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Moses Adams Full Clip Friday

Moses Adams Full Clip Friday. Filmed and edited by Spanish Mike TV.

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Sewa Kroetkov Vs Moses Adams: BATB7 - Round 1

Sewa Kroetkov and Moses Adams battle it out in a game of S.K.A.T.E. during the first round of Battle at The Berrics 7 - Pros vs Joes.  The seventh installment of Battle At The Berrics pins 16 not so average "Joes" against 16 of the world's biggest pros. "Joe" slots were filled through an open call online video submission process to find the best undiscovered talent across the globe. With Joes hailing from South Africa, Switzerland, Spain, and all across America battling to make it to the top, this is truly the story of the underdog.  The Pros: Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveira, Chris Cole, PJ Ladd, Eric Koston, Chaz Ortiz, Nyjah Huston, Mike Mo Capaldi, Shane O'neill, Trent McClung, Albert Nyberg, Tom Asta, Morgan Smith, Moose, Sewa Kroetkov, and Weiger Van Wageningen. The Joes: Cody Cepeda, Chris Chann, Nick Holt, Jonny Giger, CJ Tambornino, Tanner Lawler, Spencer Brown, Griffin Gass, Chhandy Khon, Will Fyock, Moses Adams, Gavin Nolan, Nate Principato, Cristian Vannella, Cody Whitt, and Eric Martinac.

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We proudly welcome Madars Apse to the Pro team. It's impossible not to get entranced by the creative skateboarding of this lanky, Latvian. The world-traveling Madars speaks five languages, is university educated, and is endless fun to be around. His grace on board is not always mirrored off it; he can be quite clumsy – but lovably so. Madars finds friends and adventure wherever wheels and whims take him. If you come across this tall, blond ripper carrying a skateboard and a banjo in some far off land, you're in for memorable time.

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Shredding the town with skateboard phenom Jost Arens

It's no secret that 16 year old skateboarding phenom Jost Arens is one of Germany's biggest talents. His bag-o-tricks is far deeper than most, laying the foundation for a bright future on the board. We caught up with him in Barcelona, Mallorca, Zypern, and Hollywood for a top notch demo in street skating, check out his new clip!

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Skateboarding in Monochrome | Arens + Scholz + Pham

With the diametric rhythms of life shaping so much of our world, we thought it would be fun to have a little play with the yin and yang in this concept clip featuring Jost Arens, Vladik Scholz, and Denny Pham. On/off, night/day – the visual metaphors are repeated throughout skating, from Isle graphics to Mystery’s brand identity. In order to draw the oppositional forces together, our boys created a set of contrasting obstacles in a studio setting and merged their skating with the polarised purity of their surroundings. Watch some black and white wildness, as Vladik Scholz, Jost Arens and Denny Pham skate with contrast.  

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Joey Brezinski rain Commercial

No need to wait for the weather to ride

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Joey Brezinski | Bon Voyage | Cliché Skateboards

Joey Brezinski | Bon Voyage | Cliché Skateboards

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Joey Brezinski skates London - Manny Mania 2011

Joey Brezinski cruises around around London checking out some of the local skate spots before judging UK's manual competition tour stop, Red Bull Manny Mania.

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DC Shoes: Recap por Angelo Caro

Resultado de reunir algunas tomas pasadas de Angelo junto con material inédito.  ¡Disfruten! Edición: Pablo García Vizcarra

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DC Shoes: Commitment por Angelo Caro

"Commitment" by Angelo Caro. The commitmennt is something essential to stand out in skateboarding. In the first part of the four that we are going to show with each one of our riders, Angelo Caro with only 14 years old and 4 years in the skateboarding shows his commitment to the sport and with his skill makes clear why he is considered one of the skaters with most projection in the country.

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Thaynan Costa Skates Lisbon, Portugal - A to B

Thaynan Costa Skates Lisbon, Portugal 

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Skating huge gaps and big rails with Thaynan Costa

Portuguese street skater Thaynan Costa is breaking into the game hard and fast on raw skateboarding talent alone. With a huge repertoire of gap tricks and a knack for hitting rails that others would think twice about, there's no doubt his style and skateboarding ability will lend itself to a fruitful career in street skating.

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Thaynan's got style for days and a totally unique approach to skating. Skateboarding is fun, and this part is proof.

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Axel Cruysberghs' '"Holy Stokes!" Over Stokes

This kid is an all-terrain animal, comfortable at any spot you put in front of him. Cheers to five minutes of raw destruction.

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Ryan Decenzo | Darkstar Part

It's 4/20, and you know what that means: it's National High Five Day! Ryan Decenzo sends you a virtual palm slap in the form of his smokin' new part for Darkstar.

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Zion Wright and Jamie Foy Get to Work in LA | Let's Get It Wright: Episode 3

Getting to work in his new home in California. Following Zion and his crew for street sessions in SoCal, stacking clips and showing what it looks like to be future pro under the spotlights in CA.

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Jamie Foy Ride or Die - Shake Junt


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BATB X | Felipe Gustavo vs. Blake Carpenter - Round 1

Felipe Gustavo is a veteran of BATB: he's competed in four seasons and has given his competitors a run for their money every time. On the other hand, Blake Carpenter may be the newest blood (making it through two rounds of last year's BATB 9 "New Blood") but his seasoned style and consistency partly make him one of the strongest players in The Best Of The Best.  

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Skate of Mind / Full movie

Skate of Mind is a skateboard/travel movie filmed in cities such as Taipei, Bangkok or Moscow and featuring international crew of skaters.  Starting: Maxim Habanec, Alex Mizurov, Max Kruglov, Egor Kaldikov, Jirka Hronek, Kyle Ke and more Created by: Maxim Habanec & Martin Štembera Filmed by: Martin Štembera, Pedro Dylon  Edited by: Martin Štembera  Produced by: Maxim Habanec

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Skate of Mind: Dropping Hammers Worldwide w/ Maxim Habanec

Our main man Maxim Habanec has spent the last year romping around some of the planet’s strongest skate destinations on a mission to shred. From the Adriatic coastline to the desert kingdoms of Arabia, Skate Of Mind has delivered monthly snapshots of scenes and spots that your average skate tour of airport-van-hubba can’t touch. Also, this edit is pretty clear proof that Maxim rips. Sit back and enjoy this best of edit from his trip!

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Skateboarder Gard.H in Skateboarding Across Norway

Watch the presentation film of skateboarder Gard Jenssen Hvaara. Skateboarding Across Norway is a full length skateboard movie who follows a group of pro and up and coming skaters from Scandinavia on a feelgood trip around Norway. Arrives in 2017.

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Extreme Winter Skating with Gard Hvaara | Winter Lines

Ice and snow does not frighten skateboarder Gard Hvaara, who went to Oslo’s world famous Vigeland Sculpture Park to prepare for the first ever Norwegian X Games edition.  Is og hvit bakke er ikke nok til å skremme skateren Gard Hvaara, som lader opp til X Games i Oslo blant Gustav Vigelands snødekte skulpturer i Frognerparken. Directed and Edited by Petter Foshaug Cinematography: Vi Duc Truong, Eric E. Kvamsdahl and Petter Foshaug

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Sewa Kroetkov pulled of one of the craziest flatground tricks ever!! 720 big flip? 720 bigger flip? biggest flip?? what to call this?

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Sewa Kroetkov IOU - Blind Damn Sundays

Sewa Kroetkov IOU Part with Beats By Arkeologist Watch the Blind team ripping everything in their path in these exclusive edits for RIDE.  A diverse mixture of styles and terrain make for a great watch to get you ready to skate.

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