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Skier Øystein Bråten and Snowboarder Marcus Kleveland Swap Sports for a Day

X Games gold medallists Øystein Bråten (skier) and Marcus Kleveland (snowboarder) swapped sports for a day and hit the terrain park to test their skills at each others sports. To no surprise, casual 720s and backflips ensued...when you're good, your good. 

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winch park project

le dahu wake family avec le snowpark de valloire galibier on mis en place un snowpark en mode cablepark 

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One run with my homies Alex Toupet & Mika MeltingPot.SunGod Hefti Sports #4KOtech #Revolts #SoulChildren #SnowNoise #Alone #GoPro5 #4K

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Skiing in Laax with SunGod eyewear!

Eyewear - Skis -

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Daily Journal 4 - Haines Alaska FWT17 - Swatch Freeride World Tour 2017

It's happening! The Swatch Freeride World Tour | Haines Alaska 2017​ is confirmed for tomorrow Tuesday 21st! But wanna know what riders have been up to on down days? Pretty rad activities! Check this out and see you tomorrow at 9:45AM (AKDT)

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GoPro First Look - Haines Alaska FWT17 - Swatch Freeride World Tour 2017

Such an impressive face with so many options 😮 Marion Haerty and Reine Barkered give you an inside view of "The Venue"! THE DREAM STOP is happening!

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Welcome Journal - Haines Alaska FWT17 - Swatch Freeride World Tour 2017

After travelling for couple of days, we finally made it to Haines, Alaska!But as we are in a midst of a storm here, there is no competition on Saturday 18th. The Swatch Freeride World Tour | Haines Alaska 2017​ is ON HOLD. Next call tomorrow for a potential competition on Sunday 19th.

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Pétage De Cable Du Dimanche 6.6

Quelques images poudreuse tournée aux Saisies les 05 et 08 mars 2017. Musique : Oriental Cravings - Nomad (Feat Luna May)

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Through The Trees

Sam FAVRET and friends shredding through the trees around Chamonix valley... Edited By: Alex BLAISE Follow Cam: Alex BLAISE Sam FAVRET Fabian BODET Drone: Fred ROUSSEAU ROSSIGNOL / RIPCURL / JULBO

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Little Ski Adventurer I VAUDE

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Teaser - Haines Alaska FWT17 - Swatch Freeride World Tour 2017

Alaskan spines are just around the corner!Only few days to go to THE DREAM STOP Swatch Freeride World Tour | Haines Alaska 2017 ➡ March 18-25th 😎

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EP4S6 - Bon Appétit - Val Bon App 1950

l equipe de bon appetit ski a emprunter les system elsium pour aller se shapper un petit snowpark et remonte pente pour une session kicker freeride a 1950 metre d alttitude 

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Petite session sur le domaine de la Mongie

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1,2,3 Karma-Check

KarmaGrip Go-Pro5 Test. From the top to the bottom! Approved.Let's cruising with Alex Toupet.#Hefti-Sports

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Pétage de Cable Du Dimanche 6.5

On profite d'une belle journée pour se remettre un peu sur les rails du Snowpark Des Saisies. Quoi de mieux qu'une petite session en famille ?Musique : DROELOE - Shibuya

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Jesper Tjäder Stomps Winning Run at Red Bull Playstreets 2017

Swedish freestyle skier Jesper Tjäder took to the Playstreets course at Bad Gastien with his eyes set on the podium, and when it came time to drop in, the phenom stomped most all of his run with ease and style: a rightside double flatspin Japan grab followed by a frontside 450 on the Canon-Rail, then a switch 180 nosegrab, a leftside cork 360 mutegrab and a 450 gap on what’s known as ‘the mother-in-law-rail’. The judge's final decision was a nail-bitter, but Tjäder would score just ahead of Andri Ragettli in overall points to claim that first place spot. Sit back and relive the run that got him the win!

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Sliding Fire

Freeriders Sam Smoothy, Victor De Le Rue & Xavier de le Rue take snowsports to new terrain in the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. Negotiating molten rock and dirt storms, active volcano Mount Yasur was home to their latest skiing adventure.

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Pétage De Cable Du Dimanche 6.4

Pour éviter de faire la queue au remontées en cette période de vacances scolaires, on a préféré monter tailler un bout de kick au col des Aravis. Malgré des conditions pas vraiment optimales, on aura passé une bonne journée ! Musique : DROELOE - Bon Voyage :

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Best Of - FJWC17 Grandvalira

The Freeride Junior World Championships - Grandvalira Andorra 2017 gathered the world's best freeriders of young age in Grandvalira! Witness spectacular airs and finest riding of yesterday’s comp. Check out the Best Of edit with the highlights of the day!

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Tour Freestyle Romand #Leysin2017

We waited for it, well, small summary of the day of 11/02 with the present TFR in LeysinPark ✌️🎿🏂#AwesomeKids  #EndlessRide #DpmCrew #HeftiSport #Electric #Volcom Judges: NewRealPictures.Team🎥 🎬🎧 Mika Meltingpot

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Riddle, that make an instructor of ski and snowboard when they have a break together? Here is the answer with the WebCast.Collab#3#LeysinPark #Windy #FreestyleCoach

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Down the Powderline | La plagne

Skiing in the backcountry of La Plagne with Monsieur 'Tout Droite' Koen Bakkers.

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Down the powderline | Gd st Bernard

The Poederbaas Freeride Team wakes up during a bivouac in Grand St. Bernard. What's the plan of the day?

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Down the powderline | Intro

The first Dutch freeride movie from the Netherlands about passionated freeride and their lives in the mountains. We follow them during a winter season while they traveling in the mountains.

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