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Test It Ep03 Plongée sous glace

Pour ce nouvel épisode, Ludovic Guillot-Diat va nous faire découvrir la plongée sous glace aux côtés d'Alban Michon, spécialiste des plongées glaciaires. Nous plongerons également dans le monde de ce passionné de la nature et de la glace avec des images tournées lors de son aventure au Groenland pour le film documentaire "Le Piège Blanc"

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ICON: Mike Coots on Loving the Tiger Shark that Took His Leg

"To help sharks... it was worth losing a limb just for that alone. And to help other amputees and kids that are dealing with limb loss, I feel really blessed. If you want to do something, don't worry about what people tell you. If you think you can do it, just do it." - Mike Coots Most would be grateful to simply survive. Many would graciously move forward appreciating the small moments that make the day-to-day. Mike Coots? He wanted more. And not only for himself, but for sharks, including the tiger shark that took his leg. When he lost his limb, he knew life wouldn't be the same. And he knew he was lucky to be alive — despite any potential struggles with Stockholm syndrome and life adjusted. Yet he also knew he was beyond fortunate to live in a place where prosthetics and acceptance were readily available. In many regions around the world, those who suffer from limb loss aren't treated so kindly. So while Mike would go on to be grateful to have survived, and would appreciate the small moments that make the day-to-day, he would additionally strive to make a difference, standing both tall and proud for those who weren't so fortunate – from amputees to sharks. Mike Coots is a surfer. Mike Coots is a survivor. Mike Coots is an advocate. Mike Coots is an ICON.

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Le plus gros requin blanc du monde aperçu sur une île au Mexique

On l’a surnommé Deep Blue, c’est le plus gros requin blanc jamais aperçu ou filmé…Tournée au Mexique, sur l'île de Guadalupe, cette vidéo risque de vous faire frémir et de vous empêcher de dormir sereinement !

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Corsica 2016 : sea, sun and fun

A quoi ressemble des vacances en Corse ? A ça !!! La folie, le paradis, le soleil et bien plus encore... Kite, chill, plage, masque et tuba, planche à voile, boîte, bateau, saut de plongeoir au programme ! Do you want to know what the corsican holidays look like ? This that !! Madness, paradise, sun and much more ... Kitesurf, chill, beach, snorkeling, windsurf, parties, boat, cliff diving and moor ;) Song : Le Boeuf x Noah Guthrie - Sexy And I Know It Drake - One Dance (Kiso ft. Kayla Diamond Remix) Filmé en gopro hero silver 4 Edité avec fcpx

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Top 5 Horrific Shark Attack Footage Caught On Tape 2016

Have you ever imagined being attacked by the shark? In this video we take a look of the top 5 horrific great white shark attack footage caught on tape 2016. How scary it is to come face to face with the shark? Commend down below and share your thought about these shark attack videos. ⚑ Join our community ⚑ ■ Facebook : ■ Twitter : ⚑ Tags ⚑ great white shark attack shark attack shark attack 2016 bull shark attack white shark attack shark news shark sightings shark attack video footage shark videos shark attack video great white shark videos latest shark attacks sharks eating people shark bites best shark attack 2016

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INCREDIBLE : Now you can breathe underwater - Triton gills

Triton, World first artificial gills re breather technology

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The birth of a baby dolphin

Amazing birth of a baby dolphin

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Below Jaws

Jaws has been filmed from nearly every angle possible: land, sky, boat, ski--but I have never seen any footage from Below Jaws. These were the best clips from an exploratory mission I took out to Jaws in January 2015. The shots that I got above the water did not do justice the weight of this wave, but below turned out a couple beautiful shots. If viewing on a mobile device, please use headphones as your phone cannot handle the bass from this song. Music: Terrill Mast - 2015 Shot on GoPro Hero 4 Cut in Adobe Premiere Colored in DaVinci Resolve noneedboard

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Made in Corsica 2015

La vidéo de l'été 2015 en Corse : kite, windsurf, fun, sport, fête, sauts,nature, apnée : La totale éclate !The 2015 edit of my corsican summer : kite, chill, windsurf, fun, sport, party, nature, cliff diving : totally awesome !Musiques/songs : Dom Rosenfeld & EigenARTig - SummertimeCalvin Harris - Summer (Club Killers & Dropwizz Trap Remix)N'oubliez pas d'aimer et de vous abonner si vous aimez la vidéo ;)Don't forget to like and to subscribe if you like ;)

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GoPro: Chuck's World

Get a peek into Chuck Patterson's epic life above water as well as his dreamlike world below, as he attempts to conquer Peʻahi Jaws in Hawaii. Hold your breath brah! Get a deeper look into Chuck's World: Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from Get stoked and subscribe: To license clips from this video go to  Music William Ryan Fritch "Unflappable" "Contatos" Yppah "Paper Knife" Link to buy: For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest:  Vine:

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Apnéa corsica

Vidéo sur les fonds marins de la Corse du Sud. Musique : Autograf - dream Please follow me for more / abonnez vous pour plus de vidéos :) Montage : Imovie + finalcutpro X

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Scubster Nemo

Premier essai du Scubster Nemo, Sous-marin humide version électrique mono place Venez le tester, le louer pour vos explorations , films !

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The world's biggest great white shark !!!

It’s name is Deep Blue and it’s the scariest fucking thing you’ve ever seen

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WildFox | Aotearoa's Underwater Eden

*Watch in HD for best viewing* For this video we have put down the spearguns and put together some footage of what makes us so passionate about getting into Underwater New Zealand. Most of the footage has been previewed in other videos, but we have decided to throw together all the extra things that we love about spearfishing. Its not all about shooting the fish, its also about the things that we see along the way that makes us fall in love with the ocean we hunt in. Whether its the seals that steal our fish, the dolphins we see on the way out there or even just the curious blue cod, Its all good

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GoPro: Manta Ray Rescue

Jane Headley and her husband save an entangled Manta Ray on their scuba trip in the Philippines.  For more check out: Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from Get stoked and subscribe: Music Wildcat! Wildcat! "Holloway (Hey Love)"

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The underwater paradise of AQABA - 2014

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SCUBAPRO Deep down you want the best

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Jeb Corliss - Bull Sharks - Fiji

You will see his hand bleeding in one shot. This happened on the first day of diving and was the result of a moray eel bite. You actually see footage of the little bugger that bit him. Bleeding on a shark dive is never fun but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do :) This dive is located in Southern Fiji in a place called Beqa Lagoon.   

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Keep Exploring The World

Keep Exploring The World. Always searching new adventures. A mashup of fome of the shoots from this season , Brasil, Peru, Indonesia, Tanzania, Zanzibar.

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Teaser Ridermeister - Students

Teaser Ridermeister Campagne BDEX 2015 Toulouse business School for the Students Video Match.

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THE GREAT WHALE SHARK - Biggest fish in the world

Scubadiving with a big whale shark in Philippines

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Nice white shark

Man pets a great white shark, as you do...

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SCUBAPRO - Tigerland

SCUBAPRO - Tigerland

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Garmin presents VIRB

Garmin presents VIRB, the go-anywhere-endure-anything 1080p action camera with: built-in color ChromaTM display for setup and playback, 2000mAh battery (up to 3 hours of HD recording), and a 16 MP image sensor. And it's all rugged and rarin' to go, right out of the box. Learn more at

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