONG SURFBOARDS - Gong Foil Sesh - Foil 9/ GOPRO - The Bombsquad Cowboys - Skydiving 10/ TAZZ HARNETT - VS Welcomes Eric Roy - Parkour

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World First Scooter Triple Backflip

The Nitro Circus USA Tour kicked off with a bang Friday night in Jacksonville where Ryan Williams, aka R Willy, finally landed the world’s first triple backflip on a scooter after attempting it at every show for the past two years.

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Official video by ROOTS BOY PRODUCTION

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Gael Duchemin | Welcome Analog Scooter Co

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Gael Duchemin | 2014

Vidéo de Gael Duchemin avec tous les clips résumant l'année 2014. Ce gars là cherche un sponsor et est ouvert à toutes propositions (  Canon 600D + 50mm + 8mm + 18/135 mm Sony Vegas Pro 12.0 + After Effects CC Peaceeee

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Teaser - FISE World Montpellier 2015 - Official [HD]

Teaser officiel du Fise Montpellier du 13 au 17 Mai 2015

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"Le périple" by La Brioche - Students

"Le périple", c'est l'histoire de 4 potes riders qui partent à la découverte d'un spot. Mais quel spot ! 

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adri pls street edit

Street edit de adri pls rider au pouliguen

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Bransyn Smith | New and Old

Bransyn rides for micro for a few years now. Probably one of the sickest park rider I know !

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